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From The Beginning[]

Lady Paramour has been in this galaxy since the time of Darth Nihilus. Her world , was a world beyond the outer rim. She grew up as a royal in this Society. Her mother, a high priestess and ruler of the people. Her father, an inventor that specialized in technology. Growing up as the heir to the throne meant that she would be taught in the ways of the high priestess.

The high priestess was a woman that was the most skilled at the ways of the force. Before Lady Paramour was born, her people had a prophecy about twin high priestesses that would be born. One would follow the path of the light while the other would follow the path of darkness.

It was when her mother gave birth to her and her brother, Delacour. That the prophecy became true. As the two twins, Angelina and Delacour were inseparable. They were the best of friends growing up until one day her brother betrayed her and the people of her homeworld. It was when she was but only 12 years of age (about 20 human years) when she found her brother in a secret sanctum, hidden within the royal palace.

There is where she caught her father using an ancient artefact. The ancient artefact, happened to be an old Sith holocron. That held dark secrets that were never meant for the eyes of others that were pure of heart. It was then, that she was the darkside corrupt her father. Unlocking powers within himself, the king of their culture used his telepathic abilities to send a message to what he called, the sky people. It was days later that a large ship came through the clouds of the planet.

Lady Paramour knew of stories about the sky people but knew nothing about the Sith or the Jedi. So when her father welcomed the dark robed man and extended his hand as a sign of friendship. The cloaked man grabbed her father’s hand. And immediately afterwards, her father’s body started to wrinkle and age before her. So much so that all that was left was a pile of ash and robes.

It was then that this dark lord took off his strange mask,all living life on the planet began to enter into the black hole that was hidden behind the mask. Luckily for Lady Paramour, her father had built both her and her brother escape pods that would jettison the two children into space. Her mother and her people were left on the planet to die as the pods shot into the atmosphere. The two children watching from space as all organic life on the planet was sucked into a dark hurricane like vortex.

Lady Paramour passed out after this, awaking one day no longer in space, but on another world. The world she had crash landed on was a world called Dxun. Her brother's pod was nowhere to be seen. She believed that her brother's pod landed on another world. As she could not sense his presence on this strange new world.

Becoming a Jedi[]

On the strange world of Dxun, is where she was found by a Jedi Master by the name of Illyrium. The Jedi Master took her in and taught her everything she knew. She was the master of a nomadic order that called themselves the order of the white.

Once Lady Paramour reached the level of Master, it was then that with the help of her Master Illyrium, that they both decided to take in new members. This Jedi order would be then be called The Order of The White Jedi. Following the ways of her master, Lady Paramour made sure that the order remained hidden from the Sith and the galaxy. Only a few within the jedi order knowing of their location.

For years the order prospered in seclusion. Training vigorously their minds and bodies in the way of the living force. Until their settlement was discovered by a Sith order. The Sith came in the dead of night and attacked the temple. The jedi on the planet fought to their dying breath. Master Illyrium and a few Jedi, escaped the planet on a ship. But those that were not able to escaped, were destroyed.

It was then that the remaining survivors went into exile for many years. Master Illyruium living with Lady Paramour on a world in the outer rim. It was during this exile that Lady Paramour was reunited with her brother, Delacour. Years later her master died of old age, Lady Paramour then left the outer rim and went to go search for her homeworld.

The Return[]

When lady paramour returned back to the core worlds years later, she returned with body guards. These body guards were two of the best Jedi Knights that she had trained in exile, and descendent of the padawan children that she helped escape from Coruscant when the republic fell to the empire.

Heading toward Yavin IV to check on the order, her vessel was attacked by a Sith vessel. Her ship disabled and badly damaged, she was taken hostage by a Sith Alchemist. Her two Jedi bodyguards fought to the death trying to protect their master. They then took Lady Paramour to a secret laboratory and began to experiment on her. After about a few months of being a hostage and being experimented on, she found the strength to escape the facility. Stealing a ship, she left the planet.

