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A-6471 is, by clone standards, roughly middle aged. He retired as a Lieutenant and Commanding Officer in the Grand Army of the Republic in the 21st Marine Corps. During his service, he has served in both the Alpha and Tau squads of the legion.


Early Life

A-6471 was awakened from the cloning vats by Tau Squad sergeant Locklear Kaul. After he began his training, he took on the nickname Solus, the mando'a term for the number one, a simple reference to his ID number. It quickly became obvious that Solus showed signs of being an excellent shot, racking up range scores double the required number for trainees. Due to his ability to learn quickly, he spent little time in training and was ascended to the rank of private quickly.

Private Solus

As a private, life was fairly quiet for the young soldier. He spent most of his time in training or accompanying Tau squad on patrols of planets. While life remained fairly quiet for a time, the call to arms was soon made. The invasion of coruscant had begun.

Many soldiers of the grand army rallied to the RLFs call for help and Private Solus was amongst them. The Coruscant night was surprisingly quiet as the dropships moved into position, depositing clone personel in front of the imperial palace. The air buzzed with an electricity as every man went through his training in his head. Finally, the go order came over the comlinks. Accompanied by a motley band of jedi of varying ranks, the soldiers stormed the palace, bottlenecking instantly in the corridor approaching the main entrance chambers. Defaulting to training instantly, Private Solus slammed himself against the nearest wall behind a support pillar, filling the corridor with blaster fire to cover his brothers. Much to his dismay, he found renegade ARC troopers in his sights as well as stormtroopers. As the fog of war descended, the young private stuck to his Sergeant, providing cover fire until a group of mandalorian warriors arrived on the scene. Blaster discharge came from the unlikliest place; The entrance corridor. Solus was amongst those who persued the mandalorians out of the palace, though they escaped nonetheless. On returning, he found his sergeant unconcious from his wounds, though he refused to leave his side and fought off anyone who approached.

It was after this battle that Solus was awarded two badges of honour. His sergeant awarded him the rank of Corporal for his efforts and, in a later ceremony, he was awarded the Coruscant battle medal by the chancellor of the republic.