"The Jedi and the Sith hate each other. The Jedi are known to wear bright colors and the Sith wear dark colors. You could probably be accused for hating someone for the way they dress."

— Ace Bishop

Ace Bishop is a mentally insane and completely psychotic white Lepi from Naboo.



Ace was born a slave. He was born in a Lepi family that was enslaved by a brutal Mandalorian who had lost his honor. The Mandalorian had been so upset about his loss of his honor that he took it out on his slaves if they slipped up or disrespected him. He would act like he still had his honor, but even his slaves knew he didn't.

In any case, Ace was raised like a normal child up until the age of three. When he turned three years old, the Mandalorian began beating Ace. The Mandalorian, whom Ace called "Master", would beat Ace because he believed Ace was insignificant.

As Ace continued to grow, he would rebel against Master's demands, and would often be repeatedly beaten or tortured until he did as he was told. Ace would either rebel or do as he was told, pending on the days he was told to do something. Ace was known for being very quick, however, so he would always get his job done faster than he needed to, which would result in another beating.

Throughout his childhood, Ace was beaten and tortured through and through. By the time he reached his teenage years, he was already beginning to show signs of psychosis.

Teenage YearsEdit

By the time Ace became a teenager, he had adjusted to the beatings and the torture. He began to laugh about it, so Master resorted to new strategies; he would whip Ace if Ace slipped up. This is why Ace has so many scars on his chest, but they are mostly concealed under his fur.

It was also, within Ace's teenage years, that he developed an imaginary friend named Frederick. Despite Frederick being an imaginary friend, Frederick is, in fact, Ace's Force Sensitivity in his mind. He sees a mental image of a person doing stuff for him, which is why he is able to lift objects.

Ace would often be seen talking to his friend, Frederick, while working, and if Master caught Ace doing so, he would beat and whip Ace again.

It was not long before Ace started to develop a sinister giggle and terrifying laugh. His laughter echoed through the chambers of the hidden Slave camp every time he was tortured or beaten.

Finally, when Ace reached the age of eighteen, he began to plot Master's death. It didn't take much plotting, though.


By the time Ace was eighteen, he was completely psychotic. Master would not allow Ace to carry around weapons, but one day, Master found a dagger in Ace's belt. When Master tried to take it from Ace, Ace grabbed Master's wrist and twisted it to stun him, right before he drew the dagger and cut off Master's wrist. Master began to flail around as he screamed in pain. As he screamed, Ace kicked him in the lower jaw, knocking Master over. Ace knelt down to Master and tied him down with some ropes nearby, then slowly began to skin Master alive. While Master screamed, Ace sang "Hush little baby" to him, and would often say "Shhhh" to him, in a calming way, to try and calm Master down in the process.

Finally, when Master had ultimately died of shock, Ace took the key from Master's belt and got himself some clothes so he could leave the Slave camp. His family and the other slaves were still in their cages as Ace left, but despite them crying for him to let them out, he just continued to leave. It has been five years since Ace left the slave camp... one can only assume that Ace allowed his family, and the other slaves, to starve to death.

Ace traveled to various different planets, and eventually developed a sense that he was a Harbinger of sorts, and he would bless those who were unworthy in his eyes. If he blessed them, he would come after them and try to kill them.

The Order of RoweEdit

One day, while flying through free space, he discovered a large space station. The Death Star. He landed aboard it and left his ship. He was instantly greeted by a Sith Trooper, telling Ace to disarm. Ace refused to disarm, and as the trooper drew his weapon, so did Ace. Ace quickly cut the Trooper's hands off, letting the weapon fall to the ground. He was immediately seized and taken to the throne room to speak to Darth Aran.

After speaking to Darth Aran for a bit, Ace was taken under the wing of the Order of Rowe. His ability to use a sword, along with his seemingly calm, yet psychotic, nature would prove invaluable in the future.

Upon completion of his Initiate training, Ace was taken as an apprentice of Darth Lilith (Remy Placebo) and soon, Darth Lilith learned of Ace's Force Friend, Frederick.

Darth Lilith has commanded that Ace refer to her as "Master". Ace does so without hesitation, but if one knew Ace's history, one can only assume what is in store for Darth Lilith in the future if Ace calls her "Master" too much.

The Order of Rowe (Cont.)Edit

As Ace continued his training in the Order of Rowe, he became unbelievably loyal to the order, but was often seen on Ruusan socializing with the Jedi there. Ace has reported to his allies that he intends to befriend the Jedi so that the price of betrayal is that much more painful to endure.

