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Rhaaka Ki was a Togruta Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order (NJO) of the planet of Chandrila/Tython, and currently a Jedi at the Dantooine Jedi Enclave (DJE). She follows the Jedi path of the Sentinel, and was the first Battlemaster of the New Jedi Order.

Early Life[]

Rhaaka Ki was born in the climatic planet of Odryn. Her family was unable to adapt to the enviorment, and departed to a different planet through out the outer rim. Along the way, the ship crashed in the deep forests of Chandrila, Four surviving, Rhaaka, her mother, her father, and a Togruta local.

Rhaaka Ki, as a child in her camp.

As she was happy to be off the planet of Odryn, she was quite unhappy of how her family was living on Chandrila. The climate grew hot, and Rhaaka eventually grew very tiresome. On a great hunt on the planet, Rhaaka and her father, along with the Togruta local, was searching for a great beast to share at their small village. The beast they hunted was what they called "Akul" but was only known on the Togruta homeworld of Shili. The local togruta split up, slipping into a deep cave, got stuck, and later died.

Becoming a Jedi[]

Their struggle for food was very difficult, as it was very hot. Rhaaka's family would tend to get very scared, at the spacecrafts that flew about the sky. Rhaaka knew she was force sensitive, as did her parents, but never thought of being what is called 'The Jedi.' Weeks past, and young Rhaaka was eventually found by a group of Jedi just out of the forests of Chandrila. They are known as "The New Jedi Order [NJO]." A Council member, who is now the grand master of the order, Saritha Khandr, brought in and rescued young Rhaaka, sencing the force potencial in her. Rhaaka said farewell to her parents, and was the last time she would see her family, she was now a Jedi.

When Rhaaka first joined the order, she was welcomed and befriended by many of the Jedi there, and said her name was Ambien, as she didn't know if she could trust the Jedi or not. She became very close friends with Saritha. Rhaaka had hopes, but was a misfit, and very misunderstanding. Weeks past, and she was a Jedi padawan, Saritha her mentor. She became a superb pilot, and also a excellent duelist, the grand master Sebestian Nordenskiold saw her potencial in being a duelist, as she defeated a exiled Jedi of the order (was sith at the time) saving a Jedi Knight, and convinced her of being a Jedi Guardian.

Rhaaka Ki's Starfighter.

Fall into becoming a Nightsister[]

Rhaaka thought of all the suffering her parents was going through in the deep forests. She stole supplies from a shelter in the town on Chandrila, and ran into the forests to her family. She arrived at her family, seeing that they was killed, and just recently. Sorrow and hate grew into her system, noticing a party by her parents huts. They were pirates, trandoshan pirates, playing around with her family trinkets. She drew her saber, slaughtering them all, and burning the small village. After she burned the village, she became befriended with a captive of the pirates, her name was Gennifer, and was a Dathomiri Nightsister, captured and enslaved. Gennifer and Rhaaka became very close, as Rhaaka offered to Gennifer to join the New Jedi Order. Gennifer refused and convinced Rhaaka to leave the New Jedi Order, for the Spiderclan. The Spiderclan was a Nightsister Clan in the deep Spidercult caves of Dathomir. Rhaaka agreed, as tempting as it was she dropped her saber, stole one of the Jedi Aces starfighters, flying both of them to Dathomir.

The Clan Mother, Lady Phelan, welcomed Rhaaka. She saw the great potencial in the Togruta. They initiated her, taking a deep look into her past seing the hardships and struggles of Rhaaka's life. ".. Your parents could have been alive, if it wasn't for those Jedai.." Lady Phelan said. Rhaaka knew the Jedi was family, but realized that the Clan Mother was right. Rhaaka put on her new uniform, flooded in tattoos, grabbing her vibrosword and ran to her starfighter.

Rhaaka defeats Sebestian, right before burning the temple.

Rhaaka arrived on Chandrila, it was early, and Saritha noticed Rhaaka stepping out. Rhaaka was missing for quite a long time, as Saritha was worried. A Jedi came to greet Rhaaka, she raised her face up, as the jedi saw the dark clouds shrouded throughout her, Rhaaka slain the jedi, and ran to the temple as the Jedi stepped back cautiously. Saritha and Sebestian huddled the jedi's into the temple, sealing the door they drew their sabers and ran towards Rhaaka. The battle was intence, as it went on for quite some while. A young Jedi, Rein, joined the battle after he returned to Chandrila, Rhaaka forced him against the wall as he laid, Saritha departed the battle to tend to Rein, as The Grand Master Sebestian, versed the Nightsister Rhaaka Ki. Rhaaka backhanded him in the back of his head, with her cat like reflexes, and stabbed him through the chest with her sword. He laid, breathing heavily, as Saritha covered her face in shock. Rhaaka used her nightsister force, to take control of the temple, burning it, with the jedi stuck inside, and closed the temple shut with the walls. Rhaaka left back to Dathomir.

Return to the lightside[]

Rhaaka returned back to Dathomir, and dropped her sword on the ground. "..Good..Good.." Mother Phelan smirked. " I cannot beileve what I have done.." Rhaaka said. The nightsisters looked around, feeling that this is not what Rhaaka wanted. " This side of the force, has corrupted me, into a way like no other, I have slain my family, broke their four walls, and left them to suffer.." Rhaaka said very monotone. " We thought this is what you wanted child.. you are of us, If you are with us be with us," Bosskari, Clan Elder said firmly. " I am not you, I am not your blood, I am Jedi blood, farewell," Rhaaka said and left. Gennifer ran to Rhaaka, telling her that if its the path she wants, she stays that path. They braced one another, and Rhaaka left.

