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"Usen'ye Di'kut before I tear your head off and use it as a tether ball."

— Darth Nefarious

Alakar Xyvern Dralshy'a is a Male Kiffar that was raised as a Mandalorian on Fresia until the age of 15 when he self exiled after attacking the Alor'ad[1]... proclaiming himself Dar'manda[2] because he felt the Mandalorian ways were as corrupt as the people who raised him, still young so he was ignorant into the true ways. He traveled across the Galaxy making stops from Naboo to Korriban He placed himself in frozen carbonite for 80 years after the Sith-Imperial War had ended. His carbonite was opened by a small girl that was a Sith Acolyte of the Order of Rowe... a new Sith Legion that took their vow to purify the Bogan... he quickly rose to the ranks in less than a year he became a Sith Lord and their grand Historian. Negotiations and persuasions to the Shadowhand of Darth Rowe gave him his entitlement of Darth when he organized the library and united several Mandalorian Clans to ally with the newly formed Shadows of the Triumvirate Nefarious, the pure definition: Evil. His rare ability of Psychometry was one of the more known things about his existence. the Shadows of the Triumvirate disbanded and the Dark Praxeum Academy risen, Then into the merging of Trayus he is now an Alor of over twenty warriors and a Sith Assassin of the Trayus Academy.

He is also a clone variation that is an enhanced physical adept to the now deceased Alakar that was programmed as a Half Nagai Half Kiffar. He was reawakened in 220 ABY after a 50 year suspension.


109 ABY: Birth and Exile

A child on Fresia by the name of Alakar Xyvern was born, raised on the planet as a Kiffar Mandalorian Verd[3]. His clan was the remnant of the clan that owned his ancestor as a slave, and they had heard of his past, treated him with honor. Being a strong combatant, knowing all ways of exterminating enemies with swift ease, his ranking as a warrior was most well noticed throughout his clan. Not realizing his physique was only through the power of the Force that flowed within him is what caused his precise aim, his attained technique, and his reflexes. He wondered where his parents were and how they passed, thus when his Verd'Goten[4] was passed at the age of 14 he was given his fathers armor, whom he felt the memories pass through im and he realized the Alor'ad of the Aliit[5] had sabotaged his armor and caused it to lock up while a gang of rouge Yuzzems swarmed and killed his father, whom he recalls the story but not the reason his father died, thus is how the Alor'ad was chosen when he 'sought vengence' on them and thus gave him honor by avenging the death that was set up. Alakar attacked the Alor'ad out of rage and the Alor[6] called him a Hut'uun[7] for attacking him when he was unarmed, thus he called himself dar'manda that day and left the clan for their corrupt roots and ignorant ways.

124 ABY: An old friend

At age 15 he self exiled and took his Beskar'gam with him and became a rogue. He made his way to Onderon where a member of the exiled Mandalorians greeted him and showed him the ways of a gentleman, he began to entrust him with powerful means of using verbal actions to win most battles instead of using a blaster or a blade, As a child Alakar couldn’t understand this for a moment but after a few months he quickly learned how to avoid most confrontations and learn to use his voice as a weapon rather than his fist. At first he was among Beast riders then he moved into Iziz where the Sith had followed his path and propositioned him to join their ranks. He asked who was their lord and they proudly answered Lord Darth Krayt. He agreed to be taught by them by any chance of power he could obtain for himself.

