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The Alliance of the Jedi

"With all of us may the Force be, and may the peace of this temple be ours, a place open to thought and speech, a realm of mutual respect, and a haven of shared noble purpose, let us take these seats together with no one above the others, may we work together free from restraints of ego and jealousy at this gathering, and all others to come."

The Alliance of the Jedi, was founded by Vilda Kazyanenko in 217 ABY. The goal of the Alliance is to serve as a platform for each active Jedi order in the Galaxy to interact and cooperate together with mutual respect. Originally used simply as a Jedi Alarm system that allowed all Jedi to respond to galactic threats, the Alliance recently transformed to a more formal organization when the People's Galactic Alliance took power from the Imperials.

The Alliance of the Jedi council, comprised of two members of each Jedi Order, meets routinely to discuss Galactic issues. This council is responsible for appointing the official Jedi Representative to the PGA Senate. The Alliance Council meets on Yavin 4, in the Jedi Alliance headquarters.

The Current Jedi Representative to the PGA Senate is: Lucas Atlantis

Current Members of the Alliance of the Jedi

The active Chairperson for the Alliance of the Jedi is Jys Tebut [Jessi Easterman].

The Alliance of the Jedi welcomes all active Jedi groups. For membership, please contact the Vilda Kazyanenko, Brihan Takacs or Jys Tebut (Jessi Easterman).

The Alliance of the Jedi Council Rulings

The following rules of self-government were voted upon and passed during sessions of the Alliance of the Jedi Council.

Initial Decisions

  • Lucas Atlantis was chosen as the Jedi Alliance Representative in the Senate.
  • It was decided the Senate representative will serve until there is a recall motion in council or the representative steps down on thier own.
  • It was noted that each order chooses its representative on the council and there is no term limit.
  • It was decided that the chairperson has no term limit but may be recalled with a majority decision. A new chariperson would be nominated by the council.
  • It was decided that each order will provide a minimum of one Jedi to guard the senate during meetings.
  • It was advised that Jilea Legionary has gone rogue.
  • It was requested that other orders be allowed to use the NOJ trials area for thier padawans. NOJ will bring this to their council for approval. Zen pointed out that an NOJ Knight or Master would provide access (going there and telporting in the guests) and "hold the door open".
  • It was decided that future meetings will take place on Wednesdays at 6:30pm SLT.

Topic: Terms for Removal of Member Orders from the Alliance of the Jedi

Whereas members of the Alliance of the Jedi benefit from the mutual cooperation of the member orders.

Whereas it is self evident that for an Alliance to be successful, mutual cooperation is required.

It is hereby acknowledged that Any Order displaying conduct or attitude unfit for a Jedi can be expelled from the Jedi Alliance Council. Some examples of Attitudes and Behavior unfit for a Jedi include resorting to name calling in session, abuse of power, in context or out of context harrassment as well as unneeded drama in general. These examples are by no means a completely exhaustive and mutually exclusive list and therefore the alliance is not bound to be limited to this list when voting on the removal of an Order.

Orders are subject to ejection from the Alliance of the Jedi with a simple majority vote of an Alliance of the Jedi Council in session with a minimum of 2/3rds member orders present in council.

Any Order that does not send Representation to the Council for 4 consecutive meetings or send Representation to the Council less than 4 times in an 8 week period will be removed from the Jedi Alliance as a matter of procedure at the next Council meeting with no vote required.

The undersigned,

  • Master Helion Dragonash, Corellian Jedi
  • Lady Evu Kaji, The Unnamed Jedi Order
  • Master Quintan Landar, Arid Jedi Knights
  • Master Vilda Kazyaneko, Order of the Jedi Covanent
  • Sir ZenMondo Wormser, New Order of the Jedi