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For the dark side clone of Aenanya Riaxik, see Vashara Vendoss.
For the Jedi clone of Aenanya Riaxik, see FC-112.

Aenanya Riaxik, nicknamed Aena, was a Force-sensitive female Human Jedi Master, who resided on Ossus, and served as Chief Healer of the New Jedi Order.


Aenanya at 16 years old

Aenanya was born in 219 ABY on Dathomir where she was raised until 18, she was the daughter of Jedi knight Daemon Riaxik and his exiled Nightsister wife Salacia Lyn Neox, as well as the older sister of Aeva Neox. Aenanya lived a peaceful, fun and happy life. At 15 while piloting a x-wing on Illum, the ship got caught a terbulant snow storm and crashed. For 5 minutes before the craft when down she lost all communications with several of her friends, who were monitoring her from the command station below, and everyone thought that she had died. The craft finally crashed and burst into flames, and Aenanya became trapped inside her x-wing, thankfully that day she had stolen her mother's lightsaber and escaped the craft before it could explode, however during the explosion, as she was running in the wrong direction, the flames burned her face and eye sockets, causing permanent blindness; that was until almost 10 years later when she entered a healing pool and had her eyes restored. Aenanya screamed in pain and for many hours wondered around the ice planet of Illum blinded as well as with a fractured arm; this later would remind her never to steal or run off without telling her parents. Thankfully her parents were not to far away from Illum and and arrived on Illum two hours after the crash, after they landed they used their knowledge of the force to find her.

Aenanya's Old Cybernetic Eye Impants (Left) and Latest Cybernetic Eye Implants (Right)

Aenanya was placed in a Bacta tank to heal her injuries as well as underwent numerous surgeries, physical and mental therapy sessions. Afterward, her eye sight returned, when two pink cat cybernetic eye implants were implanted into the missing sockets, but it had a downside, she couldn't see life through normal eyes, instead she saw it through a computer's eyes like the Sith Lord Darth Vader had done. Aenanya's accident took a toll on Daemion, who couldn't bear to loose any of his children, this would later lead to his fall to the darkside. As the months passed, Aenanya regained her strength and moved on with her life; she told her parents she wanted to join the Onderon Jedi Order, and much to her surprise, her parents encouraged it. Days leading up to Aenanya's departure she could sense that she and her family were being watched by someone trained in the darkside, Aenanya thought it was her own fears about leaving home for the first time so she told no one. Aenanya put her feelings behind her, only to regret to this day, not not telling her family, her feelings until it was too late.

Joining the New Jedi Order

Sometime around 245 ABY Daemon Riaxik (Darth Vendoss) turned to the darkside and brutally killed Salacia and thought to have killed Aeva, after they refused to join the darkside. After he had killed them, and prepared to leave, Aenanya walked into the room, and asked him why he killed them. Sensing her sadness Daemon decided to use it against her in a ploy to get her to turn to the darkside. Daemon began to taunt Aenanya telling her she was weak and worthless as well as the rest of their family. When Riaxik picked up her lightsaber to try and wound him in an effort to turn him into the Kalway Order of Jedi, Daemon quickly defeated her and beat her to the point of death, then ran out. Less than a day later when the KOJ failed to show, Jedi Master Sebestian Nordenskiold, arrived on Dathomir and sensed Riaxik's abilities as well as her great pain. He entered her house and through his actions of kindness, he gave her hope and she decided to join the New Jedi Order. Sebestian had a talk with the Jedi Council, which allowed Riaxik to become a Hopeful.

Jedi Padawan

Aenanya as a Jedi Padawan on Chandrila

Riaxik remained a Hopeful for the next several months until she could prove herself worthy to become a Padawan. After months of waiting in hopes of becoming a Jedi, Aenanya was accepted into the academy and assigned to Jedi Master Saritha Khandr, for training. During her Padawan training Riaxik was a good student and choose the Sentinel Path, allowing her to specialize in medicine and be a Jedi Healer on Chandrila. Later on, when Aenanya took her Trial of Knowledge (ToK), she changed her path to Consular knight, and was officially knighted at the end of 243 ABY, on the New Jedi Order's planet of Haruun Kal. Aenanya, now resides there as a Jedi Knight, while helping her sister Aeva cope and become a Jedi; Aeva was just recently discovered to be alive as well as force sensitive.

Jedi Knight

As a Jedi Knight Aenanya desired to go in the direction of the Consular Path during her Trial of Knowledge, and after knighthood she became Chief Jedi Healer of the entire Haruun Kal Medbay, while training her new Padawan Blaze and creating the New Jedi Order's first new medical school for Healer's.

Aenanya being knighted beside fellow Padawan Can-Ma

Two weeks after her knighting, while returning to the Medbay after a routine medical run, she found a hold bunch of Republic Guard Troopers guarding the Medbay, refusing to grant her access into the facility. Aenanya was outraged by this and was told two doctors dressed in black attire told the guards not to let anyone inside as they were treating a Jedi Master who wanted his treatment kept private. Aenanya used her authority to get inside by demanding access, otherwise she would alert the Jedi council. The doctors dressed in black granted her access, as she was the planets official doctor/ healer, seconds later Aenanya discovered it was master Jron who was the injured patient and immediately began to treat him properly

Aena with in the Medbay with Master Jron

As Riaxik was treating him she sensed the dark side all around, including the fact that these doctors were hiding something, halfway through the process she discovered that all of Master Jron's injuries her caused by lightsabers and when she went to question the doctors about it they told her numerous stories that kept changing. Riaxik finally discovered they were lying, but before she could call them on it, they revealed themselves to be Sith Lords and weren't really doctors. Riaxik tried to defend herself and Master Jron and dueled the Sith as best she could and was defeated, but was left alive to watch Master Jron helpless. Thankfully Master Jron skills were impressive, but he too was defeated and beaten to the point of death.