125 ABY: New Teachers: The One Sith

His Sith Masters were of many, but the one that caught his attention was a Chiss woman named Shal'Kinn. Her methods were different than the others actually, instead of pure aggression she practiced patience through hatred as it grew. Where the Sith would torture him for disobedience or failure she would just confuse him with an Ancient tongue. He learned this asset as a reminder of the patience she described to him, then when he realized her sentence it made him weak, like a powerful hit to the heart. She gave him a necklace that bore the symbol of the Infinite Empire, created by the Krath that long served the Sith in the Golden Age. When he learned this they confessed for each other and mated in the old tomb of Darth Vader that was constructed late in the years after he had perished. When the other Masters figured this out she was told that she was to be executed by her own pupil, he refused for the longest time before they finally threatened him with death. He stuck her in her own heart as he spoke into the Sith Language that he was truly sorry and that he had no choice, in her final moment she nodded to him and became one with the Force. Afterward she was told that he was now going to be a historian for the Dark Lord himself for his surpassing tests into the realm of the mysterious Old Kings of the Sith, Belief or Race itself. After 5 years of studying for the knowledge he collected from the Holocrons. He discovered a quite obscene Sith Holocron that held knowledge and theories of his great ancestral grandmother Kreia, he learned her ways of the greatest weapon of all: Influence, words being the most powerful thing, can create or break a mentality. Learning this he escaped the Sith and brushed off their hypocritical teachings of hate and passion. Their idea that the weak cannot live pathetic attempts is only made for the self absorbed dark lord so that they cannot triumph equally. He understood if one Dark Lord lived, the rest would try and kill him.

130 ABY: Posh and Persuasion

To further indulge his training he took his Dragonfly star cruiser to Naboo, the holding of everything posh, suave, and upper class. As he made his way into a simple Sauna he met a man that once knew his exiled friend. It didn’t fully come to effect until he found the holocron of Darth Traya... his great-odd grandmother. The man taught him how to manipulate a form of flesh, no matter what species as long as they were humanoid, with only the touch of his fingers and the momentum of his wrists, the art of Masseuse was taught to him within a few months before the man introduced him to his dancing instructor, she was a beautiful lady that he found to be quite tensed so he put him to the test to manipulate her figure, he did but he stopped half point because she began to grow intimate on the first day of meeting him. He failed his complete test but he learned that it was necessary to make such a movement when finished with his techniques. Payment is always a virtue, credits or flesh will do. She continued to train him now in the art of a Ballroom dance artwork; this further helped him in the art of becoming a natural senator, if they had lived in the Old Republic, for this was their art of communication that now was only practiced on Naboo, Onderon, and the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. After 1 year of further training he got to meet the Queen of Naboo. He had the honor of dancing with her as he swiftly impressed her mental grading of the man, he lifted the arts of speech craft amongst his voice and she could have melted in his arms if not for the royal title to uphold. She told him to meet her in her quarters and that she would tell the guards that a man wishes to become a senator for the Planet. Residing in Theed for a week before meeting her he had the honor of seeing the queen without her honorary makeup and elegance removed. She looked like a normal woman now as she tugged him into her bed, after a short while she began to moan too loud and that caused a guard to come in to throw him out onto the streets, a week later he was ordered to leave the planet for he was banned until further notice as he witnessed the queen have her head chopped off for treason... never had he seen such a brutal crime since he left his clans and the Onderon region but nonetheless he was not anything but common blood to them.

131 ABY: The Path of a Merc

He shipped off now to a Moon known as Nar Shaddaa where he met 5 distinguishing men, one a Mandalorian named Boska, a Cathar named Jhuziska, a Chiss named Ma'lon, A Duros who never mentioned his name and a Rodian that called himself Qwab. They taught him the art of spice, trade, and guile. He smuggled spice for a group calling themselves The Consortium but nothing to be trailed anywhere near the great Tyber Zhan. In the 2 years he was on that moon he learned to slice datapads, fix ships and also how to learn the trade of a Pirate if he ever needed, in his study he learned a variety of drink mixes and later he met Blonus the Hutt whom later was killed by the Consortiums boss before a Gammorean bashed his head in, ending their little scheme to take over the moon, for as foolish as they were. When he traveled to the Refugee Sector he found a small Lightsaber in one of the Durasteel compartments, inside was a Holocron of Kreia telling her son that he was useless and that he was not intended to become a reality and that she hoped her entire gene was erased from the face of the galaxy forever. He smirked at his message before looking below it for the hilt, he fiddled with the thing a short bit after realizing the potential of this, He knew exactly how to create and modify any lightsaber but this one was of an ancient make, he enjoyed having his Grandfathers blade at any point. At that point he made his way to his sector to find the Duros, Cathar, and Mandalorian killed, with it a datapad with The Consortium's personal security codes for their vault, he became infuriated before he used his stealth generator to seek his treasures that had been laid before him. He grabbed as much of the Credits as he could, looked to be about 500,000 before he quickly swiftly jumped his way out of the Consortium base before he spotted the Gammoreans about to sack the place. The Sith then felt his holocron heat up as he lifted it out of his pocket. to watch his tanned skin be sucked away by the holocron, a figure of the ancient Sith Lord Darth Nihilus spoke to him in his tongue before he chucked the datapad down the raft, he took a glance at himself in the mirror before he realized that he was a pale figure rather than the man he used to be. His Sith markings now shown to the rest of the world and people often mistaken him as Darth Nihil. He left the moon afterwards and hid himself for a few months. In that same year he returned for the time to realize that Qwab had become a spice addict and had information leading to the betrayal of the men, he told him that the Duros was a Hutt in-man and when they realized it they killed whoever was in your squads sector. Of course this information didnt come cheap so Alakar paid him the few hundred credits he wanted and cut him from his life for good. He still hunts that Duros to this day.

