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The Altisian Jedi were a band of wandering Jedi lead by Master Eva Lekach. Much of their ideology based upon that set forth by the old Altisian Jedi and their Master Djinn Altis. Master Lekach has publicly stated that she has disbanded the Altisian, yet rumours persist that perhaps they have only gone underground.


Many of the Altisian Jedi came from more controversial backgrounds then your typical Jedi Knight. Two of them had once served in the Empire. Abel Rosenkrauz had been an Imperial Grand Master under the Fel Empire, and Hei Starwind had also been an Imperial Knight. Other members included a Fosh Jedi by the name of Kekken who had lead the Order of the Phoenix at one time and was also a Knight in the Covenant.. Most of the other members such as Knight Eloun Tadro who had been the Jedi People's Galactic Alliance (PGA) representative since it's formation, Padawan's Soline-Ulic Lekach, Sabiya, and Amalthea had been members of the Old Jedi Order as well as others. They were also known to have a few other assorted allies, including an old HK unit, a protocol droid, and an Ewok medic. In their later days, an old Jedi Master by the name of Hikaru was seen associating with them, yet it is unknown if she is one of them. They were for the most part Gray Jedi, unorthodox and not bound to the will of the Jedi Council, a couple of their members such as Sabiya being very vocal critics of the Old Jedi Order in specific.

Forming and Disbanding.

"The galaxy s'at war, and s'Jedi spend all day worryin' bout' robe styles n' stupid osik.."

— Master Lekach

The Altisian Jedi were formed in a response with many seeing the Old Jedi Order as having become too conservative and stuck on tradition. They would venture to be open to accepting other school's of thought, even including several none-Jedi force users into their band such as a Matukai. They opened a homeless shelter in the lower city of Coruscant, their efforts constantly undermined by both the Revenant Armada as well as the People's Galactic Alliance. The final straw came when the Altisian Jedi came to believe the People's Galactic Alliance Forces (PGAF) had sent a spy into their midst who disrupted their relatively peaceful state, allegedly trying to turn their members against each other and allegedly recording everything he could to incriminate them. When this spy was confronted when he was caught red handed recording a Padawan by the name of Sabiya, another Initiate Saito would grab his collar at which point the alleged spy comm'd the PGA for help. Shortly after the alleged spies comm transmission the PGAF stormed the homeless shelter, scaring off those who stayed there and opening fire on the Altisian who had grabbed the alleged spy. Eva's son Soline had also been with the PGAF, by this time being known to her as a darksider. Master Lekach who had been one of the founding members of the PGA was shocked and disturbed by their behaviour. She was also said to be upset over her son's ever changing direction reminding her much of his father Jilea Legionarry... she would sell all the equipment in the shelter and give the credits to the resident's before leaving Coruscant. The Altisian Jedi spent some time on their ship, Sabiya being the sole Padawan of the Altisian Jedi to reach Knighthood there.. shortly after Master Lekach publicly disbanding the Altisian as she did not want the perceived vendetta of the PGA and Old Jedi Order against her to effect the others...