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"You perplex me, dara'vod. You lead with such ice in your veins, yet when it comes to discipline and battle, you fight with such fire and emotion. It's a strange contrast."

Tyro Socarras to A'denla

A'denla Kad Socarras was a human male Mandalorian warrior who claimed the title of Mandalore the Reclaimer (Mand'alor Te Uhiibir in Mando'a). Adopted into the Mandalorian culture at an early age, he is directly responsible for recreating the Mandalorians in Conquerors, while maintaining the honor the Supercommando Codex preached.


Early life

Jarod Fett

A'denla's known story began as young twenty-year-old, found and welcomed into mandalorian Clan Fett by the Alor himself, Jarod Fett. The Mandalorian himself appeared in tan-colored armor plating with brown under-padding, T-visor tinted in red, body of a slim nature. He had seen little-to-no combat at this time, and knew only what had been taught to him.

At the time, Jarod was at war with the Core alliance of Mandalorians, led by Mandalore Ardon Mereel at the time, and all those under Jarod were subject to combat with what he instructed were traitors. Loyal to the man that brought him in, the young man followed Jarod without question, getting his taste for battle, as well as learning of his sacrifice. In an attempted raid of a settlement of Yavin, the boy learned first hand the sting of battle for the first time, losing both his eyes a shrapnel blast. This however, did not deter him, and it saw him rise through the ranks of his clan, seeing himself become Alor to one of Jarod's satellite Clans, though it was here that things began a downward spiral.

Over time, it became apparent to the boy that his mentor was only after power, actions that were plainly visible leaving no room for doubt. Jarod sacrificed the lives of his warriors to achieve personal means, and had war with the currently-reigning Mandalore for the sake of taking the power for himself. The boy found himself bleeding for the sake of Jarod's selfish goals when he sent several of his warriors to dishonorably engage Ge'tal, a champion of Clan Skirata. Ge'tal made short work of the outnumbering fetts, the boy no exception, leaving him a bloody mess on the sands of mos Eisley. The young warrior was not educated correctly as to how to conduct himself as a mandalorian hence his obedience to the disgraceful ways of his chieftain, but after his recovery he took to his first studies of the mandalorian culture; the Sacred Six Actions, the Supercommando Codex, history and the like and finally realized his mistake; he had been following a Dar'manda this whole time. Though angered, he confronted Jarod peacably and questioned him. This was met immediatley with jarod's rage, exiling the young man and declaring him unworthy of the armor he wore, and in effect Dar'manda.


Living as a Exile from his Clan and labeled a traitor by the core clans for his assult on the Skirata Champion, the young man found work with a criminal organization known as the Sanguine Syndicate. To make ends meet he made himself a gun for hire in the Syndicate, making himself expendable for the Hutt which ran the organization, and eventually making a name for himself among the local thugs in the group. Soon he earned his keep in credits, mostly through the death of others.

Soon however, he began yearning for his old life back, and to be alongside his brethren. he had no intention of serving Jarod however, and the Core clans had already viewed him unworthy of being someone's boot lick, so he took his own initiative. Scouring the local lands for any of his lost brethren who were also subject to Jarod's cruelty, searching databases and the like. Eventually, he found several of those whom were wrongfully exiled and, like any Mandalorian leader, rallied them to his cause. The Young Man chose to strip himself of his Dar'manda title as well as those who followed him, and get his vengaence on jarod and what remained of his followers, renaming his newly formed band of rebels after his original surname: Socarras.

a young A'denla scouting Mos Eisley for Jarod's followers

In the streets of Ord Mantell the boy began his plans with his newly-proclaimed brethren, plotting for Jarod's ultimate demise. Having been waved off by the major clans he was on his own, and he launched his ragged offensive against the fetts only to be soundly beaten. Having no intention of backing down, the wounded rebels reteated to continue planning, analyzing their plans for mistakes. jarod rtaliated violently and had the infant clan nearly exterminated. it was there that Ge'tal, the champion of Skirata that had beaten the boy, took notice of the clan. Jarod was considered the most prominent enemy of the Major Clans, and the Twi'lek saw use and potential. Immediatley he traveled to find what was left of Socarras. He found them, and began rigorously training the boy and his near-dead clan, finally making them worthy in battle. A final offensive was launched on jarod and the False Mandalore was swiftly defeated, his clan exterminated, and his holdings taken.

