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Aeron grew up on his home planet of Kiffu, in the guidance of his mother, Nara. Before he was of age, Aeron's mother passed away from an illness of unknown origins, and he traveled around the galaxy before meeting up with a Seyugi Dervish assassin that brought him into the Dervish and he was trained as a lethal assassin. It was not long before he mastered the Dervish arts and became a Baron of the Crimson Skulls, a group led by the one known as the Crimson King. After the Crimson King fled, Aeron found his way to Dathomir, training as a Nightbrother under the servitude of High Mother Lady Kia. He was one of the few Nightbrothers that was not a Zabrak, though he found his way to becoming a senior Brother in a matter of months, thanks to his training as a Dervish. During his time traveling, he secretly served Darth Nessa, later known as Lady Ciera the Jen'ari. Serving in the Order of Seven. He was also briefly the leader of the Blackwatch network as a Sith Lord, but he vanished from his position. It is now that he returned from whatever depths he traveled to. And there is something.... different about him. Something far darker than what he used to be.

As a Sith, Aeron hunted down all remnants of his Father's order, Darth Sylis' Dark Union of the Sith Kommission (DUSK). He spent months hunting down his Father's first clone. Darth Sylis' clone, considered to be reamped took on the title of Darth Praeton when he became a Hand in the Obsidian Dominion. Aeron tracked him to Kuat during the Galactic Empire's control over it..... And killed his father on cold blood in its Undercity. Where he fell down the path of the dark side completely. It was not long before Aeron went under the teachings of Lady Ciera, formerly known as Darth Nessa of the Dark Lords of the Sith who resided on Byss.

A Battle in Kuat's Undercity

Darth Sylis, now known as Darth Praeton or previously called Darth Sylis was standing on the station on Kuat like he does most of the time, overseeing the operation of the city below during his time away from the Industrial plant he had overseen for Darth Sae'hal II. He felt a sort of familiar, yet strange presence on the system below and decided to investigate. Making his way down to the source of the presence inside the Spider Casino and Club, he saw what appeared to be a young man sitting in one of the booth's alone. Curious and ignorant of who the young man was, he approached and took a seat on the other side of the booth.
Aeron, having no idea where to find his father on the vastly large planet sat and enjoyed a non-alcoholic drink by himself, since the club wouldn't serve it to him. As his father sat in front of him, a cold stare locked onto his Father's.
"Greetings...." Darth Praeton said to the young man.
Aeron was in awe that he ran into his Father so suddenly. "Hello..." he said in a nervous tone. After seeing his Father in person, he was intimidated by his large form, and high tech armor. Clearly it helped protect him from people like Aeron, who aimed to kill him.
Darth Praeton looked over the young man curiously "Ah..... I recognize those eyes anywhere...." he said to Aeron, figuring out who he was. "I was wondering when you were going to come to face me." he added in a dark tone. "How is your Mother....?" he asked for the sake of conversation.
Aeron clenched his hand into a balled fist. "Dead....." he said. "Just like you."
With a dark chuckle, Praeton reached out with a force choke to constrict a grip around his son's throat as he spoke such ill words. "Now, my son..... That is not a way to treat your father...." he said. Aeron felt hopeless while being strangled by his father's force choke. As he thought a moment, he kicked his leg up at the table, intending to hit his father as it flipped over. It indeed caused an interruption of Praeton's force choke. Taking advantage of the situation, Aeron, darted across the table by its flipped legs and reached out to kick his father in the jaw. Though he was not quick enough, Praeton grabbed Aeron's leg mid flight and threw him into a nearby wall. Aeron was stunned for a moment and Praeton kicked him in the ribs, causing Aeron to scream in agony. Praeton was highly more trained in combat then Aeron was, giving him the upper hand. Aeron darted out of the door and into the Undercity streets, unsheathing his vibroblade in doing so, awaiting to ambush his father. He had to rely on stealth and speed over his father's brute strength and experience. Soon enough as Aeron, his in a alley, his Father entered it as well in search for his bastard son. "My son... There is no need for this....." he said to the hidden young man. "Serve me and together we can accomplish so much..." he said. "Or die..." he said coldly after a moment. "Do not seal that fate..." Praeton added. Praeton then unclipped his lightsabers and ignited them. "Come now my son...." he said to the young man to draw him out
Aeron studied his father carefully for a moment and emerged from the shadows. "You abandoned us..... Now you will pay for it...." he said as he darted towards his father's back to slice him with his vibroblade. Praeton was too quick and turned and met Aeron's blade with his lightsaber, interlocking them together for a moment. The area began to smell like burning metal from the two weapons clashing together. They both stared each other in the eye for a moment before a fury of slashes came from Aeron's blade to Praeton's torso. However, Praeton didn't seem to falter. "Then you have sealed that fate, and therefore you must die...." he said in a dark voice and began to battle his son. Both opponents had dealt powerful blows to another during the height of the epic battle. It was in one moment that Aerton sliced at his father's legs and managed to catch him good, bringing Praeton down to one knee. Praeton dropped and dis-ignited his lightsabers and dropped them on the street. Shouting out in anger and agony, "You cannot kill me, you are weak!" Praeton said as he was collapsed to his knees. Emerging from the shadowed alley, Aeron knelt over and picked up one of his Father's Lightsabers "No Father, I am not weak..... You are." A cold look of defeat came across Praeton's face as he listened to his Bastard Son's words. He has grown weak, in service to an Empire of weak Sith, abandoning his ways as a Lone Sith. He stared at his son with some sort of admiration. "Do it...." he said. With no hesitation, Aeron raised his father's lightsaber agaisnt him, and made a horizontal slash at his father. With that slash, Praeton's head rolled onto the pavement in front of him. Aeron's task was complete in making his Father pay for his actions. Grabbing his Father's other lightsaber, he clipped them both to his belt, claiming them as his own. Aeron heard the sound of Imperial sirens begin to sound in alarm for his crimes, so Aeron made a hasty departure from the Undercity, back to his shuttle to prepare for departure immediately, leaving his father's body to be found by Imperial Officers. He had fulfilled his path to the dark side in striking down his Father..