The ship dropped out of hyperspace, heading for the closest world that was Dantooine. Then, a ship exited hyperspace and shot down the ship she had stole. The ship then crashed onto the surface of Dantooine. She was rescued from the wreckage by Jedi that lived nearby on a settlement. They took her in and helped her get back to health. She was in a coma for over a month until she awoke. Not remembering who she was or where she was from. The only belongings with her was an encrypted ancient holocron that she didn’t know how to use or open. And a worn leather journal, written in a language she could not understand.

One night when she was fidgeting with the holocron, she opened the device. The holocron acted as a sort of memory storage device. Opening the device, she was able to gain back only the knowledge of how to understand the ancient language of her people. Which meant she could understand the writing within the journal.

The journal contained a lot of information about her past life. Which helped her understand how she got to the planet but not who she was. On Dantooine, she trained as a padawan under Master Dako-ta Eel. He taught her many things until one day she was able to unlock the rest of the holocron. The holocron was a special device because only someone of Gia'n lineage could open the device.

During her time on Dantooine, as a padawan she decided to help the people of Dantooine. Behind the scenes, she would travel to other worlds. Coming to Onderon and meeting Master Zav and Urzuric. With their help and the help of other Jedi, she helped to restore the galactic senate of the republic. As a padawan, she felt the need to break the mold. She won the position in an election, and became the advisor to the senator of Dantooine.

Serving on the senate alongside a diplomatic team for Dantooine, she learned much about what goes on in politics. After awhile, she decided to leave the DJE to give all her time and devotion to serving as senator of Dantooine. When she did not win the election, she decided to bring back her old order.

It was then that she left and came to Rhen Var. During her time as a diplomat for Dantooine, she helped the people of this newly settled world during an incident that occurred on the world of Saleucami. The people of that world were rebelling against the Sith occupation there. She helped the local rebels to take back their world and help them leave that world, to settle on Rhen Var. Finding a Mandolorian clan and becoming friends with their leader, a girl by the name of Ankara. She was a shape shifter and a young leader for a Mandolorian clan. It was on Rhen Var that she truly showed what she could do for these people.

She brought back her masters old order, Order of The White Jedi (OWJ), and began to train a few padawans. There on Rhen Var, is where she was reunited with her believed to be dead twin brother, Delacour. The order was blossoming on this planet until Sith and enemy Mandolorian forces came to the world. There, they attacked the locals. She now resides on Tython with her children.

A Time of Change[]

When Lady Paramour became Pregnant with her 2nd child in a very long time. Nephilum Paramour was born on Jasier, in seclusion from the rest of the republic. She left politics to settle down and live amongst her royal family on Jasier. Before the terrible nature destroying her world.

Tython became home to Lady Paramour and her family. Finding refuge on the Jedi Homeworld of Tython. She spent her time working on Bothawui, telecommuting between Bothawui and Tython. Most of her family now living there, were growing in the community and finally settling in to a world they could consider home.

Her Daughter became Adviser to the Senator of Tython. Working along side the woman to bring about change and progress to the world of Tython. Even today as she is now Gov of Tython and representative of the people, Lady Paramour is rather proud of her children's success.

For a time she become Council Master of NJO. Rejoining the order and paving a path for the young ones. But after being kidnapped and experimented on by the consortium alliance. She was left unable to physically defend herself in which she retired from any physical activity in the order.

She now resides on Tython, reading, researching, and helping the order which ever way she can.

Medical Information[]

Became bald after the Sith experimented on her. Had a bad injury done to her hands that left her unable to fight with a lightsaber efficiently. After the consortium alliance experimented on her, it stunted her growth and left her unable to fight physically. Procedure was done on the world of Coruscant to reverse the effects of the side affects to Aith experimentation. Allowing her to regrow back into a normal height that is for a woman of her species.


  • OWJ Jedi Elder
  • Councillor of Bothawui
  • Advisor to Senator of Dantooine
  • Senator of Rhen Var
  • Galactic Senate Guardian/Advisor
  • Mother