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Aether Darasuum was a female Force-Sensitive human. She held a prominant position in the Cult of Ragnos before leaving to persue her own intrests, eventually falling in with the Mandalorians, and renouncing her old way of life, though she kept her skill set. She became a master of combat in it's many forms, deadly with a blade, blaster, or bare fists.


Early Life

Aether spent her early life under a different moniker, living with her parents in the Coruscant slums. Her world was shattered as a local gang broke into their small house and killed both her parents for attempting to resist their theft. Aether was left cowering under the table, a lonely six year old suddenly exposed to a much larger world. Exploring the slums, she quickly fell in with a group of street urchins, relying on each other to survive.

Teenage Years

Aether was fifteen when some bounty hunters were chased down into the slums. After evading capture, they threatened one of her friends to try and acquire provisions. Aether moved to defend her fellow urchin, fighting valiantly before being knocked out. When she awoke, she was in the Sith Temple hidden in the Massassi ruins, a robed figure looking down on her.

"Finally, you're awake. There's much to learn."

Aether was quickly apprenticed to Darth Jered of the Cult of Ragnos, training along side her robed savior, Darth Catervatim, as well as Darth Furia, forging a unique friendship with the two.

The three of them climbed the ranks of the Cult, eventually both Aether and Catervatim made Dark Lords, with both slated for a position in the council. At this juncture they took their leave of the Cult, striking out their own fortune and creating a unique Sith Order.

Mortem Regni

When Aether was twenty, she and Catervatim, along with a third collegue, formed the Triumvirate council, governing their own small Order, Mortem Regni. This burgeoning Order was small and undermanned, but each member was powerfull and cunning, a force to be rekoned with. When Mortem Regni took to the battle, few could stand before them, even though many tried. It was during this period of time she advanced into the more arcane secrets she could phathom. Not being a Sorcerer like Catervatim, she was limited in her studies to aquiering different ways to use her power rather then new powers all together.

Mortem Regni, formidable while it lasted, soon disbanded, each of their members going their own way, Aether falling in with the Mandalorians, Catervatim off to the Unknown Regions to further his rapidly increasing Force knowledge.


It was shortly after the death of Mortem Regni (and a short stint in Socarras) that Ne'tra, then alor of Darasuum and an old friend of Aether offered her a spot in the clan. Aether gladly accepted and became a verd of the aliit, where she helped train several ge'verd up to warrior status. After Ne'tra's loss of memory and the subsequent reforms in Darasuum, Aether was promoted to the newly created rank of "Ori'vod", and it was during this time that she forged her beskar'gam, taking the one piece of her mother's armor she had as a shoulder piece.

Kaze's Disappearance

A while after being promoted, one of the two alore of Darasuum, Kaze, went missing. A garbled transmission and pieces of his armor was all that was found of him, so Aether took up his mantle as alor to lead the search for him. He was eventually found and declined to take up alorship again, leaving Aether in her place as Co-leader of the clan.

Darasuum Alor

During her time as alor, Aether helped form and shape the United Mando'ade, though she quickly realised that perhaps this was not the best way of running things. Council meetings plagued by words of war, infighting, and blatant stupidity. This all came to a cusp when Adun declared war on A'denla Socarras and the Mandalorians who followed him, being elevated to the leader among the United Mando'ade. Cayce Urriah, alor of clan Kata, challenged him for the title, losing a leg in the process. Aether stepped up to bat, as it were, and challenged Adun in turn, however Adun stepped down before battle was met. Shortly later, Cayce proposed to Aether and the two were wed in traditional Mandalorian fashion.


Feeling her usefullness to Darasuum was at an end, as she was a fine leader in crisis, but felt she could not remain so in a (relative) time of peace, Aether stepped down from the alor position, giving it back to Kaze. She then joined her wife's clan, Kata, as Tal, the basic rank, though a month or so later she was promoted to Cabur, or Protector.

Personality and Traits

Aether, while having a very rough childhood, has learned to get out of the anger and despair of her youth, and is a fairly jovial person. However, threaten her family and she'll cut you before you can say 'Just kidding'. While still maintaining her Force abilities, she tempers the lure of the Dark side by strictly holding to her personal code of Honor as well as the Resol'nare, the Mandalorian code of conduct. She was fairly intelligent, and prone to digging her friends and family out of problems, or helping them avoid it all together. While a good leader in times of conflict, she's not all that great at the day to day management. Aether also had a rather liberal sense of humor, playing pranks and telling inappropriate jokes at the expense of her friends, though her favorite target remains her wife.

In terms of abilities, Aether was a master of combat in all it's forms, her Sith calling leading her into the role of maurader, and her marksmanship and other combat abilities grew as she did. Few could match her in face to face combat, as many people found out to their detrement. Pain holds no sway over her, going as far as when she lost part of her arm, she still managed to fight off the Yuuzhan Vong warrior who had severed it.

Fears and Superstitions

Aether is a very logical person, the only superstition she subscribed to was the old Mandalorian belief of the Manda, the overspirit all people return to when they die. She takes the existence of Force spirits as the proof of that.

By the same token, she doesn't have many irrational fears, and threats to her life pass over her head with little attention paid. Her only real fear is that harm will come to her family, though that fear would never cripple her, just make her fight harder.

Physical Appearance

Aether stood at 1.78 meters tall, having chin length black hair, blue eyes, and a reasonably slight build. Despite said build, her muscles are quite dense and she can bring considerable force to bare, and with both arms cybernetic and made from beskar, her strikes land with devastating power. She had three tattoos on her body, one on her left cheek, one on her right breast, and a final one down her left leg.

She usually wore red Mandalorian armor, with a black shoulder pad inherited from her mother, who got it from her mother. While in armor, she usually went without a helmet, though oft wearing a beret with the Darasuum clan logo sewn onto it. While not one to collect trophies, she considers each deep score in her armor as a medal of sorts, and leaves them intact.

Equipment and Gear


While her armor was not as advanced as some others, it was very protective, being solid beskar. Her right gauntlet housed a small shield generator as well as two gauntlet blades. In addition, it had five darts she could launch. Her left gauntlet had a one use missle, along with a slugthrower with a fifteen round clip. She had an additional dart launcher on her left knee pad, housing two darts. On her belt, she carries a syringe as well as four vials of bacta and one of stimulant, as well as several pouches that house various things, including a piece of Uj cake at almost all times. The only trophies she has are four credit coins strung together, representing a marksmanship award she received during her military service, as well as a short length of rope kept from the first time she broke out of captivity.

Her undersuit is a heat dispersing, skin tight affair, with thin beskar plating across certain parts of her body, like her stomach.


Aether keeps a short kukri knife strapped to her right leg, a beskad on her hip, and several hidden knives around her body, and a lightsaber attached to her belt. In addition, she carries her custom assault rifle with an underbarrel bayonet, an extremely effective weapon.


Aether had two primary modes of transportation, a Scarab-class carrier, and a Tabalut-class star fighter.

Behind the Scenes

Aether is played in both Galactic Unity and other, non-GU sims, like Little Mos Eisley and Ruusan.