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Aena in 242 ABY

Aena, the Mandalorian (also known as Aenanya, the elder), was a Mandalorian student and an ancesstor of Aenanya Riaxik on her father's side. Aena was originally from the Old Republic Era, and was frozen in stasis for an unknown mission now forgotten and never explained. Her ship was damaged during the Great War, only two years after being frozen and trapped inside an asteriod floating around for centuries. The asteroid was eventually fired upon during a battle with clan Par'jean and the Sith named Uni, and Aena's ship crash landed on Dathomir. Aena awoke with no memory of who she was or why she was on Dathomir, Clan Par'jan took her in and trained her briefly as a modern day legacy era Mandalorian, however during a sith raid she was killed and her mission died with her, she was given a Mandalorian funeral. When Aena emerged from centuries long stasis she did not age, and told clan Par'jan she was only sixteen. This would mean, that she was put into stasis in 3,683 BBY (if it was two years before the Great War), making her to be over three thousand years old and born in 3,699 ABY.

Behind the scenes[]

It was hinted that Aena's mission wasn't a mission, but instead she was kidnapped along with others, by the Sith Emperor, so he could use her blood as a permanent fix in a series of dark rituals to keep him alive for centuries, due to her DNA being unique. After witnessing one of Uni's Sith raids, she was going gain her memory back through flash backs, then get killed by Uni and come back to life again by Mara healing her. Instead, this idea was thrown out and never RPed out due to it being a form of Godmodding and Quillsorceress leaving the RP group to return back to the NJO group as the new Character Aenanya Riaxik.