134 ABY:Imperial Practices

He frantically sped to Coruscant where he trained with a retired Imperial Knight named De'Roche Kel. Trained in the ways of a neutral light he would learn to suppress his emotions, his scars of a Sith would never leave him thus he was stuck with the markings of the Dark Side for good. The Imperial warned him of that Because Jedi everywhere will see him as a threat, even with his power of influential speech craft. When he asked the man why he did not kill or arrest him to begin with, he pulled off his bracers and shown him his Sith Tatoos and explained he was an Adept for a few months before he realized how wrong they were. The Imperial gave him the armor he was given before Krayt invaded the Imperial Knight base and slaughtered them. Afterward instead of going to Bastion the man escaped into hte depths of Coruscant. He learned how to maintain his cool further by having a stance without emotion involved. The idea of his stature was to teach Alakar a steady patience without the flow of being a Jedi, so that he did not rely on posture, shiftiness, power, or mentality. Thus he escaped with a bounty across his head for treason on both parties. Going under the alias of Alakar Deroche he crash landed in the Arjus sector on a forest moon where a Barfoolah the Hutt resided. He spoke with the majordomo and realized he was quite safe from the galaxy, so he went back under Alakar Xyvern.

135.5 ABY:New Toys

He traveled to Correlia since the planet was closest to Coruscant, he figured he could use some different gear, he found the black market in the Coronet Cantina and purchased a few suits, uniforms, he even got his Beskar'gam[8] cleaned up and modified his armor and the necklace that was given to him to fit his suited taste, adding tools such as nets, grappling hooks, shock gauntlets, etc. He purchased a Sith Imperial uniform and a new Prototype Sith Warrior battle suit to keep himself under no suspicion unless under rule of Fel Imperial Loyalists. He spent over 350,000 Credits on tweaking some of items to fit his needs, his new gadgets would help him along the ways.

137 ABY:Wandering

He resided on a Moon in the Arjas Prime sector, to the common tongue it was known as Fellus but his stance became hidden as a Wandering Sith exile. He traveled back to Nar Shaddaa to find his Rodian friend Qwab to be cleaned up from his Deathstick addiction and he mentioned where to find his Duros traitor held up in the Jek'Tek'Jar, seeing that the bar was a haven for the alien species. He snuck in without any difficulty before sticking his lightsaber inside the Duros, killing him showed an expression across most of the bar, he parted a grin as he chucked the body across before drawing Force Lightning around the establishment, killing whoever came close to him seeing that he knew the Duros was protected by the remnants of the Consortium., he dashed out and caught his buddy inside the Dragonfly, whom he gave the Rodian after purchasing another ship with the bounty placed on the Duros of a little over 650,000 Credits, with all the customizations given to it really he had no money left afterward, but he named it the Crimson Bullet for its interceptor like speeds as it being a freighter and all. He boarded and jumped hyperspace back to the moon that day for a refreshing drink.