Initial Rise

The young A'denla Kad(left) following A'denn kandosii Mereel(Right) into battle against Sith on Korriban

The boy, still in his mid twenties, had been given a nickname of affection amongst his brethren; "A'denla kad"(Raging Blade) and soon, it was proclaimed as his new official Mandalorian name. Ge'tal, finally finding the young man worthy of his massive junk, adopted him as his secret lover, forging an eternal bond between the two. Though it was earned, A'denla had no intentions of stopping in his Clan's growth, he had ambitions, and those ambitions were exercised almost daily as the young Socarras clan scoured backwater planets for challenges, frequently harrassing Jedi Temples and criminal cantinas, gaining holdings on Ord Mantell and Tatooine.

It wasn't long before the Mandalore himelf took notice of A'denla and his clan, and summoned the young warrior to meet with him on Telos. Accompanied by legendary Chieftains such as Sirus ordo, A'denn Kandosii Mereel, and Cy Skirata, the Mandalore gave A'denla terms: To dissolve his clan into the ranks of Skirata, and to the surprise of the legendary veterans, A'denla outright refused the will of Mandalore. Where it warranted disgust and disregard for tradition, some veterans(Namely those of Skirata) saw A'denla's stubborness as a trait to be admired; He forged a family and was unwilling to surrender it. After talks with the Mandalore, Ardon was finally convinced to give Socarras a chance as a Major Clan, and welcomed them to Dxun and Iziz.

On Onderon, A'denla came to learn much of the Clan Chieftains. from A'denn he learned the importance of tact and reason, From Sirus he learned the advantages of physical brutality and confidence, and from Ge'tal he learned the importance of tradition, and how it may never be broken. Traitors to Socarras had left to make

Cy Skirata rallied all the Clans to his cause, A'denla being no exception.

Darasuum, having been brainwashed by one named Garth, but they were being dealt with quite easilly, and those times were essentially calm. Mandalore Ardon mereel served his title with competence and maintained general stability for his clans, giving an abundance of time for A'denla to train with the veterans, read on the history of his people, and plan further on future challenges. It came a time soon however where Ardon relinquished his title of Mandalore to Cy Skirata. Now rallied under a new Mandalore, A'denla made plans to coincide with his new leader's ambitions. During Cy's reign as Mandalore, A'denla, now thirty years of age travelled to Bakura for the first time where he established friendly relations with the Military there, even taking the first steps on the road of owning a business by

A'denla, now in his Thirties on Bakura's orbital station.

acquiring a Cantina, naming it "Te A'denla Ne'tra Vhett". by buying the cantina, his personal expenses were near-drained, but he hoped that with owning it he could make more than what he was previously, and also deposit credits into the Clan's Coffers. Next he tavelled to Coruscant where he managed to acquire yet another cantina with the money his on Bakura was making, and it was then that his life would take an unexpected turn.

Marriage and First Claim to Mandalore

It wasn't long before A'denla managed to find a Mandalorian woman who's goals coincided with his. Exchanging vows privately on Dxun, A'denla married Naakla Bralor and soon she was pregnant with child. Not long afterward, Cy Skirata dropped the title of Mandalore and dissapeared, and Ardon mereel, now Chieftain of Clan Mereel,

Naakla Bralor, A'denla's first wife.

travelled to Coruscant to gift A'denla a custom Vibro Shiv, engraved with Mandalorian lettering and artfully crafted. With that weapon, Ardon proclaimed A'denla the new Mandalore, and so A'denla, not past thirty three years of age, was now the leader of an entire culture of warriors, the title of Socarras Chieftain now belonging to Ravenor Ward Socarras, possibly A'denla's closest friend.

Immediatley as he was proclaimed the new Warrior-King, splinter groups of "Mandalorians" who believed fanatically in the false words of Garth began to rally, growing rebellious toward the Core Clans led by the new Mandalore. The named themselves the "United Mandalorians" And created war with the Core Clans, putting a large obstacle in A'denla's plans for the Mandalorians.

Among the new rebel clans were Dralshy'a, Kata, and the treacherous Darasuum. In traditional Mandalorian manner, A'denla opened himself to challenge by any so-called Mandalorian in this faction. Some indeed rose to challenge him and were defeated, the rest saw fit to use cowardly tactics to achieve their means. It wasn't long before complete Civil War erupted in the Mandalorians with A'denla at the head of it all. He had been pushing War Forges all over the galaxy to produce more weaponry for his dreamed conquest of the galaxy, and these "United Mandalorians" were determined to impede him by any means, such was responded with deadly force.

