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The Jedi of the Ac'Trayth (JOTA) is a group born of the Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) Jedi Order.

Ac'Trayth early history

The Ac'Trayth Order was created by Rykiana Hykova back in January 2007 after he returned from a break from Second Life. Rykiana has had two previous alternative accounts, one being Veronna Elytis and the other being Veronna Prevost. His first Jedi Order was KOTOR which was formed shortly after the downfall of the Jedi Alliance, roughly around the same time that NOJ was formed.

After leaving KOTOR in the care of the then Telos IV administrators and masters that were appointed, Rykiana left Second Life for a period of 3 months. He then returned and created the Ac'Trayth Jedi Order.

Since its formation the group has grown slowly, as to make sure no major mistakes have been made. Slowly, the JOTA has grown with some noticeable SWRP Community members such as Yoki Lightfoot, Kishoshima Kohime, Lucas Atlantis and Mulder Watts. The group has also had some very rich and varied roleplay with the Sith on Korriban and Vjun and with many more groups on various other sims, which include Imperial City and of late Ruusan.

The group grows more, little by little, each day. There is no end to the roleplay as each day brings the start of something new. Just as many other Jedi Orders do, the Ac'Trayth follows the Jedi Code but in a slightly unusual way. The JOTA view the Code as a set of guidelines over a set of rules and this has helped them to create some very thought provoking roleplays that delve deep into the ethics and philosophy of the Jedi.

Some of the more interesting roleplays are:

  • "The Path of the Forever Force"
  • "Solitary Destiny"
  • "The Long Muse"

Each roleplay is unique in their own way. For instance, the "Solitary Destiny" was written by Rykiana for the Ac'Trayth Order, for a future roleplay of his death. Also, "The Path of the Forever Force" follows Kishoshima Kohime as he struggles to truly define his role in the universe. This is just a small pinch in the sands of Tatooine for some of the roleplay that has happened and is planned to happen in the future.

Above all that, the Ac'Trayth Jedi is completely self-created. The name, the philosophy, the training classes and even the Jedi robes that its members wear is unique to the JOTA. The Jedi Order of the Ac'Trayth has had its share of trouble, but they have managed to overcome it all. They have found it has truly united them within the order, with a genuine feeling of respect, honor and above all, family.

To them that is what the Jedi Order of the Ac'Trayth really is. Not just another Jedi Order, but a family.

The Ac'Trayth Jedi order came to an end in 2009 After most of it members were forced to persue other things due to real life entanglements. It was always said by Rykiana that the Ac'Trayth would one day return to once more be a guiding light within the community.

Return of the Ac'Trayth Jedi

On the 17th of November 2009 the Jedi of the Ac'Trayth returned under the name of Ac'Trayth jedi order, and once more led by Rykiana. Feeling it was time to bring back the Ac'Trayth he sought out to make it what it once was a jedi order that was respected for its skills in role play. To this day the order has grown and gained much notice very quickly especially amongst groups such as DLotS, AoD, NOJ and NJO. It is once more seen and often commented on that the Ac'Trayth are leaders in the field of role play, although Rykiana still believe this is because of the reputation of those in the order.

So far the order has participated in two major roleplays "echoes of the Past" and "The start of war" With the AoD, and soon many more RP's will come. The order at the moment is moving along just fine, taking each step as it comes and welcoming some of the finest role players known to the star wars community.

Sadly the Ac'Trayth jedi was destroyed by the forces of Darth Chaos back in 2011 when the enclaves jedi Master Ryliana Ferina was struck down.

Latest rumors however have reported stirings from the outer rim that the Ac'Trayth Jedi, could be making a return

New Ac'trayth Logo:-

To this very day:

Ac'trayth Jedi Order

The meaning of "Ac'trayth" name mean't "Family" ..completely said by the creator himself ... Rykiana Ferina. The Order was filled with Jedi of the Lightside, and who shared a deep friendship between friends, both IC and OOC. Too this day the "Ac'trayth" name will always have a noble meaning in SWRP.