Regularly stationed in Tatooine for most of his time as a proxy general for the Krayt Sith Empire he knew that his time with them would be short lived seeing that his stationing there was a heap of garbage, Fel Imperialists everywhere withh the occasional ghetto Jedi Order that bribes the Senator to be allowed to stay there that have some type of imaginary authority that they believe is the Jedi Council right. He met a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Maziel and he is beginning to become acquainted with the woman as he began to grow an unusual interest in her, not because of her looks and her pheromones in her Falleen instincts but because she had a mind, a growing one that was loyal to Krayt but also open to the beneficial value of the true Sith superiority, the raw information could be given to her if she wished it to be. He also began to become acquainted with someone acknowledging himself to be the newly created Exchange boss Nommak. Taking a tour of his station in the atmosphere he suddenly sought an interest in their capabilities to ensure perhaps better control over the exchanges in the City of Mos Eisley alot better than the Hutts were... H.U.T.T was also becoming very well known and they were stationed out in the Raxus Prime sector where he also took a small tour, wondering how long it would be before the two beak the smugglers alliance.

137-140 ABY Kiffar Guardian enrollment

During the time he was in the One Sith once again, he was assigned with two planets after the major failure at Tattooine due to insubordination in the hierarchy causing the crippling of the systems elite forces to be sent for backup, some say the Senator had something to do with the jamming frequencies but his mission was over and he was tasked with befriending two planets in general, Kiffu and Kiffex. Since he was a Kiffar but not born traditionally in the clans, they checked his ancestors and found out who he belonged to was infact a woman back during the Old Republic whom saved the Vos clan some odd centuries before the Jedi Master was thought of.. So they gave him the tradition as if he were raised amongst them, he served his place for 3 years before a battalion of GAG came in to find a Sith Lord, seeing they had no knowledge he was a Sith he quietly feinted his death somewhere out in the wilds and escaped the planet.

140 ABY: Cloning, Programming, and Suspended Animation

After the war had settled down and the Empire whatever side won at the time and things began to settle for the time being, Alakar believed that his knowledge was so ingenious and unique that he desired to spread his influence around the Galaxy at an even further length of time, he had met a Kaminoan that had been studying the effects of the 501st Legion and processing his own cloning experiments. With this ability he had gathered a black Twi'lek whom was his apprentice in the One Sith when he was initiated for a second time into by Darth Maziel. With this newly gathered team he would create himself a prime clone, using much of the technology and beyond that of what created Boba Fett, not only would he be programmed and trained to understand everything that Alakar had been gifted in talent, but also midichlorian count to ensure that his connection to the Force was not filtered with the genetic experiments. during the 5 years of basic indoctrination Umbra had come to him with a simple yet powerful Sith Holocron, with the combined efforts of two Darths one of which was a magister of Sith Sorcery he was able to imbue his training into the powerful artifact and place it in the box that he set his armor, lightsaber, weapons, and necklace with. He then paid the Kaminoan a sum of 750,000 credits from his stock in Kuat Drive Yards that was given to him as a 'gift' for his 'talents' in the Empire. the rest went into his bank. He would then travel to Fresia and live in solitude and away from Imperial grasp.

About a month into the process of creation he came across a Nagai Telepath who would ask for a means to make credits, he offered the telepath 150,000 for a DNA sample for his clone to obtain, that way his connection to the Force can be enhanced, plus the ability of Telepathy of the most averagely common minds would be an essential to his development. Afterward he would find datapads, recordings, and some Jedi Holocrons on the different techniques in martial arts, that being said the three that came across his mind were Echani Fighting, Teräs Käsi, and Mystic Martial Arts of Squib Combats and Transactions. He would ask the Kaminoan for an additional schooling process for these certain traits, there was no problem but the training for such intense data would take at least twenty years due to all of the enhancements such as midichlorian cloning genetics. He waited it out and asked if the Clone could be placed in suspended animation such as carbonite for the next 50 years afterwards, and in this time he would require enough of the anti-aging viles to last his clone a while.

170 ABY: Death and Suspension

At this point Alakar had lived a meditated life, he was 61 years old and he regularly checked on his clone, his Rodian comrade had passed some time ago, Umbra had been creating her own cloning experiments through sith alchemy his goals were met and the day that he watched his clone become suspended he asked the clone be placed on Fresia for now so that he could keep an eye on him, set out information, timed alerts to ensure that someone in the Galaxy would find him as he was getting weary, but before he could finalize the alert he would have a heart attack, a spirit of the sith haunted him dearly and the last moment struck him, killing him as he would then become one with the Force, but his hopes were not all gone as he would fight for his will to live on, as Palpatine had done so long ago so would he as he grabbed from the void of the Force he would hide his spirit in his carbonite encased shell, only to guide him as he could do, not to live and control the clones life and choices.

