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"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

— Grand Master Yoda

Aelus Starstorm is a former Padawan of the Taanab Jedi Order. He is now currently drifting amongst select Jedi within the planet Urvena Prime seeking out the Jedi Master they call Mikori Lawson.



Born on Coruscant to a force-senstitive peasant gambler and a honest, caring, and loving mother. His young life consisted of an average childs life on Coruscant. Never faced with hardship or tempted in any manner of negativity. Aelus was as pure as they came in the aspect of a child of the Republic. His brother whom now has a unknown name and identity and him lived a playful and cheerful childhood. Both sensitive in the force, but not aware of such things. Their father in all efforts kept their room underground in attempt to keep their force-sensitive auras from being noticed by the Jedi Temple.

It was not until the age of 6, his brother 11, that the hardship would be faced and their destinies forever tarnished. His brother brought him from the underground room of his (told above) to a unknown location miles away from their home. On that night, nothing was discussed not even the blood covered on his brothers hands, as young Aelus felt to not question such things would lead to the best course of action. The two would stay in silent isolation for 3 days, until a local slaver from the Coruscant market district would find out of their isolation. That night, young Aelus was taken from the care of his brother as he went off to seek food and better shelter and brought to the Coruscant market. Fate at this point seemed to hint for Aelus to lead a life of punishment, force submission, and fear.

It was of that same night that a Jedi Master and his Padawan would be on a mission to destroy this establishment of forced slavery, and on that very same night Aelus would learn of his force senstitive capabilities. It is said that night the boy felt the force of the two as they entered and approached his chamber in which he was kept. This feeling was shared amongst the Padawan and the Master. The strange and long hault that seem to of lasted for hours, but was only a moments time, ended when the two Jedi used to the force to sprint and free the rest of the slaves. After this, Aelus was set on a new fate that would be dedicated to the aiding of others like himself.


It took him exactly 3 months to find out of the Jedi Order on Taanab and an additional 6 months to find the means of travel to the planet. It was here that Aelus would find his hope and fantasy, now aged at 7. Introduced to the order by Jedi Council Master Richi Haven he would begin his process as a youngling and finally become that of a Padawan which saved him. Aelus would never finish his Padawan training on Taanab from Master Dawn, as it was interrupted by another path. The Jedi of Taanab were not of the ancient order he seeked to find out that would send missions in to save those whom cannot defend themselves. He would flee the land of Taanab and not return. For 3 years, 9 months, and 12 days he'd have refuge back on Coruscant in seeking of his brother whom was lost so many years ago.

He was never capable of finding his brother and struggles with it every day. There was a disruption in the force that day his brother took him away, that must be solved and is the key part of his weakness towards his temper. Aelus is known to be tempered and filled with rage down inside through the incidents of his past.

Uvena Prime

Aelus would arrive on Uvena Prime directly after fleeing from the Jedi Temple in Coruscant. Upon his arrival he approached what appeared to be land of native wolf like creatures called Shistavanen. He'd approach the stairs and feel a rift of the force as a Jedi Master would be attempting to test the force in harsh weathered environments. They'd chat and the Jedi Master would reveal himself as Mikori Lawson the legendary Jedi he had been told to seek out.

The two would chat, the Jedi would offer to train him under the circumstances he accepts failure in advance and knows how hard the training will be on him. He would then spend a time of one week, and a few days under the Initiate lessons of Mikori under the promise of soon to become a Jedi capable of defending freedom.

A week and nearly a half into his training, Aelus would depart from Uvena Prime for similar reasons to Tanaab Jedi Order. He was given a promise that to him came off false, as his training would be too long for him to make a change (4 weeks of initiation). His decision was final and he'd set off course for a fleet of any kind it didn't matter as long as it had no dark auras present.


Aelus would find a collective amount of ships in a orbit unknown to him. Limited on fuel and choices, he'd stop and meet up with a Rebel leader. The group offered him exactly what he wanted and it'd be on that day that he would accept the offer and become a Jedi of the Rebel Scum.

Since, his location has been unknown.