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Ally "Viper" Karura is a professional gambler and smuggler. Born on Coruscant's lower levels.

Ally received her name based on her resistance to poisons due to implanted blood-filtering nanobots, reflex-boosting neural-pathways, and her love of Iridonian Neural-Parasite Vipers, some of which she has domesticated.

Viper was formerly a Lt. in the Black Dawn before she gambled away a shipment of spice. She spent a time as a slave of Black Dawn after that incident, before she worked off her debt. Her rank was never restored, however.

Viper speaks a slang dialect common to the lower levels of Courescant, particularly amongst the spice dealers. Viper both deals in and is hooked on spice.

Viper's skin darkened considerably after spending a couple years on Tatooiene.