Finally, when his wife neared the end of her pregnancy, A'denla's first child was born on Dxun. Named An'ila Kad, the child had been born into an unfavorable era of strife in the Mandalorians, and Naakla herself turned on A'denla, leaving him for an unknown man, betraying her vows and taking An'ila with her. Enraged, A'denla channeled his anger toward the United Mandalorians, driving the Core clans to destroy them by any means, Socarras being the most prominent in inflicting damage on them. Finally, An'ila was sought out and taken back, and A'denla did his best to keep him safe in the war despite various kidnap attempts by the United Mandalorians. This era was perhaps the only time A'denla's honor was comprimised, holding a wife of a United Mandalorian Leader as they made another atempt on An'ila, and beating her until they got the message.

It wasn't long before the Core clans drove the derelect clans into hiding, suffering inumerable defeats at the hands of the much older and more experienced Clans. A'denla chose to give up the title of Mandalore, ashamed of what he had to serve with; he had dreamed of launching a mighty crusade, and instead his legacy would be one marked by Civil War.

Second Marriage

"Good to know, and if you plan on ripping Vibro limb from limb, bring an army with you."

"Who, that di'kut you left me for? I don't need an army."

-Naakla Bralor and A'denla kad

Naakla had eventually begged to have A'denla back, though he agreed the stain of her betrayal diminished the love he had for her when they got married, and he ultimatley decided he didn't want her back. Naakla then vanished, never to be seen agai and leaving A'denla to raise An'ila on his own, When A'denla stepped down from Mandalore, Ravenor willingly relinquished the title of Socarras'Alor back to him, and A'denla once again was the

A'denla preparing to train An'ila in marksmanship

leader of his once-ragged group of rebel boys, by now a family of hardened Mandalorian veterens.While rivalry existed between the Mandalorians and the derelect clans, it wasn't a threat, and A'denla spent the next several years focused on his son, eventually having a new woman to call his wife; Kysei, a veteran of Clan Ordo. The two had another child, a daughter they named Kyla Kad.

In yet another break-out of war between the Core clans and the derelect clans, A'denla led his clan to Lok to drive out minor clans which followed a falsely claimed Mandalore. In doing this he claimed a major holding for Clan Socarras; a Fortress protecting a massive War Forge. A'denla, Ravenor, and the teenage An'ila went straight to work, converting the whole facility to produce fire arms for the clan and to sell. In no time, A'denla secured trade agreements with various factions, including the Revenant. After the false Mandalore was driven from her claim, A'denla could once again focus on his family.

Later Life

For years, A'denla continued to lead his clan distinctly, leadership and prowess in battle so unmatched, he never recieved any challenge from the Mandalorians of Socarras. His son had risen to match his father's skill, and he had long parted with Kysei for committing the same acts as Naakla. Clan Socarras had settled mostly on Lok or Kerest, and A'denla kept to himself, rising to dea lwith other clans mostly only when a new Mandalore would demand his service. There came a time when Niv, an elder of Clan Dralshy'a claimed Mandalore. A'denla brought Socarras from the homes of Lok to answer her call. Under Niv's reign as mandalore, the clan found little in the way of glory, but followed nonetheless.

Eventually, A'denla proposed the idea of a more organized Mandalorian Council to try and prevent further civil strife within the Mandalorians and gathered various Elders from various clans to draf what was known as the Mandalorian Charter. To no one's surprise, Clan kata opposed it right away. Clan ordo, now having changed hands from A'denla's close friend, Rohlan Ward, opposed it passionatley, and it wasn't long before Civil conflict came on the rise again.

On a field on Irridonia, the masses of Clans Socarras, Mereel, Shy'sa, and Skirata gathered opposite to a large force of Ordo Mandalorians. The two sides yelled and screamed insults at each other until A'denla's son, now the Socarras Alor'ad, rushed forward to the center between the two masses and opened fire on the Ordos. The two sides crashed into each other, the sounds of blaster fire, sowrds, and screams filled the air as the bloody skirmish ensued, seeing the other clans managing to overcome Ordo's might on the battlefield. What was left of Ordo retreated and left the Charter to be ratified.