Lord Aeron travels to Prakith

Lord Aeron was meditating in his personal quarters on the Star Hunter as he was traveling to Prakith in the Deep Core. He was rubbing his talisman as it clasped his shoulder robes together. He allowed his Father's energies to flow into his mind, the only thing of his Father that soothed him. It was a true embodiment of the Dark Side and all thing dark ad malevolent. He felt the starship come out of hyperspace and let out a sigh. Lord Aeron then came out of his quarters and came to the Bridge. The crew within stood at attention as the doors buzzed open. Aeron then walked down the runway, his boots clanking on the lighted Durasteel grates. "I assume since we've come out hyperspace, we've arrived...." he said to the Captain. The rest of the crew sat down and continued doing their duties at their assigned stations. The captain nodded once "Yes, Lord Aeron, we have assumed orbit over the system." said the captain. The Captain then pulled out a sort of starmap device, but of the system itself. "We picked up the most signs of intelligent life here...." he said, pointing at a certain location on the planetary layout of the system. Aeron shook his head "No captain, if the life was intelligent, it would have never challenged me and my goals...." said Aeron. ”Prepare my shuttle for landing.... I will waste no more time....." he said. The Captain nodded to the Sith Lord and brought up a holo-projection of the one in control of the hangar-bay operations "Lord Aeron is on his way down, make sure his shuttle is ready to make landing....." said the Captain. Aeron nodded once to his captain and headed to the Hangar-bay to leave the Star Hunter in the landing shuttle. After taking off from the starship in the landing shuttle, he stood next to the pilot "Take us away from the temple.... I know my target will be taking up housing there..... Land 15 kilometers away and I will take my speederbike from there." he stated before taking a seat in the back of the cockpit, his finger trailing over his talisman once again. The power trapped within it soothed him, knowing that his father was somehow bound to meet such a fate. He thought on the screams his father must have made through the High Priestess, Aeron's Master's torturing...... He then smiled to himself as he dwelled on the thought.

The ship came to a landing in a flat location and the pilot turned back to the Sith Lord and interrupted his thoughts "We have arrived Lord Aeron...." said the pilot. Aeron sort of half-glanced in the pilot's direction and lifted his head "Well, of course we have.... That is why we've stopped you fool..." said the Sith Lord s he rose from his seat and headed for the door to exit the shuttle. The door whizzed open as the airlock was lifted. The volcanic atmosphere that was still somehow breathable hit Lord Aeron immediately. He had never visited Prakith, let alone a volcanic planet. Though the presence of the Dark Side was more potent than the awful smell. He descended the ramp of the landing shuttle, his eyes closing as he reached out with the force, taking in the planet's life web like his Master showed him. It was.... Intoxicating. The dark energies that were around him surprised the Sith Lord. His speederbike was then brought out by a crew member of the landing shuttle. "Dark side guide you, Lord Aeron." said the ass kissing crewman. Though Aeron nodded to the crewman and waved him off to return to the ship, saving his energy for the events to unfold. He placed himself on the speeder bike, and it came to life as he powered it up. Various holo-projected dials and screens popped up, the main ones a speedometer, a radar, and landscape reader. He selected the most treacherous route to the temple in which the Dashade took as his own illusion of power.... Little did the warrior know it would end up as his Tomb. Aeron needed to get his adrenaline pumping before the encounter with the Dashade, which was why he took the treacherous path. He rode his speeder through the rocky ground, hovering over the rough terrain as he glided over the rocks swiftly. The two moons were in the sky, one much bigger than the other. He rode along Cliffsides in the narrowest paths, weaving in different directions almost effortlessly, like the most expert of pod racers in the deadly races.