215-219 ABY: Reawakening, Initiation, and Gai Bal Manda

Due to the galactic stability the recon message was not hard to send out but since his Cryogenics was placed on Fresia it was rather difficult to release him. Luckily a Sith Trooper with a fellow Sith Acolyte found his body and released him from the state due to the reputation he withheld. That being said he joined into the ranks of the Order of Rowe and quickly learned that there was much knowledge to be gained from their archives, messages of chaos auras and shadows beckoned their call to him for even further knowledge to be gained, truthfully he felt now at home. Shortly in that same year he found an Alor by the name of Niv Vevut Dralshy'a that would hear his story of the path of a Dar'manda and she felt a connection between them both and thus she adopted him into her Clan, quickly he showed her the same techniques of a Mando'ad that he had done so in his former Aliit, only this time instead of shunning it down and setting him up she grew fondness and awe of his stature as one of her own, she placed him to the Rank of Alor'ad after her former Alor'ad had wished the disformation of the clan, and with that she defeated her and thus the Amaran exiled herself in shame to be brought into arms by the Ceryc'Vode led by Tyro 'Gutter' Soccaras Votino Ceryc.

220-232 ABY Mando'ad bal Siit, Different but United

Over the years, sticking by the same people over a decade, through hospitality on the Defenstar, or the homage of his fellow Sith and Mandalorian friends beginning to ally on the Planet of Endor and then Xagobah, to the betrayal of his supposed teacher and the split between the Shadows of the Triumvirate and into the Dark Praxeum Academy, He was housed on Thule, and still maintains this academy site to this day, even through the Stenness Node he maintained his family and regrew from those ashes, then the rioting broe out and they were forced to move to Dathomir, where survival of nightsister hostiles were crucial to understanding the dark side further. Rancor packs ending up demolishing the public site, the Dathomiri once again regained their home... Even through the corrupted politics and military structure of the Anzati did he push his clan and the academy through them, however in the struggle of economical values the Sith began to understand that Anzat was the worst place possible for recruiting. He ended up meeting a land salesman to sell him two flats on Fresia, one in the middle of no where for his clan to prosper, and another for a cantina in Incom Incorporated Facilities so that eh could maintain a buisness, he was not retired by now but hs goals were towards the reconstruction of his clan, and their abilities to branch out and become the better warriors of the galaxy. Meanwhile the Trayus Academy invited him to join their ranks, Nefarious was very interested in this exchange, and he felt it was best to only seep out his essence into the personality of Xyvern so that he may understand if they know he is truly there as another being.

235+ The Present Years (Summary of present events to expand on)

His clan now prosperant of two clan Alore now his ranking Al'verde, his Ruus'alore are strong and proud, Ver'alor and alor'uuse at their top games, and many verde and youth of his clan are at a strength most would fear, their raids and their tight knit family comes from being a strong leader of determination, their years rolling by slowly and more consistent, their training will pay off soon, but for now they live their lives.

245+ The Kiffu Guardian Years (Hiatus from 2010)

When around the same time Niv Dralshy;'a became Mand'alor, he was sworn in on an oath to his Kiffar brothers and sisters, The Sheyf asked him to stay with the Guardians so he can put them in line, after a long and harsh decade of drilling the worst P-1s in the division, to loosing some of them in storms, and frequent visits from his family to check up on him, as well as old friends from the years ranging from a century ago. After a long time of being away from the politics, the in fighting, the venom, but in his place he took on Guardians. As of this time he was woring on the Phrik he had purchased from serving the interests of Kuat Drive Yards in their stocks. Once it was settled he began the construction of his Phrik plated crushgauntlets when he was a Private back in 236.. After a wile he rose to the rank of Major General in the Kiffu Guardians, he was given a Venator Class Star Destroyer salvaged and repaired. To them it was a junker, but to Alakar it was something worthwhile. After he spent his own time and effort repainting it, he called it Ti "Beskar Kyr'bes". He asked for his time on leave and they rightfully granted it to him. As of now he then took of in his Venator and headed for Korriban.