Mandalore Tepes Karr

A'denla leads Super-commandos on a hunt for Tetans

Eventually, a Mandalorian warrior known as Tepes Karr rose to claim the title of Mandalore. A'denla, now well into his forties was there to see him claim the title and was among the first to swear himself to the new Mandalore. Tepes had a principle target; The Tetan Empire, and rallied as many clans as he could in preparation for his war. A'denla travelled back to Lok where the majority of Clan Socarras had settled, aiding the Mandalore in his call to arms, gathering the clan and awaiting Tepes' command. The new Mandalore, having known A'denla for years and having seen battle with him on several occasions, saw fit to elevate the Socarras'Alor to be one of his personal advisors.

Amassing a formidable force practically in just days, Tepes led several Mandalorians to Bakura, A'denla being one of them, to confront known Tetan forces. The forces were met, and a battle swiftly broke out between the two seeing the Mandalorians emerge victorious. This was little more than a raid, and the Mandalorians left quickly. More battles were eventually fought against various Jedi and Tetans which led Tepes to form more organization among his people. He chose his leading 'generals', consisting of Ge'tal Skirata, Ardon mereel, and of course A'denla Kad Socarras. For a good while the Mandalorians went on more raids of tetan-held territory, harrassing Jedi temples which had Tetan ties, but the glory steadily went on the decline. Eventually, tepes declared that the Tetans were no longer a challenge to his people and ceased to fight them, allowing the Mandalorians as a whole to settle as the Mandalore plotted for their next enemy.

It was then that A'denla was reunited with a Sephi known as La'cret, a lone Mandalorian woman who he had met twenty years ago and had vanished. the two had encountered each other twenty years ago and grown close, having fought together on several engagements. the two almost immediatley exchanged vows in the traditional manner and were married and she was soon pregnant with A'denla's third child. It wasn't long however before La'cret committed suicide for unknown reasons, leaving A'denla to mourn over her and the child she carried. A surgeon who had recently joined Clan Socarras offered her services to perform surgery and incubate the child.

Eventually, A'denla began reconsidering his role as Alor. For twenty years the warrior had led his clan distinctly,and has earned his keep in the Mandalorians, it was time for a new generation of Mandalorians to lead Socarras. Directly after the wedding of his adopted son, Mirshe Sol'yc, A'denla announced to his gathered warriors on Kerest that he would officially step down from the seat of power in Socarras. In shock, many of the Mandalorians present refused to accept it, A'denla's decision however was final. An'ila immediatley rose to take his father's place, choosing Tyro as his Alor'ad.

Despite A'denla's loss of Alorship, the Mandalore saw fit to keep him as his general and advisor, as well as the Arbiter for the Mandalorian High Council. Tepes' reign as Mandalore would however be short-lived. Tyro Socarras, Alor'ad of Clan Socarras at the time issued Tepes a formal challenge for the title and mask, a challenge which the Mandalore accepted. On the Clan Kata asteroid base, many warriors gathered to witness the battle, A'denla included. It saw Tyro victorious over Tepes who was killed. A'denla walked over to where he lay and comforted the Mandalore in his last few moments, while Tyro relished his victory and title.

Mandalore The Reclaimer

After a rather stagnant era with Tyro as Mandalore,Tyro finally relinquished the title and gave the mask to Ardon Mereel, who was chosen by the Mandalorian Clan leaders to keep the relic safe. A period of time went by, and A'denla had exiled himself to Uvena where he took to a private life in one of the Shistevenan villages. Soon however, the Revenant became a threat once more, and threatened the planet that A'denla had now made his home in. Seeing a chance to attain his own glory and to organize a defense, A'denla emerged from exile to call himself the new Mandalore. Immediately upon his call, Clans rallied to him, and he prepared to fend off the Armada. Ardon arived soon after to personally give the legendary mask of Mandalore to A'denla. The Revenant never came, and the new Mandalore was not dissapointed at this, instead using his newly bolstered forces to seek another challenge. He found one; Coruscant.

Having been the ancient homeworld of the Taung, the very first Mandalorians, A'denla determined that the planet was gripped far too long by weakness, and required restoration to it's traditional roots, those of the Mandalorians' ancestors. Amassing the combined might of all the Clans in just a few short days, the new Mandalore led his people from the Mandalore system toward Republic space, finally launching a massive, surprising assault on the planet. The Mandalore had agreed with his new Field Marshall, Arcturis Dralshy'a, that the key to taking the planet was the senate. A strike force was launched as the fleets fought in the skies to the Government district in a bold maneuver to take over the senatorial building. Led by Mirshe Sol'yc, then Chieftain of Clan Socarras, the Mandalorians overcame the ground forces in the district, and very swiftly secured the Senate building. A'denla himself then landed when the battle above seemed won, and entered the Senate to personally demand the surrender of the planet. The senate agreed to surrender the planet to the Mandalorians, and the Senatorial district became the beach head for Mandalorian ground forces. A'denla decreed that the Senators could be peacefully transported from the planet without harm, and so could any civilians that wished to leave and not live under Mandalorian occupation. The planet was conquered, and now the challenge remained in stabilizing it.