Rhaaka contacted Saritha to meet her at the Jedi Core, above Chandrila. Saritha was cautious, but came. Saritha noticed Rhaaka in her jedi robes and tilted her head in confussion. " I want to be a Jedi, give me the trial of knowledge." The Grand Master, Sebestian, returned to the core, injured deeply from the blade wound in his chest. They sat down in front of one another, asking Rhaaka one question at a time. She passed, answering every question correctly. Saritha had spent long hours with Rhaaka, returning her to the light side. Once it was complete, Rhaaka had her knighting, and became a Jedi Knight.

Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order, and exile[]

In the years leading into becoming a Jedi Knight, she worked mainly as a guard to the order, training the padawans and helping them learn aswell. Months into her training a competition was set up to determine the first "Battlemaster" of the New Jedi Order. Rhaaka, skilled in combat, entered the competition and won the title as Battlemaster.

Weeks after the title of "Battlemaster", Rhaaka expierenced problems with the other Jedi. She saw the New Jedi Order as followers of the Unifying Force, and she disagreed by their ways. After years training and developing with the order, she packed her belongings and exiled from Tython, landing on the planet of Dantooine.

Dantooine Jedi Enclave[]


Launguage, Skills and Heritage[]

Rhaaka speaks Togruti, and basic Galactic. Rhaaka has a fluent talk, as in talking very fluent Galactic may be difficult to understand her at times. Rhaaka also speaks Twi'leki, as she must understand some of what the Jedi must understand what is being said.

Rhaaka's skills are those of camping, fishing, hunting, trapping, etc. As Rhaaka grew up in the forests of Chandrila, she had to learn many of these skills in order to survive nature. When hunting she usually tends to use a knife, or spear.

Rhaaka's heritage goes way back, Her family came from Shili, but after an outbreak they moved to Odryn where Rhaaka was born. The Female in Rhaaka's family was Priestesses, allowing them the skills of nature, healing, and the common force. All of the female in Rhaaka's family was Force sensitive, except for her fathers side. As a decendant of priestesses, she uses many skills past down such as common healing, etc.

Personality and Traits[]

Proud of her Togruta heritage, and the paths she has took, Rhaaka is very docile, intelligent, and adventurous. When first growing up in the NJO she had a fondness of acting "savage" as to her togruta nature, but later came out of that phase growing to be very polite and comfortable to be around.

Powers and Abilities[]

Trained as a Sentinel, Rhaaka had trained in a power that a few Jedi could overcome. She had amazing lightsaber skills, and was a master in Form III, Matkashi, Ataru and some skill in Form V. Not only was her lightsaber skills superb, but she trained herself to be very flexible, and able to dodge many of the attackers moves, such as when she fought Sebestian she used her reflexed to backhand him, leading into a stab into the chest.

Though she had many training throughout the skills of the lightsaber, her force was one of her main tools. She could use the force to inforce her bodies capabilities, such as quick speed, acrobatics, and leap huge heights and distances. Rhaaka Ki could also be aided in clearly perceiving her surroundings by the hollow spaces in her cranial horns,or montrals. This allowed her to speed up movements faster.

Weapons and Gear[]

Rhaaka Ki's Dual Lightsabers, one is yellow as the other is blue.

Dual Lightsabers --

Rhaaka's dual sabers are blue and yellow. Her yellow saber was gained after a fallen Jedi that she killed at the stacking of the Chandrila temple.

Rhaaka's Nightsister Blade

Rhaaka's Nightsister Blade --

Was forged in the spidercult cave, Rhaaka made this blade with a core, surrounding the hilt with Rancor hide.

This is the weapon Rhaaka used in the Sacking of Chandrila, the war between her and the Jedi. Rhaaka dismissed this blade when she returned to Dathomir, throwing it in the dirt. The Clan Mother kept it, as its hidden away in the vault.

Jedi Armour --

Rhaaka Ki's Jedi Armour

Rhaaka's armour was specifically made to fit her small body. Her armour includes a light cloak, with golden braids surrounding the edges of it. She has deep blue armour, covering her torso, to her braces, to her thighs. The shirt is cut to show her stomache. Her belt is brown, with small holders and her lightsabers on her side. The back of the belt has a small skirt layer, tattered and ripped from her battles. Her boots have heels, brown, with many ties around them. On her bracers they are brown, with small armour peices covering the top of the bracer, and bottom. Her under armour is grey, and on her pants she has a rip from the top to the bottom on her side.

Behind the scenes[]

Rhaaka was based off the characters of Shaak Ti, and even has learned the fighting styles that Shaak Ti had. Rhaaka's outfit at the stacking of Chandrila was based off Shaak Ti's Outfit from The Force Unleashed II, a Star Wars video game. Rhaaka's last name "Ki" was a remodeled version of Shaak Ti's last name, "Ti." Rhaaka's democratic ways are based off of Padme Amidala's, and Rhaaka's fighting styles and abilities are based off of Jedi Master Luminara Unduli.