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Aelith (a.k.a. Aelilea Zenai) is a star wars RP character that is first and foremost a follower of the Sith code, who has open connections with the Hutts and most of the more powerful crime syndicates in the galaxy. She has also engaged in Imperial Black Ops as a field agent, when she was a follower of the order of the One Sith. As a Sith, she has survived the death of two of her previous Master (Darth Iram and Darth Hex). Recently, she has broken away from the One Sith, to join the Divufex. Despite a death warrant being placed on her head by the One Sith, she remained active with the Hutt Cartel until her recent disappearance. While the One Sith are quick to claim that she has died, along with her apprentice, Scorpius, there is still no concrete record of her ever being defeated in combat. There are rumours that she and Scorpius have disappeared to design the next step in the evolution of the Sith.


Aelilea was born to parents that didn't want her. Indeed, her father left her mother before she was born. Her mother abandoned her on the streets of Mos Eisley when she was only 5 or 6. This is at least what she believe until relatively recently. The last words spoken by her mother to Ael were 'Don't follow me. Don't try to find me. I'm sure someone here will find a use for you.'

Ael stood in the street for three days in the blazing sun of Tatooine, seemingly unseen by the crowds. Normally, a child would have died due to exposure in a fraction of that time or been picked up, but Ael had already a connection with the force and was subconsciously using it to sustain and conceal herself. In those three days, she did not move. She did not cry; and just before she collapsed, the last thing she felt was a depth of hatred, that was well beyond her years for her mother that neither loved nor even liked her.

The child's vigil was actually observed by a lone Jedi working an undercover mission, Xaeren Zenai. Xaeren was unable to aide the child for fear of blowing her cover but would see her later being put up on a slaver's auction block. Evidently, scavengers had found the collapsed child, once her force concealment had dropped, and figured she'd bring in some easy credits. Taking a risk to her operation, Xaeren purchased Ael in the auction, saving her from a life of slavery.

Xaeren fed and treated Ael's exposure, eventually bringing her before the Jedi council upon the completion of her mission. The council considered Ael for Jedi training but judged her to be unsuitable, as her mind was already clouded by a profound sense of hatred, born of her abandonment. Xaeren wouldn't accept this, as it would effectively mean that Ael would be abandoned a second time. Instead, she defied the will of the council and fled with Ael to Rafa XI. Xaeren would become Ael's adoptive mother and raise her in extreme isolation, as they were now both technically fugitives in the Jedi Council's eyes.

Xaeren raised Ael just like any other child. She taught Ael and loved her deeply. Ael became very introspective having little interactions with sentient life outside of Xaeren, but she was happy. Unfortunately, Ael's anger just seemed to grow over the years, and it became apparent that she had a somewhat unique connection to the force. Basically, all of Ael's force abilities centre on herself, readily able to augment her own defences and physical attributes but unable to use the force directly on others. This analogised to her ability to manipulate objects, only able to use the force on objects she had some shared experience with. Ael's unique connection combined with a growing sense of hatred toward her mother and the Jedi for rejecting her, led to force 'backfires', where her anger would manifest as her force powers reflecting back on herself. Xaeren saw this was only getting worse with age and decided to start training her in the ways of the Jedi starting at age 12 to help mitigate these episodes.

For a number of years, things were good; but when Ael was 23, the Jedi had found the location of the fugitive Jedi and her daughter/apprentice and sent out a Jedi master and his padawan to bring them in. In the padawan's zeal to impress her master, she attacked Ael. Unfortunately, this led Xaeren to defend her daughter, killing the padawan. The Jedi master then fought both Xaeren and Ael. In the fight, Xaeren was mortally wounded, which sent Ael into a deep sense of force rage, which she doesn't remember. The only memory she had was right after the fight, where she was looking down at the Jedi master's body that had been vertically bisected, apparently by her own lightsaber. Xaeren had already died by the time she snapped out of her rage-induced trance. Ael embraced her mother's body begging her not to leave her alone, but Xaeren was gone. 

Ael would determine she'd quickly need to flee Rafa XI, as it would not take the Jedi long to figure out something had gone wrong. Fortunately, Xaeren had forced her to learn what to do if they were ever found. She fled with only a handful of possessions, the most important of which was her Xaeren's lightsaber and some extra Qixoni crystals, which were preferred and used by her mother. She fled in her mother's ship (Xaeren had piloting expertise, which she passed on to Ael), with a stash of credits that could sustain her until she found her feet.

For the next two years, Ael would roam. Unfortunately, her backfiring episodes only got worse now with Xaeren gone. She drained the credits that she fled with, buying black market prototype replacements for her eyes and spine... which had been destroyed in these backfiring incidents. During this time, she'd also meet the love of her life, Tenrai White, an Echani/Sephi woman raised on the Echani homeworld of Eshan. While Ael found happiness in Tenrai's embrace, her episodes were getting worse. Ael and Tenrai didn't have the credits for any more body replacements, should Ael have another bad episode. Thus, Ael would go ahead of Tenrai to live on Courscant and join the One Sith to seek the training and emotional control she desperately needed to prevent further destruction to her body.

Member of the One Sith under Iram

Ael rose through the ranks of the One Sith, eventually passing her trials to become reborn as 'Aelith'. Rising to the rank of Sith Lord, Aelith also became an Overseer in the One Sith, who was responsible for teaching many acolytes the philosophy and ideals that constitute a follower of the Sith Code.

