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AEON is direct descendant of the original Sith Race native to Korriban. Around 6,900 BBY, Dark Jedi exiles fleeing from the Galactic Republic after their defeat in the Hundred Year Darkness, established themselves as "divine" rulers over the native Red Skin Sith, uniting the world once again, this time under the rule of a Dark Lord of the Sith. Over the generations, the Sith interbred with the Human Dark Jedi. Eventually, the Sith species in its original form was all but extinct. Due to their history of association with dark side Force-users, the word 'Sith' went on to be used by many dark side organizations not connected with the original Sith species.


Darth AEON was born with charcoal grey skin pigmentation, which was unusual for the Sith, as their skin was either human in appearance or red pigmented as they had been in ancient times. He has also not inherited the traditional tentacles as found in pure sith species. This often leads to some question as to his true heritage. However, dark skin is said to be quality found only in the ancient Sith'ari Kings of Korriban. His general form and build is not unlike the human Dark Jedi, except for his skin and long steele grey hair.

And like his ancestors and teachers, AEON often encases himself in ebon armor. He wears a gleaming black shadowed hood and robes and displays his Mastery of Universal Magic. More often than not, he is found in a grey or black tunic and cloak, with a shadowed hood. The dark magic energy is so strong within him it has caused his eyes to glow. At first, in the same shade as Sith lightsabers, a deep red. But as he masters the use of the entire force, his eyes have changed to a bright white. Striking in his height and build, he presents a formidable yet often silent figure.


His presence is regal, substantial in size, and he displays great intelligence as well as skill in combat, and the use of Universal Magic. He tends to speak in the royal plural “we” or “our” and often is philosophic in his outlook and approach to convention. His greatest virtues when in his presence are patience and silence, and has adopted cunning, stealth, and subterfuge as the foundation of his way, rather than outright conflict. But do not be deceived by his outwardly "civil" manner, it is a necessary quality given his station. But when provoked, even in the slightest, he will carve his initials in your flesh, take out your heart and serve it to his pets. To be forewarned is to be forearmed! For what little good it will do you!


Known only to him. His Mastery of Sith Magic has extended his life beyond conventional age. It is said that he is nearly 500 years old, with over half of that time in monastic seclusion and deep study.

Personal History

Born in the capital world of Korriban, his unusual skin color set him apart from other children and immediately drew the attention of elder scholars who pondered the prophetic rise of the Sith'ari. Fearing for his safety, his parents left him as an infant to be raised in a Sorcerers of Tund monastery where the Mystical arts of force magic were taught without distinction to light or dark. In doing so, they hoped that the mastery of magic would protect him. It Did! But that would be the last his parents would see of AEON, for little did they know of the Order's highly secretive and reclusive history. The Order forbade reacquainting pupils with their past lives while in study.

The Monastery itself was based on the planet Tund. The Sorcerers there were a largely reclusive, secretive group. Their name was only spoken in awe inspired whispers throughout much of the galaxy. So strong in the force were they, the Jedi Order would often try to "convert" the Sorcerers, attempting to convince them to use the Force without any of their trappings of magic and mysticism. However, the Jedi were always unsuccessful, and eventually the Jedi contented themselves with making sure the Sorcerers did not descend into the dark side. This they did not do, even though their original doctrine was based on ancient Sith texts, until the emergence of AEON.

After his study with the Sorcerers was complete, he went on to study with the Prophets of the Dark Side. The Prophets of the Dark Side was an ancient dark side cult that arose on the planet Dromund Kaas in the Dromund system of the Outer Rim, once part of the New Sith Empire. The Prophets were trained in the use of the dark side of the Force and used its power to delve into the possible future outcomes of any event. When the group became part of the Secret Order of the Empire, the term became interchangeable with the title Emperor's Mage. The Secret Order of the Empire was a clandestine, elite group of spies composed of the Emperor's Mages and their agents. Mages traveled abroad in disguise, seeking out Force-sensitive beings.