Closing in towards the temple, Lord Aeron powered down and parked his speeder far enough from the temple so he did not draw unwanted attention, not yet at least. His mission was not to kill just the Dashade, but all of his followers and servants who wrongly idolized him. To Aeron, mercy was a option for weak minded people such as Jedi. He was becoming a true Sith, all the thanks to his apprenticeship to the High Priestess, He pulled his hood over his head and began to take the stony path that eventually led to the temple grounds. He unsheathed his lightsabers from his belt, clicking them together, creating a a large, fierce staff saber. A follower spotted Aeron as he entered the ground os the temple. The follower took up his vibroblade and charged at Lord Aeron with a loud "YAAAARRRRRGHHHHH!!!!" cry of anger, obviously wanting to be the one to bring the Sith's head to his Master. Aeron only smirked, igniting one end of his staff saber and slicing the follower in half as he got close enough. But the follower's scream as he charged got the attention of numerous others. Arriving at the scene, at least a half a dozen followers met Lord Aeron to take him down "Kill him before he enters the temple!" the senior followers cried out to the others. "Don't let him reach the Master!" cried others as they engaged the Sith Lord. Though Aeron's force training and close quarter combat outmatched all of them, even with their numbers. One follower fell to Aeron's saber, then another. It was then that Aeron lifted four of them straight from the ground with the force, slamming them all together and keeping the bundled together with the force, as if tying them together with it. He then cast force lightning at the quad of followers, electrocuting them all to death with the force lightning. They all fell to the ground at once, limp and lifeless. Aeron was much more powerful with the talisman gifted to him by his Master....

Keeping his lightsaber ignited he approached the temple doors. where he encountered someone he never thought to see again..... His Mother, Nara. "Aeron, look at what you have become....." said Nara. Aeron's eyes lit up as he saw his Mother, but not in anyway one would think after seeing a long lost parent who they watched die of illness. "Hello... Mother...." said Aeron. "And I know what I have become.... I am becoming more powerful than you and Father. You held me back, and he neglected what protege I could have been. But now now... I have new purpose, and hand guiding me on a better, more fit path than the one of the Jedi.... I don't need you or your love any longer......" said Aeron. He lifted his saber to her, and without hesitation, he lunged his saber forward and struck his Mother where it counted most, her heart. But with his decision, was an illusion of his Mother, not the real one he watched perish on Kiffar. The important thing was that he did not hesitate to strike down the false reflection of his Mother, nor would it be different for the true Nara. He knew he was better off, and that he would not change anything to lose his place at his Master's side, or as a Sith in general.

Aeron did all he knew how to do, was to keep moving forward as he still had an incomplete task on his mind. He entered a chamber looking place that had a door on the opposite side of it. Though in the middle, stood a dark figure, one that looked rather muscular and well kept. As he drew closer, sure he knew who it was, he raised his saber. But as he began to swing, the figure disappeared into a cloud of smoke and dust. A trio of synchronized voices then emitted from the darkest corner of the room, gaining the Sith Lord's attention. "We know why you are here, servant of darkness,  But you must go through us in order to reach the warrior you seek." said the voices as three heavily robed figures, sorcerer's by the look of them broke from the shadows. He dis-ignited his lightsaber and tucked it behind him, clicking it to his metal belt. "Oh, cute...." said the Sith Lord. "That was a neat trick.. I must admit...." said the Sith Lord as he stared all three figures down. "I do believe it is my turn....." said Aeron with a malevolent and maniacal chuckle. He reached out with the force. In front of the three robed figures, appeared ethereal looking forms, reflecting off of each of the figures appearances, as if the sorcerers were looking at their reflections in the mirror.. "You must go through us....." said the  ethereal reflections of the sorcerers. Each of Aeron's ethereal dopplegangers reached into their robes, pulling out a light saber and driving it into the dazed sorcerer's who were fell prey to Aeron's illusion magic. They all dropped to their knees as they believed they were struck by the sabers, which most definitely they were not. Aeron charged forward, taking his staff saber in hand, and igniting a single blade. He whipped it through the air as he stood in front of them only after a single moment's sprint. His saber met the necks of all three sorcerer's decapitating them all. Each head rolled to the floor, one after another, giving three thuds on the stone floor of the temple, then a crash of all three headless corpses on it when  they were pushed out of the way by Aeron. He made his way to the door beyond, tearing it off with the force. Inside, was his target, he felt it.... And within the that room, would be his victory.

