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Alariya Tzedek, more commonly know as Wing, is a Hutt-supported criminal-terrorist who operates from Nal Hutta, where she is Magistrate. Wing is also the Boss of the Black Dawn syndicate, and was formerly the majordomo to Wonka the Hutt (a role she still reluctantly performs on occasion).


Alariya Tzedek

Born Alariya Tzedek on the Apatros mining colony, she was the elder of two sisters, and her parents ran one of the only diners in the area. According to Jedi records at the academy on Yavin IV, both Alariya and her sister Salida Tzedek were strong force-sensitives. Both were discovered by Jedi Knights Janis Ploon and Ulrich Dagostino while traveling on official business for the Republic.

The records show Alariya was particularly stong, and her potential was nearly double that of her younger sister. Due to the lack of quarters on Ploon and Dagostino's GAT-12 ship, it was elected that Alariya be brought back to Taanab to begin her initial training and another ship would later be sent for her sister. Alariya progressed through her initial lessons and trials on Taanab at an alarming rate, and it was decided if she would continue her training she should be sent to Yavin IV, where she could be guided better.

En route to Yavin IV, the YV-100 light freighter disappeared, and Alariya was presumed dead along with several other younglings, padawans and the crew.

Recovery of Jedi YV-100

Only recently was the crashed Jedi YV-100 found the full story able to be learned from the ship's black box. This black box also provided the evidence necessary to finally officially link the crime-boss Wing with the identity of Alariya Tzedek.

Details from the black box reveal that Alariya's ship was attacked by Dianoga-class assault starfighters. It is not known who piloted these ships or what their intentions were, but it is believed by many on Yavin IV that it was Sith-sponsored mercenaries. The ship made an emergency jump to hyperspace to avoid the destruction, but was too heavily damaged to reach its destination. The ship crash-landed on Mandalore Prime, where it remained in a dense forest patch until discovered some 10 years later. The corpses of many of the dead were found intact inside the ship, though badly charred.

Memory loss and Mandalorians: Traycn.

Alariya received a blow to the head which caused significant memory loss -- all memory of her jedi training as well as her name and knowledge of her family was obliterated from her mind.

Alariya was rescued by the Ordo Mandalorian Clan, and raised from that point on as a Mandalorian. She was then named "Traycn," the Mandalorian word for Fire, due to her obvious pyro tendencies in combat (her primary weapons were a flamethrower and explosives). She took a job as an assistant to an eccentric Felacatian Mandalorian anthropologist by the name of Rhubardin, and traveled the galaxy.

One of the travels took Traycn and Rhubardin to Nar Shaddaa, where they met the infamous Smooka the Hutt. Rhubardin left Traycn on Nar Shaddaa briefly to run a personal errand. While there, Smooka hired Traycn as a bodyguard to protect him from Jedi who were continually attacking he and his interests.

During this short time, Traycn met numerous interesting personalities, including Cayce Urriah, who would later become first her boss, then her wife. Traycn was offered a job with the Black Sun. Still being young and naive, Traycn accepted and was immediately made a Black Sun Captain.

Traycn quickly became romantically entangled with the Black Sun leader. After Cayce left Black Sun for the first time, Traycn did the same and broke off to run her own mercenary group, Crimson Skulls. Now know as General Traycn, her group made a name for itself by specializing in overkill. Traycn became particularly proficient in flying operations during this time, principally due to her force ability. She became so successful at flying that her group renamed her General Wing, a name which would stick with her.

After earning her group several billions of credits Wing decided to retire. She took her portion of the money and bought herself a smal decked-out battle cruiser to live on. She spent her time then travelling the galaxy with VIP status. In Taris she was frequently a guest of honor to the Hutts there and enjoyed spending her time picking up female pop music stars and seducing them.