When not in deep contemplation, he spent his time traveling from world to world beyond the outer rim. Slowly traveling back to his home systems. Having spent much of his life in secluded study, knowing little of what the Sith people had become, he has reemerged to study his recent heritage and his place in the Sith Order. One day hoping to reunite what has become a fractious Sith empire… not under his banner, but rather for the sake of the Order.

Focus of Study

His particular interests are Magic and the control over himself and others. The scrolls involving the masteries and knowledge of Magic are his intellectual focus. He prefers the use of magic, which for all intents and purpose is the pure use of the force, to the use of what he calls “primitive weapons” such as blasters and sabers, although he wields a nontraditional saber staff in one hand, leaving the other free to strike lightning or otherwise disable his adversaries. More common would be his use of lightning or force choking holds to incapacitate his enemies. A Purist, he insists on the use of the Mystic elements of the Force in physical battle, and particularly in Sith vs Jedi Battle. For such a battle of force users should be based on the prowess of the force, and not the use of mere tools.

His overall preference however, is to undermine from within. Converting Jedi to the Dark Side and the use of intelligence rather than brute force as means to his ends. Thus the scroll of control is of paramount interest to him. The control of others for the purpose of achieving his ultimate goal, of ONE Sith Order with a Council of Lords and a Unified Empire. Until his departure, he served as a Sith Darth, Hand to the Dark Lords of the Sith and was the Apprentice to Emperor Destius, former Hand and Dark Lord of the Dark Lords of the Sith.

AEONS Departure

Looks to his colleagues… his visage stern… decisive… authoritative… but for an ever so brief moment, before regaining his unwavering stature, his eyes lower, recalling his first day on Drummund Kaas. Knowing even then that this would be the only Order to which he would ever belong...

“It is our will that we shall depart from Byss, and all known space to continue our centuries long journey of discovery beyond the outer rim, as did Darth Raven. When we arrived, we had already seen much, served many masters and seized and cast away a realm of our own. But as with each new journey, we sought to learn all we could from those who offered what we had sought. “

“Thus We took our station first before Darth Destius as his apprentice... learning the ways of our Order, only to pass on that knowledge to many more to come. Later to rise in service of Lord Validus as his Hand.

We have brought to this Order a structure that remains to this day in the form of our academy. Having created its curriculum, admission, specialties and even its purges. .. We have uncovered and dispelled the traitors from within this order... never to return, as well as those who sought us harm under the guise of both foe or friend”

“ Moreover, we have brought an unwavering demand for the adherence to competence, order, precedent and discipline. The hallmarks of the Dark Lords of the Sith. Ones that we would hope would continue with the next generation of leaders” ...sighs as he continues.

“ Most Notably, we have left an AEONIC Legacy that shall not soon leave the recollections of not only those that we have defeated, either in might or in wit, but also those we have befriended...”

“As with all things, there is a beginning, a middle and an end. Our service to this Order began on Drummund Kaas, and has served loyally this Empire throughout the heights of it rebirth. This day marks yet another milestone, it is the day that this service comes to it end. It is time to rejoin the quest we began nearly one-half a millennia ago... “

“To those we have trained, guided, mentored and advised, we leave you in good hands. But unlike our previous journey, from this day forth, we shall no longer do so in solitude. We take with us one that we have come to admire. One who knows the shadows like no other we have ever encountered. One who has come to truly know our darkest of souls. Lady Ele.”

Steps into the center of the gathering, ...calling upon all of his mastery of sith sorcery… His hands begin to clinch and eyes to glow in a furious white rage. With each breath, the deck plates begin to shudder, the walls to waver and the very air to grow thin.

He brings his hands together, raises his arms and casts his hands outward. The air crackling with electricity and a bright light is drawn to him. “MAY THE SHADOWS ALWAYS GUIDE AND PROTECT YOU ALL” With that, he is departed.


In the dead of night, a lone, sleek craft enters the Byss system, effortlessly passing all of the defenses as if well known to its occupant, to come to rest on the landing pad. A tall cloaked figure, shrouded in the Dark Side, slowly makes his way down the ramp of the ship. The former Citadel had changed considerably from times of old, but he seemed to know the way to the Great Hall without mistake, as his force specter had roamed this world, long before his corporeal arrival ever would.