Aeron stepped into the room, his lips curling up into a smile as he spotted his target, sitting on a throne of course that was facing the door. "Finally...." was all Aeron stated to the elusive Dashade. The Dashade smiled, his mouth was lined with razor sharp teeth that filled almost any gap on its gums. "Greetings Aeron..... I must admit. I did not expect you to get through my Sorcerer's....." said the warrior. Aeron smirked, igniting the other blade of his lightsaber, its red hue lighting up more of the shrouded room with his red luminescent beams. "There is much you most likely didn't expect......" said Aeron. "I've killed your followers, all of them.... And now it is only you that is left, only you that is left in my path to greatness....." said Aeron. The Dashade chuckled "You are a foolish boy, Aeron.... You think that I am the last follower of the Dark lord that was your Father. Your father's legacy will live on forever..... No matter how much you try to fight it..." said the warrior. "And you may have killed my followers, but I will not go as easily as they did...." he said with a bite to his tone. Lord Aeron began to laugh sinisterly. "Save it, you weak minded cretin!" Aeron shouted. "Die with some pride and draw your weapon!" he cried out with anger, raising his staff saber as it lit up his face. The Dashade reached to his tunic pulling to light saber hilts from his belt. "In life, your Father taught me a great many things, one being Lightsaber combat....." said the Dashade with a smirk. He ignited the saber, two orange lightwhips beaming down to the floor, singing it with black burn marks. The Dashade whipped the flexible beams upwards, creating a large spark of light that lit up the room like lightning. Aeron did not move nor twitch at the weapons, He just smiled and charged towards the Dashade, knowing that force usage would have little effect on the bulky mass. The Dashade raised one of his arms, and lashed the lightwhip at Aeron to entangling him in its grasp. Though Aeron's perception was attuned to fight against any type of weapon with little to no trouble. He weaved through the beam's path, maneuvering around it with a force dash towards the Dashade's mid-section swinging his lightsaber at the beast's mid-section. The Dashade barely got out of the path of Aeron, taking a slash to his gut, but not deep enough to cause too much damage. His snarled and whipped the other one around, and connecting to Aeron's back as he passed by, ripping away the durasteel armor with ease. The Dashade was far more experienced with open battle than Aeron was... After all, he was Sylis' apprentice an beastly pet. He Whipped and slashed mercilessly at Aeron, dominating him in battle with his Lightwhips, wielding the weapons with such practice and mastery over them. Aeron laid their, battered and having minor lacerations on his back, making hit fairly hard to continue a proper offense or defensive stance. He was on the ground, catching his breath and focusing his energy. The Dashade warrior came over and picked up the Sith Lord almost effortlessly with its brute strength. "Now, you will die...." said the Dashade as it wrapped hits hands around Aeron's throat strangling him. "Grrrrgghhhh....." Aeron made out, though it was incoherent and gibberish. He then caught his breath and smirked "Kriff... You...." he made out and channeled his force energy into a repulse, a powerful one at that, thanks to his talisman. The Dashade released Aeron, dropping the small Kiffar to the floor as he was knocked back and stunned for a moment. Aeron then looked up to the Dashade as he was on his knees, snickering and laughing. "What are you laughing at, weak fool?!" said the Dashade warrior towards the taunting Sith. Aeron reached out with the force, towards the ceiling, ripping the stones out of place, causing a large collapsed of the ceiling over the Dashade warrior. The Dashade looked up and let out a roar as it tried moving towards Aeron. "DAMN YOU!" it cursed at the Sith Lord, extending his hand outward as if he was reaching for Aeron. But it was too late, the large stones bombarded the Dashade mercilessly, burying the warrior beneath them, only his outstretched hand breaking away from the collapse. Though it was limp, lifeless out of the rubble. Aeron pulled himself to his feet and walked over to the collapsed roof that was now buried the Dashade. He smirked and looked down to the lifeless hand "And you don't even need a grave now, you should thank me...." he chuckled as he reached out with the force, pulling his lightsaber hilt to him, He ignited one end, sweeping down to cut the hand from the exposed arm as a trophy. "A fine addition to my expanding collection....." said Aeron sadistically as he wrapped it in cloth he tore from his already tattered cloak.

Aeron walked to the entrance of the temple, dialing his comm to the Landing Shuttle. "It is done, you may proceed to the temple grounds..." he said. "And comm for a team to come gather some artifacts that would be of any use to me...." he said as he dialed out. He walked to the ground and his shuttle landed down after a few minutes, picking up Aeron and his speeder bike. Then they took off from Prakith, back to the Star Hunter in orbit over the system. They then headed back to Felecat, Aeron's mission complete, his target destroyed. Arriving back on Felecat, a the peaceful system that Lord Aeron made his home, he entered his cave to find his delivered armor on a stand. Seeing this, Aeron looked down at his torn and battered armor, and simply chuckled as he began to tear off the burned metal and singed straps.