Before her final trial, she had attracted the interest of Lord Iram who would eventually become her first Sith Master. Under him, she continued refining her focus in saber combat, training to master the Ataru, Soresu and Makashi forms. Mastering these three forms, she then started her training in Juyo with Lord Iram, while continuing to further her general combative skills as a Sith Marauder.

With Lord Iram, Ael had gone to the ruins of Korriban to investigate the tomb of his father. There they found one of his journals and lightsaber. Ael restored the lightsaber for her master and learned a more ancient form of Force Rage from the journal they had uncovered. She kept the journal in her possession to help her in refining her control of the anger that was so fundamental to her being.

Unfortunately, Lord Iram had set forth a plan that lead him to issuing a command to Aelith to teach the ways of the Darkside to a Mandalorian who had not sworn fealty to the Sith Code. Ael, viewing this as an act of betrayal to the Order of the One Sith, confronted her master about her concerns. This conflict escalated over a series of encounters that culminated in Aelith leaving Iram as his apprentice, when he had just been promoted to Darth. Iram attempted to mind probe and then attack Aelith, when she was walking out on him. At this point, Darth Hex made his presence known to the pair; but he would simply observe to see how the young Sith would react to being attacked by her master. Aelith engaged Iram in single combat and defeated him. However, before she could land a killing blow on her former master, Hex stepped between them and took Aelith as his new apprentice. His first commander to her was to spare Iram. Aelith obeyed and began her studies under Darth Hex from that time forward.

Teaching as Overseer

As an Overseer of the One Sith, Aelith had become responsible for guiding acolytes down the path of the Darkside. As a teacher, Aelith was known for having a philosophical but a to-the-point demeanour. However, she departed from most Sith in that she almost never found the necessity to physically punish acolytes. She had also become known for teaching her classes in hostile environments like the deep deserts of Tatooine.

Even though very few acolytes manage to pass their final trial, there was one who managed to do so under Aelith's tutelage: Tenrai White, who became reborn under the name of Scorpius. Aelith had intentionally withheld the knowledge of many Force techniques from Scorpius, wanting her to develop her abilities outside of the Force to their fullest extent. Indeed, going into the final trial Scorpius knew fewer Force techniques than any other acolyte who had been put to the trial. Despite this, Scorpius managed to win this final trial, becoming only the second acolyte ever to do so in the order of the One Sith on Coruscant. However, the trial had a traumatising impact on Scorpius: the new Sith had become fully mute when she unlocked her shatter point ability in her final fight of the this final test to become a full Sith.

Scorpius would go on to become the apprentice of Lord Pravdus, but Lord Pravdus left the Order of the One Sith shortly afterwards. At this point, Aelith took on her former student as her own apprentice.

Study of the Phobis Device

Aelth had gained a reputation of being an undefeated saber duelest, by the time she had become Hex's apprentice. Indeed, there were rumours that she had gained favour with the Black Suns, the Space Pirates, the Bounty Hunter's Guild, Imperial Intelligence and the Mandalorians solely through her undefeated performance as a hand-to-hand combatant and field tactician.

As a member of the One Sith, Aelith was of central importance in the acquisition of the Phobis device, having defeated three Jedi, on her own, in the battle to acquire the ancient Sith relic. She was also instrumental in preventing Steele, a then Imperial agent, from stealing the device from the Sith. Eventually, Darth Hex would negotiate to have his apprentice meditate on the Phobis device to find out more about its workings and to gain a deeper understanding of how to fully exploit the artefacts power. Aelith was a marauder by training and did not see herself as suitable for such a study. However, she did as her master commanded and studied the device for months on end. She did this in spite of the fact that she abhorred the device, never wanting to be very close to it in the first pace. Regardless, she managed to retain her sanity through careful and controlled mediation, when she engaged in this seemingly suicidal study. During this period, she came to some rather profound realisations about the artefact, its design and ultimate purpose; but the powers within the One Sith paid her little attention. Thus, this information she has largely kept to herself.

Through study of the Phobis device, Aelith gained a deeper understanding of the Force that manifested in a very twisted form of battle meditation. While this ability proved useful in combat, fully exploiting the potential of this new knowledge has been hinted as a possible reason for Aelith's more recent disappearance.

Death of Hex and Departure from the One Sith

Aelith had been harbouring doubts about the integrity of the One Sith, ever since she was attack by Darth Iram. Since that point, she had seen a pattern of stagnation and nepotism forming within the One Sith. This culminated when the Empire failed to send significant reinforcements to Quesh, when it was invaded by the Rebels and Jedi. Indeed, Quesh was the fulcrum of Darth Hex's power; and while the mercenaries he employed had had some success in repelling the initial onslaught, the Rebel forces were able to break through his palace's defence when the Mandalorians betrayed the empire and turned on Hex's forces. Ultimately, Hex died fighting a combined force of rebels, Jedi and traitor Mandalorians. Aelith fought beside her master, until his death, at which point she was forced to flee the engagement.

The death of her beloved master was the final straw for Aelith, drawing her to the conclusion that the Empire and the One Sith had fallen into stagnation and into a crippling cycle of nepotism that she no longer would be apart of. Thus, she silently left the Order with her one apprentice Scorpius.

Current Whereabouts

It is not certain where Scorpius or Aelith are at the moment. However, they were last seen in the company of the Hutt Cartel and the Divufex Sith. While the One Sith are quick to proclaim that they have both been killed, there is still no evidence to indicate that either has ever been defeated in combat. There have been rumours that the pair have been roaming the galaxy, designing a rebirth of the Sith into something... different.