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Now known as Lady Astra, is a Sith Aprentice to Darth Aurora in Disciplines of Rangos.


Born on New Alderaan, Adrianne was orphaned at a very young age, and raised by the remaining members of House Organa. She was raised hearing about the Jedi, and learning many of the same rules and moral values that the old Jedi Order taught. As she began to get older, she was noticed to be sensitive to the Force, and was taken to have her blood tested for a count of Midi-chlorians. The man who had adopted her however was not interested in seeing his daughter become a Jedi, and so by the age of 5, he purchased a shuttle ticket and gave her a credit chip, sending her away to Coruscant. Over the years, Adrianne became street savvy, having raised herself since landing on Coruscant, and by 13 she was already able to live comfortably on her own, with the exception of something bothering her at the back of her mind. Several years of restless sleep, seeing faint images and blurred faces of someone who she was sure were her real parents, though she had never seen them before in her life.

Joining DJE[]

Seeking help, she made her way to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, speaking with some of the Masters there for guidance. One of the masters handed her a credit chip, and a small datachip with the coordinates of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, and still seeking understanding of her dreams, she followed his advice, making her way to the enclave and being accepted there as a student to begin her training.

After passing the academy, Adrianne was taken under the wing of Jedi Knight, Sir Bala as his Padawan Learner, facing difficult missions and dozens of trials to prove that she was capable of leading the life of a Jedi.

Adrianne as Padawan[]

Adrianne as a student.

Since her training as a Jedi, Adrianne showed a strong loyalty to her Master Bala, anyone could see it, and it was proven when Darth Neox appeared again in her Masters life, Neox was there to fight and win. Adrianne couldn't let her Master fight Neox alone, she disobeid her Master even when he made clear and ordered her not to fight. Together as a team they won against Neox, but he injected a poison in Bala that was going to end up killing him if they didn't get the antidote. Adrianne looked for Neox, and he ordered her to do things. She lied to the Jedi Masters and all the enclave just to save her Master. She was succesful in getting back the antidote, and apologized later with everyone for not following the Code.

Adrianne in her Knighthood.

Through persistence and patience, Adrianne eventually finished her training, being knighted as a full Jedi Guardian of the Enclave. While a Knight, Adrianne continued to train and to learn, as well as following her own duties to the academy, helping to train new students.

Knight Days[]

Adrianne and her Padawan Aurelia

During one outing, a particular student, Aurelia Mal'veah caught Adrianne's eye. Adrianne could sense a strong presence in the Force about Aurelia, and so after passing out of the Academy, Adrianne took Aurelia as her first Padawan Learner, beginning the same path of trials that she had undertaken herself for her new Padawan.

Falling to the Darkside[]

Many times darksiders tempted Adrianne to join them, she never listened to them, but they slowly started putting the wrong ideas in Adrianne's mind. When she was a student Adrianne had serious trouble with controling her emotions, it was that bad that one time she just wanted to leave everything and go look for a Dark Lord to train her so she could get more powerful.

That idea opened her eyes, and she started meditating, she hated herself for even think about it, and with meditation that idea disappeared. As she started her training, she never thought anymore about going to the darkside, even she faced missions that kept wanting to tempt her but it didn't work.

As she finished her training and became a Knight, the temptations came again, this time the Arch Lord of Discipline of Rangos controled Adrianne's mind, making want to stab her Former Master, but this wasn't sucessful as her Former Master helped her and she got control of her mind again, Darth Aurora and Adrianne got a telepathical connection, from a time Adrianne saved her when she almost die. They couldn't do anything about the connection, it was going to be for life. Aurora used this for her advantage and slowly started placing thoughts in Adrianne's mind about Jedi always betraying her.

In Aren's ceremony Dath Sae'hal appeared, placing his hilt against Bala's back, threathing Adrianne if she didn't go with the Discipline of Rangos he was going to kill her Former Master. Adrianne tried to think about the posibilities that the Jedi could beat him and save Bala, but she didn't want to risk anything, she wasn't going to let one person she cared about so easily, so she ignited her saber and stabbed a Council Master Sha'ira in her back, leaving with Disciplines of Rangos to start a new life.

"The Jedi, and their twisted idea of morality, saw fit to destroy my connection to the Force, and try to cripple me in doing so. And they say they are the light in this galaxy, and they are out to find and make peace. I know better, that scum is out for nothing more than to force their narrow, dogmatic views down the throat of the rest of the galaxy, and if you stand in their way they will stop at nothing to destroy you, and the individualism you try to stand for."

- Ulesche changing Adrianne's mind about Jedis.