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"Soon my wraith will spread throughout the Galaxy and all will know the name A'Medon"

— Amedon Desolous Odellis

Unlike most Pau'ans Amedon isn't a friendly person, he rarely speaks. He stands around 8ft 5in and his voice is deep and has a echo like sound to it. Amedon is without mercy and fear. He would not think twice about striking down anyone that stands in his way. Most of his internal organs are cybernetic, which gives him an even longer lifespan.


"Father I can not help but feel that there is something else I am suppose to do, like someone or something is calling me. With your permission I would like to leave Utapau"

— Amedon to his father Meon Ti Odellis

Amedon Desolous Odellis or "Ado Ku" as he is sometimes called was born in 77 BBY on Utapau. He grew up in the Capital city called Pau City, his father Meon Ti Odellis born in 529 BBY was the Port Administrator for the city, from 439 BBY to 222 BBY, and a well respected Pau'an. His mother Sar' Mion Medon born 350 BBY and was the sister of Tion Medon Port Administrator at the time of Amedon's birth. She later became Manager of a Utai Labor Force, Unit 337. Having spend the first forty-two years of his life on Utapau, still a young boy he grew tired of the day to day life of Utapau, and the harsh wind storms. His desire to know more about the ancient Sith, and the Galaxy that he had heard about from a Smuggler many years earlier. He then set out on a quest to find this Sith Space, and explore the Galaxy, so he left Utapau. Shortly after Amedon left Utapau his father, mother, and sister were on course back to Utapau from a nearby system when the Jedi Master Di Mi Kaal mistaking them for a outlaw smuggler vessel, opened fire on the defenseless Utapau Crusier destorying the ship killing his family. Durning his time exploring the Galaxy Amedon encountered many species and many planets, doing countless amounts of research and studying. His studies brought him to the planet of Vjun were he first learned about the Sith and the Dark Side of the Force. Although at first Amedon was not interested in the Force, even though a Dark Lord of the Sith said that the Force was strong in him. Being the kind and welcoming man that he was at the time the Dark Side did not impress him, but never the less he did feel it's presence. In 32 BBY at forty-five years of age still a young man in his people's time, he found himself on the small world of Naboo three months before the Invasion of Naboo. While living in the Lianorm Swamp region in the city of Moenia, he ingulfed himself in political studies until 21 BBY. Durning the Clone Wars he returns to Utapau to aid his people in staying netural durning the Clone Wars, only to discover that his family had been killed. This would later be one of the main events that leads Amedon down the path of the Dark Side. Durning this time he was working as a aid to Port Administrator Tion Medon, and helped fight the droid army durning the occupation of Utapau by General Grievous in 19 BBY. Shortly after the Clone Wars ended he discovered that the man that killed his family was a Jedi Master, and filled with sadness and anger he vowed to hunt down and kill this Jedi Master, who took his family. Fearing that the Great Jedi Purge set forth by the newly formed Galactic Empire would destory his chances for revenge, he quickly joined the Jedi hunting party led by the newly made Darth Vader. However Darth Vader chose to use Clone Troopers instead, Amedon now feeling hopeless and feeling his chance of revenge was gone he begin wandering the Galaxy yet again. In 13 BBY well exploring the planet of Dromund Kaas he meet up with the Jedi Master Di Mi Kaal, and out of anger lashed out and attacked the Jedi. Through his anger unknown to him, he used The Force and knocked the Jedi's lightsaber out of his hand, and landed a few good punches. However the Jedi Master was too strong for Amedon. Using the Force Di Mi Kaal pushed Amedon hard, Amedon hit his back hard against a large tree shattering his spine. Unable to move and helpless Di Mi Kaal now having his lightsaber again stabbed Amedon in his heart, however this did not kill him right away. Amedon layed there helpless dying, as small waves of acid filled water hit his head burning the skin at first then the bone. Unable to bare the pain Amedon Died alone on a erie planet. Two days later a science vessel the Researcher II enter the orbit of Dromund Kaas to take some samples of the planet. A young cybernetic scientist name Karl Di'Migomus who's cybernetic implants were used to keep Darth Vader alive, discovered the body of Amedon. Taking it back to his lab feeling that his research in cybernetics could save the Pau'an began to replace his spine, heart and lungs that were badly burnt from the fumes of the acid. Successfully saving Amedon's life he awoke in shock and in a state of anger and fear. Out of fear Amedon killed Karl Di'Migomus and the rest of the 13 scientist aboard and took the ship and crash landed on a small unknown moon. Amedon spent the next three years planing his revenge once more, he also learn how to fight and suppress his emotions such as fear and love. He started to feel the Force, but did not understand it, but never the less he continued to prepare himself in body and in mind for revenge. In 9 BBY Amedon returned to Nar Shaddaa under the name Ado Ku, began working as a spice dealer in his own shop, in the lower city. In 8 BBY a man walked into Amedon's shop, Ado knew this man right away it was Di Mi Kaal the Jedi he had been searching for. A smile came over Amedon's face not being happy to see the man, but happy that he had survived. Di Mi Kaal did not recognize Amedon so he acted if nothing was wrong. Amedon followed the man for a few days, discovering that the man was a heavy drinker. One night Amedon followed the man to his usally cantina and waited in a dark alley for the Jedi Master. The next day Di Mi Kaal was found brutally murdered in a alley, Amedon was long good and no one every found out who killed the man nor did anyone care. Amedon would not be heard from again until 0 BBY. About this time Amedon joins the Imperial Navy durning the Galactic Civil War where he was assigned a crew member aboard the Executor. He would serve in the Imperial Navy until the end of the war. After the Battle of Endor Amedon returned to his homeworld of Utapau where he will live in solitude studying in secret the ways of the Dark Side. In 27 ABY Amedon returns from his solitude to the Capital city Pau City, were he begins work as member of the Utapaun Committee Now at hundred-five years of age Amedon serves as the Labor Force Chairman until 57 ABY. At the age of one hundred thirty-five he is elected Vice Port Administrator of Pau City, which he serves under Port Administrator Ampei Fay until Ampei Fay is assassinated in 129 ABY durning the Sith-Imperial War. Not much is known about Amedon durning this period, only that he stepped down as a politician and went to live a normal Pau'an lifestyle. Durning his time following his stepped down as a politician Amedon lived on the lower levels of Pau City, spending most of his time in studies. It is Unknown what all he studied, but he will remain on Utapau until 230 ABY.

