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Adi Kase is a female Mirialan born and raised on Balmora. She grew up in her family's business there, until they relocated to Nar Shaddaa after her mother's death. She has now joined the Tetan Empire as a Medical Transporter.


Childhood & Adolescence

Adi Kase was born on Balmorra, raised by Golrin and Kytra Kase, her father and mother. Her father's business was trade and smuggling for Rigorra the Hutt. Smuggling spices and other goods (sometimes slaves) to and from the planet. Growing up in Bin Prime was not rough for her. Her family was relatively wealthy due to her father's business. Golrin would bring Adi on his ship with him often, to teach her the ropes of the family business as well as necessary skills for their trade. She often spent time in the cantinas of whatever planet they happened to be on that day, watching the interactions between the Hutts and anyone else in the cantina. This is where she learned Huttese, that she often uses today. Around the time she was eleven, her mother died in an accident in the capital, Golrin was never the same after that, but he continued to take care of Adi. She would recieve her first tattoo at twelve, once she completed (to his satisfaction) training on piloting.

Young Adulthood

As she grew older, Adi's father ushered her into the family business. She became a skilled pilot, fluent in Huttese, skilled with ranged weapons and learned many skills including scouting, spying, and evasion. Because of the Mirialan's agility, she learned to tread quietly, and because of her small stature, she could slip away mostly unnoticed by others. Making her a great asset to Golrin. Around the time she was nineteen, Golrin left to pick up spices from the Outer Rim and never returned. Having lost her mother to death and her father to the Outer Rim, Adi hopped on the nearest shuttle ship, making her way to Nar Shaddaa, where she would be able to use her skills on the Smuggler's Moon to make a profit and live a better life. Once on Nar Shaddaa, she bunked with a twi'lek dancer as she looked for work. Doing minor spice and exotic animal runs, never truly happy with any of the companies she worked for. Always comparing them to her father's. She would eventually meet a Bothan by the name of Octar, who convinced her to join the Tetan Empire as a pilot and transporter.

Current Events

Adi is still working for the Tetan Empire as a Medical Transporter. She often will do odd jobs, finding and trading rare metals, exotic animals and anything asked of her for added money. Adi disappeared from Kathalon for a few months, having been searching the Outer Rim for her father, though she still has not found him. She is contemplating on requesting a transfer to the Special Forces, but that is pending.

Personality Traits

Adi is a bit of a carefree Mirialan. Since her mother died while she was young, she grew up under the guidance of her father. This made her a bit of a tom boy and always looking for praise from her father. She refuses to give away true emotions, often hiding under a mask of indifference or happiness. Though, she enjoys to drink at cantinas and will often be found at the cantina on Nar Shaddaa or Korriban. She seems to have a bit of a self-destructive streak, often trying to get into fights or hitting on men while she is drunk.

When on a job, she will be completely serious until the job has been completed. Outside of her job, she likes to joke and poke fun at others, go out to eat and is very protective of those she calls friends.

Her best friend in the entire world is a small Croke by the name of Quarrik. He is often her drinking buddy, and he will accompany her on many of her jobs, or they planet hop looking for something adventurous to do.

Her goals in life include having a good time, making her apt to try anything once. She likes to meet new people, and get to know them. Though she will give the bare minimum information about herself in return.

Adi's moods change quickly, especially when she has been drinking, and will switch between her serious mask and her carefree attitude.

Powers & Abilities

Force Abilities

Adi has no actual force abilities. She is only slightly force sensitive, though it has the potential to become more developed, though she would most likely refuse. Her skills were never developed in her youth due to her concentration on piloting and other skills.

Light Saber

Adi does have the ability to weild a light saber though she will not do so. She sees them as a very sleek weapon but she prefers her blasters.


Adi's strengths include piloting skills, knowledge of the innerworking of Hutt society as well as knowledge of the Hutt language. She is petite, making her strength in covert affairs. Stealth and spying were always a specialty and because of her calm demeanor, she often befriends those she is getting information from. Because of her previous job experience, she is skilled in deciet as well as evasive flying, and smuggling.


Weapons Adi will always carry at least one blaster pistol, either strapped to her upper thigh or tucked inside of her boot. She does not feel safe without one. She will usually carry a DH-17 blaster pistol. Though she will use whatever is available and smaller, due to her size.


The ship she took from her home in Balmorra is a small (very old and beat up) B-Wing Starfighter. It's rusted, beat up and gone through hell, but she will not part with it until it falls to pieces.