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"My life is dedicated to the people of Naboo. It is the least I owe them."

— Queen Adala speaks to her Royal Advisory Council, shortly after her election as Queen.

Adala of Naboo (Publicly known by her regal name given at birth, Adala, also known as Her Royal Highness, Queen Adala of Naboo, and as Her Royal Highness, Princess Adala of Theed) was the first Queen of Naboo ever to be emergency elected by joint support of the Gungan clan leaders and the Mayors of Naboos cities outside the Lake Country.

Aged just 14 years, Adala was the democratically elected Queen of Naboo. As Queen of Naboo, Adala fought bravely to liberate her people during the DOR Sith invasion after the previous Queen of Naboo, Wanda had allowed such to happen, and for which she was elected as an able body to fend off the attack in a time of urgency with love and support of her people, thus becoming one of the most respected political figures in Naboo.

Adala is the first Queen of Naboo to ever serve three terms with thanks to the people's support and her immense popularity after liberating her world of the Sith presence.


Early Life

7085146273 60cbc79e03 m.jpg Born simply Adala in Theed City, Naboo. She was the youngest daughter of a well respected princely family. Adala grew up in an isolated mountain village where her parents instilled in their children high virtues like self-sacrifice and care for the socially weak. Her family moved back to Theed when she was young, and Adala attended the best schools available to her, enjoying occasional class retreats to Naboo's lake country, which she was ironically later emergency elected Queen to liberate. In her youth she volunteered for the Refugee Relief Movement, like her father had before her, and journeyed to Coruscant to aid in the relocation efforts of the natives. Sadly, many of these refugees died when they were unable to adapt to life on another world. Following this, she entered the Legislative Youth Program, where she met a young man named Bon. A brief, innocent relationship followed, but the pair parted ways when Bon became an artist, and Adala continued in politics. She never did forget her past or her heritage, however; even after she reached the top, Adala still maintained her village's tradition of painting her thumb nail on each hand stark white, a small but notable sign of her dedication to her family. Something she shared, heritage-wise with her predecessor, Amidala.

Adala's rise was meteoric—she had joined the Apprentice Legislature at age eight and became a full Apprentice Legislator by age eleven. By the age of thirteen, Adala had become Princess of Theed, and was extremely popular, rallying those opposed to the rule of Queen Wanda whom had allied herself with the DOR Sith, in hope she would spare the peoples lives, only to hand them to the dark side.

Adala was persuaded by the Gungan clan leaders and the political entourage of Theed to enter the race to succeed the Queen. Her bid for the throne had initially been suggested to her parents, and subsequently discreetly backed, by the Gungans and those outside the Lake Country opposed to Wanda, who wished to see Adala win the election for the ensurance of an able body to fend off the Sith and rule in peace. Her personal popularity and opposition to Wanda's policies ensured her landslide victory, and she was emergency crowned Queen.

Although prodigiously talented, Adala was still not the youngest Queen of Naboo to ever be elected. Once elected Queen, Adala amended the constitution to limit the rule of elected monarchs to two terms like had been done previously in dark times, in light of Wanda's hereditary unpopular long rule.

Her birth name was unknown and kept secreted by her parents for personal reasons; Adala was actually a regnal name. In her guise as Queen Adala, she appeared regal and austere, but as herself, sometimes in the guise of a Handmaiden for her protection, she was headstrong and compassionate. It appeared that her birth name was not public knowledge.

Adala's cadre of handmaidens, young women of a similar age and with a striking similarity to her, acted as bodyguards, decoys, and confidantes to their mistress, roles devised by Adala's head of security, who insisted the new Queen be trained in self-defense and weapons usage.


Invasion of Naboo

"I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war, however I will condone a course of action that will liberate my people. Be it aggressive negotiations."

— Queen Adala discusses her options.

Queen Adala during the DoR Sith crisis.

After her election, Queen Adala was faced with what would become one of the most significant problems in Naboo history. In protest of the Gungan leaders and political parties of Naboo's decision to elect a new Queen in spite of Wandas decision to ally with the DoR Sith, the Sith enforced a blockade on Adala's home world, Naboo, specifically the Lake Country. Where they maintained an illegal residence with former Queen Wanda. With few military components of its own, Naboo relied on Republic forces to maintain its defence and the DoR served as the perfect example of how much Naboo relied on the Republic for safety.