Secretly though, Wing was bored and missed the action that her mercenary life offered her. She had kept her beskar from her time in Ordo and discreetly reforged it into a new set of powered battle armor. Working with a cybernetics specialist by the name of Sphinx she was able to key her armor intoher neural network. Now all she ad to do was think something and her armor and built-in weapons would respond. The down side to this was she now "felt" with her armor, and so when her armor would take a hit, it felt to Wing as though she was taking the hit herself, even though damage would be very minor. The responsiveness also lead to some embarrassing accidents, such as accidentally setting her old friend Rhubardin on fire with a flame nozzle during a trip to Naboo when she was irritated at her.

Fall to Darkness

Stub: Alariya searched for her roots under the tutelage of a grey Jedi Master, and her search took her to the Byss, where she encountered dark energy, and it corrupted her.


Alariya learned to control her Dark Side corruption by locking her force powers away force powers, cutting herself off from the force, and living as a hermit on Ord Mantell for a time.

Joining Kata

While residing as a hermit, she ran into her old flame Cayce, who asked Wing to join her Mandalorian clan Kata.

Arms Trading on Korriban

After Cayce's disappearance, Alariya left Kata for Korriban, where she set up an arms trading operation in conjunction with Jakira, Sphinx, and Ally Karura, a small group who would be the core founding members of The Black Dawn Syndicate.

Forging the Black Dawn Syndicate

As Alariya's operations grew, it became clear that she would need a formal name and enterprise, and a face for this operation. Using her contacts, Alariya instructed Jakira to arrange for a palace/bar/fightclub to be developed, and area known as The Pit. The facility on Korriban was the original of any subsequent areas owned by the Black Dawn. The Pit was used to lure an, at the time, lesser hutt, by the name of Wonka the Hutt, who would serve as a legitimizing force for the group as they expanded. Wing acted as the majordomo to Wonka, but, in reality, held the cards in the operation.

Crime and Terrorism

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, as operations grew, Alariya, for profit, necessity, or sheer thrill, was compelled to take sides in numerous galactic battles, most infamous of those being the Revenant Armada's invasion of Bothawui, and the orbital bombardment of a republic planet.

Love on Nal Hutta

Alariya moved to Nal Hutta briefly, after Wonka was inducted into the Nal Hutta Council, and established Black Dawn operations there, where, interestingly, her group would end up fighting a war against the Kata mandalorians, to stalemate. The war originated due to the enslavement of a Kata member by the Black Dawn. Wing, meanwhile, took her first of three wives, Loki Vuur

A Child Is Born

Alariya's life changed direction just after moving base of operations, when Loki returned after an absence. Loki was with child, a Togruta girl named Scarlett Vuur, a force sensitive. Determined that Scarlett would not be taken by the darkside, Alariya sent Scarlett to be trained with the Jedi of Bothawui, the very people who she fought against in the war.

Reformation on Ilum

The Bothans, though they accepted Loki, refused to allow Wing to visit her daughter, do to her previous actions. Wing set to making amends, repairing her reputation. She ran for a position as a Republic Senator, but lost for obvious reasons.

She subsequently took a position as the overseer and Ambassador of Ilum, a representative on the council of the Confederation of Independent Systems, and the Black Dawn took on roles as planetary security.

Disappearance and Rescue

Alariya disappeared unexpectedly when the freighter she was traveling on carrying crystals from Ilum was lost in Unknown Space. What caused the ship to go off course was never made clear, but the the life support failed shortly afterwards, resulting in the death of the entire crew. The incident was the last heard from Wing for several years until a rescue expedition was mounted by her wife, Loki, Mycroft Macarthur and droid. Those in the cryo-stasis perished in the months following the initial incident with the exception of Wing who survived in stasis due to an ice formation that had formed over her pod, protecting it from system failure. During the rescue Loki was killed, footage from the droid recovered shows she was brutally murdered by Wing in what appeared to be a sith rage.


With her reawakened darkside powers, it didn't take Alariya long to reestablish the Black Dawn, with a fight club on Lower Coruscant, slave pens on Little Mos Eisley, and corporate headquarters on Byss, the Deep Core.