Deep in the wastelands of Vjun live the impoverished and oppressed acid beet farmers. The acid beet has a long history on Vjun, prized for its bitter, astringent taste, and tough, resistant fibers.

Besides their use as a food source, acid beet fibers are used to make a tough fabric, used for clothing, matts, tents and other products. Both the upper and lower classes on Coruscant enjoy acid beets, while acid beet fibers are prized by the lower classes all over the galaxy for its toughness and longevity.

Many acid beet farmers were forced to flee Vjun during the Vjun War. Those that fled to the Vjun moon of Vaart attempted to rebel against the hated Sith Empire, but were abandoned by their leader and champion Lathos, defeated in battle and slaughtered by the Sith. This is considered to be the origin of the acid beet farmer saying (usually spoken when farming and processing equipment unexpectedly fails), "Well that was about as reliable as Lathos!"

After the Vjun war thousands of acid beet farmers were rounded up by the Sith Emperor and shipped to Korriban as conscript labor to build the new Sith Academy on Korriban.

The acid beet population has begun to return to its pre-war levels as conscript labor has been released and refugees return to their homes.

One such acid beet farmer was actually SR-50 (Hoggil Torok), a 'Synthetic Replicator' droid in disguise.

An acid-beet was a type of root vegetable that was grown on the world of Vjun. It was often cooked as a side-dish to other meals, such as Crepes Malreaux.

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