Adala tried to use diplomatic and political means to rid her planet of the DoR Sith, yet it was all in vain. The Sith—secretly following the orders of former Queen Wanda—avoided direct diplomatic efforts, going so far as to order the DoR to threaten and assassinate the newly elected Queen Adala, should she not defer or cooperate.

When the DoR took Lake Country, Adala was hereafter in the guise of a handmaiden; her double, Cordé, assumed the guise of the Queen during this time. Acting on instructions, the decoy refused to sign the treaty that the Sith had prepared authorizing a DoR occupation of Naboo. Though reluctant to leave her people, the young Queen knew she had to act fast to liberate her people. Adala (via Cordé) remained on the planet to fool the Sith into thinking her presence still lingered, however in the guise of her double (Cordé's handmaiden guise), Adala traveled to Coruscant to oversee the Senates approval of her planets acceptance into the Galactic Senate.

The young Queen Adala in the guise of her double, knew that liberation was inevitable via the Galactic Republic should their application into the Senate approve. After confronting the lack of action from the Republic, Adala's decoy whom remained on Naboo in the guise of the Queen, would act on instructions from Adala herself and appeal to the Republics Senators for a faster Senate approval. In the meantime however, Adala still in the guise of a handmaiden would travel to Dantooine to plea to the DJE Jedi Enclave for immediate help against the Sith threat, eventually signing a legal document to forge an emergency alliance.

After returning to Naboo, Adala resumed her role as Queen with her decoy (Cordé) returning to her handmaiden status. It was during this time that young Queen Adala met with GAR officials and requested immediate support on the defense front in Naboo's capital, Theed. After negotiations with the Grand Army, soldiers were then stationed around Naboos many cities on behalf of GAR while the liberation process of her people was complete.

The fight for Naboo

"Now, DoR, we will discuss a new treaty!"

— Queen Adala addresses the Sith.

Queen Adala in Theed Royal Palace.

After several public appearances, alliance forges and Republic voyages, Adala decided to remain on Naboo; exclaiming her fate will be no different to that of her people. En route, Adala revealed that she planned to unite with the native Gungans, with whom the Naboo had somewhat bad relations in the past despite their joint effort to elect her. Adala journeyed through the swamps of Naboo, escorted by two Jedi and a small posse of Naboo security guards. En route, her party encountered several other droids, as well as Royal Security Force personnel scattered through the swamp. Eventually, Adala and her party boarded a group of naval transports, which took them to the Gungan sacred place; a location used previously in dark times to hide from planetary invasions. Appearing before the Gungan leader, Cordé (still acting as Adala’s decoy) attempted to convince the Gungans to unify in a bid to oust the DoR Sith. Seeing that this attempt was going nowhere, Adala decided to reveal her secret identity as a signification of trust. The Gungans agreed, and the two warring cultures hastily put an end to their dispute to concentrate on a more pressing issue: the occupation of Naboo. Adala presented her formulated plan to the group, which would consist of her leading a strike team into the Lake Country and capture the former Queen Wanda, while at the same time the Gungan Grand Army would lead a ground assault to distract the Sith. Though the plan seemed flawless, her movements were in vain with the DoR Sith ultimately leading an assault against Theed.

Despite her protest to remain in Theed and fight along side the people, both the Gungans and the Governors of Naboo declared it too dangerous, exclaiming that her survival is vital to continue the fight for Naboo should the Sith succeed in capturing Theed city. With this, the young Queen Adala was escorted off world to a safe haven with a small posse of Royal security guards and her entourage of handmaidens. Meanwhile her decoy assumed the guise of Queen to fool the Sith into thinking she was present during the battle and ultimately giving the DoR false hope should she be killed. After a long and strenuous wage of war throughout Theed's streets, the battle was won and both the DoR Sith and disgraced, former Queen Wanda were forced out of the planet. Adala returned moments later after receiving the news and resumed her role as Queen, personally offering first aid and help to the needy in the aftermath of the war.