250+ Return to the Galaxy and Rebirth of Dralshy'a

When Alakar was visiting certain planets he would take a stroll through the main cities to count his contacts, From Korriban to Fresia, Kuat to Tatooine, he traveled across to kedep everything stable and to forage recruits if they were worthy of being Mandalorians, and perhaps some lost souls who would flourish in Dark Jedi thirsts for knowledge and power in the Dark Praxeum, needless to say he kept it under lock and key but as he traveled to Ruusan he met a woman known as Ne'tra. Ne'tra was a mixture of the two he looked for in value, however after adopting the lost Mandalorian they would find themselvews going through the galaxy more often than most would, possible rumours spread amongst his older family, but the younger family that she brought in and the contributions she made, she eventually made it to Al'verd, then Alor'ad, and for a moment his wife stepped down due to age to elect er as the other Alor. of the clan, afterwards they helped usher in an Alliance to fit the agendas of a select few. The Dralshy'a Grand Fleet was sworn in, and it still lingers somewhere in deep space today, as between that time and another, the complications in the clan grew as the bad blood grew between the two women. But between all of that, she left the clan with all of her own children, leaving the droids to patrol the ships as long as the clan wanted it to.

255+ Investment Cashout and Meditation (Hiatus from 2011-2013)

After the fleet had been abandoned, Alakar gave his child Arcturis Dralshy'a as Alor while he stepped to the level of Al'verd, Afterwards he got in his Venator and took a pitstop to Kuat, telling the Head Engineers secretary to order him an Eclipse Class Star Destroyer, he paid them in a few hundred stocks but it was well worth the money as he had already made his fortune over. Afterwards since he was going to be waiting for a while, he spaced to Lehon where his Abandoned Silo Lair was. Going a good couple tens of thousands of feet below, he would  grab every holocron that meant something, Quinlan Vos' , Darth Traya's, Darth Sidious', Revan's, and finally Exar Kuns'. A few to balance out the energies, and three that know the key to everlasting life. A meditation deep in the bowells of the Rakata Prime so far out of the Galaxys view was the perfect spot to find out the true essence of energy transfer. But this test took him for a loop for a 25 year period that felt like centuries but yet microseconds.

280 Return of the Wanderer

As he came back into the fringe of the galaxy, he would first take a step off to Kuat to pick up his newly built Eclipse, all modifications made to fit his demands, one of which was his cantina "Ti Kyr'yc Manda" below the deck. His news gathered that everyone thought he was dead and Ne'tra had died a while ago, as for that mess he would see that he was back to square one, so he wanders the galaxy as to this day searching for the same ideals he grasped onto when he returned from the Guardians.

Personality and Traits

Alakar is prone to being around many different flavors of Galactic Society, however at most times he is antisocial to whom is not amongst his clan, his academy, or his friends and family. So he is mostly kept to himself and likes to work alone when he does his daily routine chores so that he has time to think to himself. Another setback for alakar is the evergoing personality switch from himself as a clone of a Mandalorian whom seeks to prove himself to his culture, and an old Sith Lord that manifested himself into essence to take control of this body, it tends to cause him to have different forms of personality setbacks such as at times he cracks more jokes, or he acts foolish amognst those he trusts no matter who the audience.

Alakar's Lightsaber


OOC Information

Alakar is an old character from tabletop so not all of it is purely SL at least up till 137 ABY, Alakar was also the character name of many RP characters I created in my quests and interests of different playing fields, Xyvern was one of the Darth Entitlements that I was given to in other forum based threads. So I created the name Alakar Xyvern, Nefarious came from a band project that myself and a good friend created under the name, Nefarious Kingdom.


  1. Mandalorian captain
  2. Mandalorian having lost his heritage
  3. Mandalorian warrior
  4. Trial turning the younglings to warriors
  5. Mandalorian Clan
  6. Mandalorian clan leader
  7. coward
  8. Mandalorian Armor