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The symbol of our forces.

Soldiers sworn to serve the Jedi and the New Republic, this outfit is the rebirth of the special force in the New Republic. Set in place by General Asbrink, the tide began for a new path of methods to fighting the possible return of the dreaded Empire. Military tactics have been moderately supressed by the war of the Grand Army and the Federation Alliance, leading to most skirmishs and bouts being garrison against garrison. Various attempts have been made by assassins for the lives of key figures of the Republic, so a seasoned soldier and war veteran decided the Antarian Rangers were a necessary practice in this day and age as well as any other where the guardians of the galaxy need guardians themselves. In time the outfit recruited the most skilled technicians and talented troops to make a unified team, all working together viciously in attempts of counter-terrorism, and protection. The only people that will ever find them either know the right people, or pissed off the wrong ones.


At their prime the rangers are 1000 strong. 300 bear the title of ranger, they are the combat personnel from the Air wing and Infantry Branches. The other 700 individuals are from the equally as important support branches, fleet operations, intelligence, medical, and research and development. At the head of each branch is a ranger captain, whom is responsible for managing all all operations and personel within each branch.

It is rare that the entire organization congregates in one place. Typically the rangers operate in small squads consisting of 4 -8 rangers and 2 support staff. When a task calls for a larger group, a splinter fleet will be sent. There are 10 splinter fleets within the Rangers. Each fleet consists of one carrier craft, one scout ship, and two escourt cruisers. There are approximatley 100 personnel assigned to a splinter fleet. In times of peace splinter fleets join back up with the primary Ranger Fleet over their homeworld to undergo maintenance and upgrades.

Current Operations

-Bakura Intelligence Coordination Office (BICO) - The Rangers have established a small office on Bakura, where data from the many Republic intelligence networks is compiled and coordinated. The office also acts as an office for diplomatic representatives to meet with a member of the Rangers.

-Ranger Relocation Program (RRP) - At times Jedi or other members of the republic face threats of assasaination, it is at thoose times that the Rangers appear and bring these threatened individuals to a safehouse while the situation is resolved.

- Combat Air Patrol - Currently the Rangers air wing is providing protection for NOJ's ship The New Hope on its voyage. Additionally the air wing provides orbital patrols of both Yavin and Dantooine. Small defense stations have ben constructed over both systems where pilots can refeul their craft and rest.

-Infantry Training program - When a ranger is not on assignment they are training. Currently there is a garrison on Teth where much of the infantry branch can be found training and resting. In exchange for having a base on Teth the Rangers have been training up the Teth's Planetary Defense Force (Program scrapped).

-Joint forces training and strategy - The rangers often share some of their strategic knowledge with their closest allies. In times of relative peace a select few rangers have been pulled off the line to train soldiers of organizations such as the TCT and the NRGF.

-Diplomatic security services - In a galaxy of conflict the rangers seek to protect the innocent. When a peacful method can be used to end a conflict the rangers will take it, only using their might as a last resort. The rangers provide both mediatiion and security for thoose who are willing to fight with words as opposed to blades.

-Passive and Agressive Reconnaisance - Rangers are often deployed behind enemy lines in order to gather intelligence, secure a foothold or sabotage enemy assets. Their extensive training in this feild allows for a handfull of rangers to leave a devestating impact upon their foe


Compared to many armies the Rangers are few in numbers. Because of the small size the rangers are one of the most outfitted forces in existence. A large part of the rangers funds go towards the development and production of technologies that will aid the rangers in their tasks. Much of the research focuses on stealth technology. All of the rangers gear is handcrafted by the organizations corps of engineers. Where the rangers equipment and craft are produced is a closely guarded secret.

-Rumor has arisen that many of the rangers are heavily augmented with cybernetic technology. Officials from the rangers have neither confirmed nor denied this.


The Antarian Rangers have maintained their independence as a sovereign body. That beng said their ideals are often shared with the new republic. Due to this the Rangers often lend their services to the republic for certain situations. This is normally not in the role of millitary support due to their limited numbers.

On several occasions the Rangers have worked with the Hutts of Nar Shadda in order to settle disputes between conflicting groups, or to clear the name of the wrongly accused.

The Rangers will operate any world at the request of the governing body reguardless of faction or affiliation assuming it is for the protection of the civillian population and not for the betterment of politicians.

The Antarian Rangers have affiliations with many prominent corporations including astrotech and Mon Calamari Shipyards. Theese corporations are known to provide medical technology and ships respectively.