Ace's master, Darth Lilith, has not been harmed by Ace during the entire training system. Instead, Ace has grown to care very much for her, as she is kind to him, rather than abusive. Due to that, Ace has agreed with himself that even if she ever harms him, he will not strike her, as an act of loyalty. However, if she raises a saber to him, he will raise one as well.

Ace seems more like a pet than a Sith, to most. He is always defending his masters when he sees them in danger, but he often dislikes their way of dealing with things. When Ace is in such places as Ruusan, he is known as a buzz kill to other sith, as he often tells the Jedi that the Sith are up to no good, in an effort to continue trying to gain the trust of the Jedi. His Masters often start trouble with the Jedi, instead of logically talking their way out of the situation, so Ace often finds himself mocking his masters, in his head.

Ace has continued to be loyal to the order, following every command without question. He was ordered by Darth Rowe to attack the Shadow Hand, Darth Aran, and came out successful. He reported directly back to her and reported his status.

Despite all his loyalty to the Order of Rowe, Ace can often be seen wearing a crest / signet / emblem that is not the Order of Rowe's emblem. One can only wonder his reason for this.

The AwakenedEdit

Upon abandoning the Order of Rowe, Ace sought out refuge on the planet of Hoth. He found the Order of Rowe was far too aggressive for him to participate in as an Assassin, so he went his own way.

While on Hoth, he discovered a Mandalorian base, along with some research facilities where they were constructing bio weapons. Ace managed to persuade the Scientists to allow him to hide out on Hoth while he gathered himself.

His Super Star Destroyer is no longer manned by terrified soldiers, but scientists and troopers from the Hoth system. Ace has also confronted a scientist named Drake Frost, who is just as insane as Ace is, but completely concealed in armor at all times.

Upon returning to Ruusan, Ace was completely psychotic and unafraid of conflict. He deliberately went into the hospital and attacked a sleeping Jedi and a Healer, cutting deep wounds into the sleeping Jedi's arms and slicing the spine of the Healer, crippling both of them. Upon leaving Ruusan, he was hunted by the Jedi, and is still hunted to this day. Now with the Jedi and the Sith both hunting Ace, he feels his plan is unfolding perfectly, despite the fact that he knows he has no plan. Ace's only interest is to cause trouble now. There is no sanity in this galaxy, so he's trying to show everyone that by causing absolute chaos.

What should happen if the Jedi find him on Hoth, but the Sith find him at the same time? What conflicts would arise if Ace steals an artifact from Xagobah and hides it in the Jedi Academy on Ruusan? Ace's goal is to cause trouble, and he's going to do so without fear of consequence.

Trayus AcademyEdit

While wandering Ruusan, Ace slipped and fell into the river and the current caused him to stay under as his cybernetic feet kept him stuck at the bottom. Within a matter of minutes, he drowned under the water. He was soon afterwards found by Sable of the New Order of the Jedi, but being presumed dead, he was shipped off planet in carbonite...

He was, soon afterwards, discovered by the Trayus Academy Sith Lords, half dead and some of his body decayed in the process. Ace's once full white fur is now blotched with black fur in some places due to decayed skin. He is now permanently scarred with his discolored fur.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Ace used to be passive insane, meaning he would be nice and calm unless provoked, but now he is just psychotic. Ace likes the idea of causing mischief and harm to others, thinking of it as a game. This once friendly little Lepi has become a terrifying opponent. He is lightning fast, uses cheap tactics, and strikes with little warning.

Armor, Weapons, and EquipmentEdit

Ace is always wearing Corrupt Armor, which is armor his ally, Drake Frost, has crafted for him. It is built to conceal his force aura, making him seem like he's a walking corpse. The armor is fully black with red cloth and lights, and only his head is viewable.

His weapons include his Lightsaber, the Death Wand, and multiple concealed knives. Nobody knows just how many knives he carries on his armor. Nobody.

Chosen PathEdit

Ace Bishop is now a Sith Assassin.


Ace Bishop has been scarred with multiple issues over his time in the Galaxy. Here is an up-to-date list of his scars:


  • Insane
  • Psychotic
  • Murderous
  • Passive (IE: While killing you, he'll be nice about it)


  • Missing his left cheek
  • Cybernetic legs to replace his feet.
  • Decayed skin, causing black fur.
  • Demonic eyes due to hate build-up

Ace was recently afflicted with abnormally large ears and a bladed tail, due to Sith Alchemy that back fired on him, but he managed to reverse the process. The end result, however, has left him with a pair of red glowing eyes.

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