Several inexperienced troopers training on the landing pad, impetuously thought to confront this lone individual with whom they were unfamiliar, attempted to impede his path. With an almost instinctual wave of his hand, reminiscent of the mild dismissal of insects, and without losing one stride, he caused two of the troopers to be cast over the railing onto the molten surface below. The charred corpses of their colleagues immediately prompted the remaining troopers to attempt a feverish return to their base to report the intrusion. But they would suffer the same fate moments later. All of this having no effect on his focused path.

As if guided by the will of another, he made his way to the entrance of a great Hall. He turned towards the massive doors, and with an ever so slight parting gesture of his gloved hands, causing the doors to open, he walked right through. Intuitively, he found the ancient secret gateway to his former sanctuary. Touching the hieroglyphs in a sequence he knew to be impossible to replicate, he emerged into the room he once used as a sanctuary from others... a place where he could silently contemplate the nuances of the force and what events would transpire. Magical, heatless flames still burned in the braziers after all these years. The summoning circle was still in the middle of the floor. He knelt down and felt the power of the dark side flow fully within him, for this was its nexus and it rejuvenated him fully once more. As he stood up again, he took full stock of the room. “This will once again serve as sanctuary.”

He was always a devout and somewhat reclusive Sith. Not unlike the Sorcerers of Tund who raised him and the Prophets of the Dark Side that taught him to search the forces many mysteries. And like his teachers, he wears only gilded ebon or black robes, in the style of the ancient Sith that controlled the galaxy even before his ancient time. The most unmistakable characteristic about him, other than his imposing stature or his charcoal grey skin, were his eyes. Instead of pupils there were steady fires of white light. A bright light that would ignite through his saber and pulse within the force lightning emitted from his hands.

Byss had always held a unique appeal… a place where he once touched the very fabric of the force. Sadly, his reputation amongst the new generation of Sith reflected only a shade of his former glory. He would regain his stature no matter the cost. But with unfamiliar territory before him, after so much time had passed, he needed to reacquaint himself first with these new beings. Quietly, and with the still patience that was always his hallmark, he would determine whether they are worthy. Worthy of his teachings… worthy of his patience, of which there was little… and if not, they too shall be purged.

What was once a mere inkling... a feeling… had now become abundantly clear. Looking over at the statues upon his arrival in the great hall..., there had been a sea-change in the empire and a new ruler sat upon the throne. Reaffirming what he had felt as he approached Byss. That is was what he had sensed from such a great distance… well beyond the outer rim. The battle of wills fought on the plains of the force itself was the disturbance in the dark side that drew him back to Byss. A battle unlike any witnessed by those accustomed to primitive mortal combat. To them, Validus had appeared to essentially abdicate his throne as Emperor. Not inconceivable but sooner than had been thought.

What seemingly little turmoil and uncertainty that naturally flowed from such change had already yielded ripples in loyalties and perception… even touching one of his old apprentices. Such predictable chaos would only make it easier to regain his prior eminence. “We must know this new Emperor”, he thought to himself. But he already did, or did he? “We shall present ourselves to him soon enough. But for now we must prepare.”

Looking about his sanctuary… he raised his arms, palms up, and began the summoning of a spell not yet written in the annals of Sith Sorcery . The sonorous chanting reverberated round the room and boomed through the walls. It was a newly conceived spell of power, and it set out a path known only to him and perhaps one other. Lightning crackled across the very walls, quickly transforming what appeared to be mere masonry and metal into mirrored surfaced panels where all could be observed without notice. The white ring in the middle of the floor glowed bright red and black mist began to coalesce in the center. After about one minute of chanting, he deafeningly uttered, “WE ARE RETURNED.” With that, there was a great flash of white flame and the mist began to recede… In its place there stood a solitary robed figure. “Our Reemergence is Complete."

Touching one of the panels, the image of the throne room appears"Now to see to the worthiness of this new Emperor!" And with a second touch...he disappears.

In time the galaxy shall know of his return and history as we knew it will be resolved, old loyalties renewed and the future will unfold as has already been foretold. A new AEONIC legacy begins.