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A more modern interpretation of an Amaran.

Nina, a potentium knight amaran

Amarans are a Star Wars species, indigenous to Amara, also present on Naboo living in villages as farmers.

Known Amarans

Alphabetically sorted list of SWRP amaran characters

Roleplaying an Amaran

There are quite a few guides to Roleplaying as an Amaran in Second Life, one of which will be posted at a later stage under this section, I am also producing a small handbook on the subject, but for now, here's the basics... MattyK 14:33, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

Generally Acceptable Amaran Avatars KZK Fox in all Realistic Colors (Grid-wide recognised as the 'official' Amaran avatar.) Avenity Fox on less-elitist sims. And there were several other brands around, generally, most fox avatars with semi-realistic eyes.

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