New Sith Dynasty

After many years trying to study the Dark Side, Amedon left Utapau yet again. Eary in 230 ABY Amedon found himself on the planet Vjun, where found that a small Sith Order called New Sith Dynasty or NSD, lived. Looking to learn the ways of the Dark Side by watching the Sith he enlisted in the NSD Forces as a Sith Trooper. Seeing that the NSD Forces were without leadership, he knew this was his chance to power and control. He quickly rose through the ranks finally making it to the rank of Colonel. Shortly after being promoted to Colonel Amedon was made the Commander and given control over the NSD Forces. Amedon went to work trying to organize the Troopers, and get more recruits. With the help of Darth Tavious they built new areas within the fortress of the NSD for the NSD Forces, giving them full schedules, training rosters, and training missions. Amedon was able to bring a few new recruits to the NSD Forces, but this would be followed by betrayal and desertion. Seeing the NSD Forces losing it's ground, and with the recruitment numbers low Amedon appoarched Darth Tavious and Darth Solarion about training to be a Sith. They quickly noticed that the Force was strong in him and accepted him into the Order to train as a Sith. Still loyal to his duties as the Trooper Commander Amedon still could not bring the numbers up in the NSD Forces, so he decided to focus on his training of the Dark Side. During his Adept training he caught the attention of Darth Xervus and Darth Montus, soon Darth Montus would take him on as her apprentice. Around this time Amedon started to notice that the Order lacked organization, and communication. Never the less he remained loyal to the Order and focused on his training with Darth Montus. However his training with Montus was rather elusive. Shortly after he began his training with Montus he learned that the Dark Lords where starting to fight amongst themselves over this and that. Many Dark Lords were being overstepped and disrespected by other Dark Lords. It was about this time that the High Dark Lord of the Order declared that anyone that left or betrayed the Order was to be hunted down and killed, this would lead to many attacks. Amedon saw that the Order was starting to create it's own destruction, he then learned that Darth Tavious was planing to create a secret order. Unconcerned with this at the time he said nothing as it was not his place to question a Dark Lord and his business. As months went by the NSD slowly started becoming more and more war like, causing many to doubt the Order Amedon included. Having doubts about the NSD he sought out Darth Tavious to learn of this new order he was creating. He learned about this order and was made to keep quiet about it until the time was right, being the loyal man that he is he obeyed the Dark Lord and spoke not of it. As time went on the interfighting among the Dark Lords grew more and more, Amedon sensing that the Order was on the verge of a slipt, and feeling the enemies of NSD would use this weakness to destroy them started on a mass recruitment campaign. However this was a failure, and the Dark Lord Tavious annouced that he was stepping down as Dark Lord of the NSD, having heard this news Amedon knew that it was time for the new order to reveal it's self. Lord Tavious's departure from the Order would prove to be the death blow of the NSD as many started to follow him and leave the NSD, a move that many that followed him would call the "Tavious Movement". However Amedon stayed and remained loyal to the Order, for a few weeks after this event. With the NSD members leaving and his Master joining Tavious he went back to focus on Trooper business, but he started losing Troopers to betrayal and desertion. With only a few remaining Troopers at his side, and failed attempts to bring new Troopers in, he felt the end of the NSD was near. One day the Dark Lord Solarion overstepped him and promoted one of his Troopers without informing him of this action. Feeling betrayed by the Dark Lord Amedon annouced that he to would be resigning his commission and leaving the NSD.

