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Mother of famous Politician and Princess Felina Sia. And sister to Kida Sia's parents on Naboo.

Other children include former ruler of the Bakuran planet Pindara Sia.

Growing up in Naboo with her parents....she was called to Onderon capital city Iziz to work alongside the Queen Astra. She worked long and hard and became an influential member of the Royal House of Onderon.

Before she died due to an illness yet to be named upon Coruscant in the presence of former Queen Ma'at and Tiffany Vandergraff she gave birth to daughters Felina and Pindara Sia.

Felina was born on Bothawui, while Pindara was born upon Bakura. Both went on to become leaders of the two worlds indvidually.

She went on to become Queen of Naboo just before giving birth. (She owned a Naboo Parcel)