Her actions throughout the crisis earned her immense popularity with the people, and the Naboo and Gungans were releived in their emergency decision to elect Adala as Queen. Furthermore, once again the two societies became officially unified during a celebration in Theed after Naboo's liberation. After the celebration, Adala was approached by both the Gungan leaders and the Governors of Naboo, to discuss the constitution despite it being put in place by the young Queen herself in spite of Wanda's own long hereditary reign that proved unpopular.

Celebrations in Naboo

"Popular rule is not democracy."

— Queen Adala discusses the constitution with the Gungan clan leaders and the Governors of Naboo.

Queen Adala celebrates with the people of Naboo after the liberation.

After her planets liberation for which she was elected to make happen, Adala gained immense popularity with the people having successfully achieved her election goals in a time of urgency. The young Queen was approached by the Gungan clan leaders and the Governors of Naboo after an uprising in the people to extend her term limit from two to three terms. Though some on Naboo suggested amending the constitution to allow her to serve more than a third term, she stayed true to her belief that "popular rule is not democracy." And only wishing to make the people happy, she reluctantly accepted to serve a third term even though she was still only serving her first, however stating that she will not allow her reign to turn into the hereditary monarchy that which she was elected to replace.

During these times of immense purity disected from the absence of the Sith presence with thanks to the young Queen Adala, a period of sincere peace was adamant amongst the people. Queen Adala herself declared the people were one again with the Republic after their inevitable acceptance due to her hard work payed off. Now and forever more a republican system, Queen Adala celebrated with her people in a time of harmony. Showing that rank was not power and simply democracy put into action, the young Queen linked hands with the people forming a line and proceeded to march through the streets of Theed City in unification as a sign of hope and faith. She personally welcomed the citizens into the Royal Palace and received both praise and admiration as her name was chanted through the city amongst confetti and banners decorating the ancient structures of Naboo's capital.

It was not long however until such celebrations were put on hold. With every period of peace no matter the length of its lasting, came a time of neglect. Pollution had struck Naboo's water systems. This proved both annoying and threatening to the Gungan clans whom lived in ancient cities under water. The young Queen Adala made it her next mission to purify the water systems that were an essential part of Naboo's culture, for the betterment and assurance of Gungan safety.

Naboo Pollution

Water is an essential part of the Naboo culture.

830px-Otoh Gunga.jpg

Water is an essential part of the Naboo culture and the Gungan way of life. All of the Gungan cities being built and structured either under water or on the waters surface and being semi hidden below the water line if not completely based and hidden below the lakes and seas of the Naboo planet, such as Otoh Gunga (also known as Gunga City) was the largest Gungan city on Naboo, and the seat of their government. The pollution served as the perfect example as to how important the purity and flawless concept of the Naboo waters that stemmed from the planets watery core were to the Gungan society.

In the process of filtering the pollution from the water systems of the planet, the young Queen Adala worked closely with the Gungan society and their leader in order to resolve the situation. Traveling with an entourage of handmaidens and a small posse of Royal naboo security forces, the young Queen Adala arrived in Otoh Gunga, the Gungan capital city underwater to speak with the Gungan Council and discuss their options.

A Royal Disease

During the filtering of the Naboo waters surrounding Otah Gunga during their plagued state, the young Queen Adala suffered terrible illness through contact with the water sickness that nearly whiped out the Gungan capital city. Having finally saved the Gungan people and safely healed the Naboo water systems, Adala took rest amongst several individual Jedi enclaves in order to restore her health however this was not without suffering. In pain and on the verge of death, the young Adala was emergency flown to various planets to recieve the best possible treatments for her sickness. 

DoR's Revenge




Adala took to heart the lessons of self-sacrifice that had been taught to her by her parents, and throughout her life she continued to do what was best for her people and the Republic she believed in, without thought of herself. Her family sometimes scolded her for this attitude. She rarely gave in to personal desires, such as at a young age denying men her affection, saying that Naboo needed her more than they did. She was compassionate, always considering other people before herself, and she stood firm in what she believed in. She was also a persuasive and extremely empathetic speaker.

Personal Life