Aenanya as a knight in 245 ABY.

Many distress calls were made, after the med bay had been taken over and hours later various Jedi from various Jedi orders showed up, banished the Sith from Haruun Kal as well as nursed Master Jron and Aenanya Riaxik back to health; and this would not be the last Sith encounter that Jedi Knight and Chief Healer, Aenanya Riaxik, would face.

Kidnapping, cloning & return to the New Jedi Order

Sometime in 245 ABY, after his fall to the darkside;  Aenanya's father hired various private mercs and spies to watch her until he was ready to make his move by 246 ABY; at, which time he kidnapped and replaced her with an altered clone, during her battle with BFL Jedi terrorist, Master Neitoshi. When Aenanya was battling Neitoshi, an explosive charge was set off by an unknown party, and Aenanya was quickly grabbed and switched with the clone. By, the time the smoke had cleared, no one knew the switch had been made due to the large amount of darkside energy in the area; things, went on like normal, while, the original Aenanya remained a prisoner of her father's for 3 years. All of Aenanya's clones, were imprinted with Aenanya's memories and genuinely believed that they were Aenanya. The 2nd clone of Aenanya (FC-112), was stolen from one of Darth Vendoss's labs and used by Salacumi scientists to create, force sensitive super soldier, Vashara Riaxik. For a time, the scientists used the 2nd Aenanya clone to spy on the Jedi order; while, the clone would remain unaware of being a sleeper agent. Nine months later, the clone met a gruesome end when was kidnapped, and her child forcibly removed from the womb. When, the 2nd Aenanya's mutilated body was recovered by the NJO, healers discovered her to be a clone, which mean't the real Aenanya could still be alive. Meanwhile, during all of the incidents with the clones, the real Aenanya, was subjected to months of torture by her father, in an effort to turn her to the darkside. Aenanya, relied on all of her Jedi training to endure the torture and waited for an opportunity to escape; that, moment came when a negligent guard left his keys laying around. In her fight to escape, Aenanya hit her head against the metal wall of the medical frigate, she stowed aboard, later waking up in the ship's medical bay with amnesia. The frigate's doctor took pity on Aenanya and recognizing she was a force user, trained her to become a medic. Two years later, Aenanya, left the frigate's crew to enroll in Coruscant's prestigious universities, where she would earn a medical doctorate. From 268 - 271 ABY, Aenanya worked as a doctor at a hospital on Haruun Kal, up until its bombing in 271 ABY; where, a hit to the head again, caused all of her old memories to return. After, her wounds healed and she assisted with the rebuilding of the hospital, Aenanya made contact with the NJO. She was reinstated as a Jedi Master and Chief healer as well as a place on the Jedi Council, which she currently serves today.

Personality and traits

When Riaxik was a young child she was very wild and naughty never listning to her parents, it was until the age of twelve that she began to heed her parents advice and focus on her education. At age fourteen she was described by her friends and family as being kind and selfless and planned to join the KOJ. When she joined the NJO, Riaxik's nature simmered down and she become humerous and selfless. Aenanya Riaxik is funny, fun, easy going, kind and a good obedient student; though it doesn't take much to get on her bad side. Her personality also differs from that of her clone Vashara (who although looks the same has a very different personality and does not have Aenanya's memories or emotions, neither does she share her thoughts.); but, her Aenaya clone has the same exact personality. Vashara is hateful, sneaky and manipulative, whereas Aenanya through the force, practices self discipline and humility, by being kind, giving and doesn't think about herself a whole lot; whereas Vashara always thinks about herself/ looks and appearance.

Powers and abilities

Riaxik contains the same force powers as any other Jedi, whether its increased speed, telekinesis, telepathy and empathy, which she uses to help or guide people. Although during her early years Riaxik was trained by her mother, alongside her sister, in basic Nightsister Dark Side training, and might have ended up a Nightsister if not her father falling to the darkside. Riaxik also has the power to use force lightning as well but she chooses not to since it drains her of her life energy channeling all her hate, to be safe Riaxik does not use any of her darkside abilities.



Aenanya Riaxik first wielded a green bladed lightsaber which she constructed and kept before she choose her path, the blade's crystal was going to be replaced by a yellow crystal, when she choose the sentinel path. However, when Aenanya was asked a final time what path she wanted to choose during her Trial of Knowledge (ToK), Aenanya choose the Consular path and her blade remained green, she then built a double bladed saber, which she continued to weild, up until her last confrontation with her clone Vashara Vendoss, which the saber was then replaced by a silver one, but remained double bladed. When Aenanya first joined the accademy and built her first green single lightsaber she fought in the form of Shii-Cho, which finally turned to her famous fighting style Niman combat using her double bladed sabers, followed by her two blue sabers, that were given to her by Master Saritha Khandr after they were found next to the dead body of fallen Nightsister Candlyn Thandel.