The Fall of NSD

After the departure of Tavious and the split of the order the NSD started to slowly collapse. Seeing his order divided Lord Solarion simply gave up and retired. The order unable to recover from the departing of so many, and Solarion surrender faded into nothing more but a memory.

The Tavious Movement

Having left the NSD to join the "Tavious Movement" Amedon was looking forward to rejoining his Master and continue his training. As Darth Tavious continued to organize the New Order his followers waited and still came to the aid of NSD when in need. But before it even began the former Dark Lord destroyed the new order without warning or reason that we knew of at the time. We would later learn that it was due to the Korriban and the secret order it was building. Now with the "Tavious Movement" over his followers were left on their own and Amedon like so many began to wonder the Galaxy.

The Great Search

Forced to wonder the Galaxy by Tavious, Amedon refused to give up on his training so he began a great search to find a new order a new home and new master. For many weeks he searched star system after star systems finding nothing but Jedi after Jedi. His travels lead him to explore such worlds as Naboo, Dantooine, Tatooine, Bespin, Yavin 4, Russan, Rhelg, and Talis. Finding disappointment on all these worlds he decided to take a break for traveling and thus settled on the last planet he had searched Yavin 4. Still he continued his search only this time using star maps and charts, hoping to find any traces of Sith. Unable to find any intel on the Sith he began to feel his failure once more. So he called onto the Force to guide him. He felt the Dark Side calling him has if to follow it. Wasting no time Amedon boarded his shuttle and set out in the direction the Force was sending him to. He finally came out of hyberspace at the erie planet of Byss.

Dark Lords of the Sith

Amedon with Darth Maziel

Now on Byss Amedon felt relieved, felt at home on this dark planet. He could feel the Dark Side was strong here, he stayed on Byss for the next couple of days learning all he could about this planet. He soon discovered that a Sith Order calling themselves the Dark Lords of the Sith lived here, and that Byss was the Capital to the Sith Empire. Quickly he started to ask how to join this order and what he had to do. It was then he met a man called Darth Destius who pointed him in the right direction. After a few days Amedon was accepted into the order, and was made to start over at the very bottom of their ranking system. But this did not bother him as he was thrilled to be apart of a Sith Order again. Once he was accepted into the order Darth Destius gave him a few task to complete, once these task were complete and to the liking of Darth Destius Amedon with the approval of the Emperor and the rest of the Sith Council advanced Amedon to the rank of Disciple. Durning his ranking cermony at the meeting Darth Maziel spoke up annoucing that she would take him on has her apprentice, and thus once more Amedon was training in the ways of the Sith.

Current Status

Amedon is currently not in any order. But keeps his loyalities to Emperor Destius, the one true Sith Emperor.

Physical Appearance

Amedon wears mostly black hooded robe like clothing, sometimes dawning full body armor. His face is rarely seen only to a few. A member of the Pau'an Species his skin is grey and wrinkled with deep pupilless eyes that are jet black, and red sockets, allowing him to see extremely well in dark places. He as jagged razor like teeth as Pau'ans are carnivious beings. His size can be overwhelming to some as he stands around 8ft. 5in. His arms and fingers are long and skinny, with claws that are like talons. His gold and glowing red lightsaber is wore on his back as it is long as if it were a double bladed saber, however it is only a single yellow bladed saber.

Personalities and Traits

"You are my son and I love you, but know your time and place to speak and always be mindful of the paths you take my son, learn to control your actions, and not let them control you. I know you can do this you are Pau'an it is in our nature."

— Sar' Mion Medon to Amedon Desolous Odellis

Amedon is very cold hearted and calulated, he is without mercy nor fear. He prefers to remain quiet and observe. He would not think twice of striking down a foe or a friend (if need be). He spends most of his time on the Sith Captial World of Byss or in dark places. Most that know the Pau'an species would think that he would be friendly and welcoming, but they would be mistaken. Amedon does not have time for the weak minded nor will he tolerate any weakness not from himself nor others. He does not get in any hurry as he moves at a slow sterdy pace.

Behind the Scenes

Amedon Desolous Odellis(The Wraith) is played by the SecondLife avatar Telek Lednev Born March 27 2007.