The Mandalorians continued to spread out into the rest of the planet, either attaining the destruction or surrender of ground forces in their expansion. The true challenge remained in the lower areas of the massive city, and while surface was relatively easy, expanding downward proved rather difficult. A'denla made his command post the Chancellor's office, and there he gathered the Chieftains to discuss further action. In time, the planet proved more trouble than it was worth, and for a practical people such as the mandalorians, it was useless. The Conquest of Coruscant, while yielding A'denla eternal glory and the Mandalore title of "The Reclaimer", was ultimately not what he had expected, declaring that it was time for the mandalorians to seek new challenge, and leave the planet to it's fate. Seeing an opportunity to deal with two forms of outsiders, he invited the Galactic Empire to make a deal; The Mandalore would leave with the Mandalorians and surrender the planet to the Sith in charge of this Empire on the condition that he could take with him as many civilians as he could fit into transport ships, lying to them and saying they were to be used for labor. A'denla realized that as soon as the Mandalorians withdrew, the Republic would become bold and attempt to retake the planet, and whether they or the Empire proved victorious, it would be a bloody bout and both factions would be left severely weakened. It would serve to kill two birds with one stone.

With millions of new warriors to his cause; people who were nothing more than oppressed Peasants of Coruscant who saw the meritocracy of the Mandalorians as a possibility for a new life, tens of thousands of packed refugees, and an amassed new wealth as a result od the conquest, Mandalore commanded his fleet to set course for Onderon, where he heard that Clan Munit'kad held positive sway from the government there. A'denla led a small collective of ships from the main fleet, leaving Arcturis to command so that he may personally deliver the refugees to Iziz should he have been allowed access. Upon landing, he was greeted personally by Queen Valara Drayen-Kira who welcomed Mandalore's gesture and agreed to set up camps for the Coruscant refugees and even grant the Mandalorians an outpost within the city. The refugee operation was instrumental in mandalore's strategy, knowing that the galaxy likely percieved him to be a pawn of the Galactic Empire. This, coupled with a simple Holonet interview with Xera D'Ukal, assured the galaxy that the Mandalore was very much his own master.

The invasion of Fondor

"Kyrt'sad! I hope you didn't think I'd leave without exchanging blood first."

-A'denla Kad to Vurr Viszla. As per the agreement with the Galactic Empire, the Mandalorians had been granted control of Fondor, though Mandalore knew that it's inhabitants would not welcome it's new rulers peacefully. He used the small hiatus provided by the Onderon government's hospitality to prepare his fleet to battle readiness in order to meet any threat that Fondor's natives may conjure. He chose to visit the Iziz palace to thank the Queen for her hospitality and render his good byes before the fleet of his newly-proclaimed "Galaxy Eaters" set course for the industrial world, bringing with them the GNN reporter Xera, who's unbiased reports were welcomed by the warrior culture.

Mandalore The Reclaimer faces Vurr Viszla in single combat.

other on open fields, launching periodic attacks on each other. A fleet of Death Watch, led by the newly-proclaimed Overlord, Vurr Vizla joined the battle against A'denla's force. Despite their being enemies, A'denla warned jedi master Mikori lawsonAs he expected, the Mandalore's force immediately met resistance from the planet's natives, but was also intercepted by the Galactic Liberation Alliance. A harsh battle ensued almost immediately. Ground forces deployed against each other practically at the same time, and A'denla saw fit to lead many of the assaults personally. The battle for the planet quickly became a trench war, seeing Mandalorian and Jedi-led forces square off against each that the Death Watch would turn on them just as quickly as anyone. A'denla himself came out when he saw Vurr out on the field to face him, and the two fought. To the Mandalore's surprise, the Overlord brought to bear a Lightsaber and utilized force powers. Despite all this, A'denla was still able to overcome Vurr, and the Overlord retreated behind his own lines while other Death Watch covered him. From their forward post, several mandalorians watched their leaders duel, and when he returned victorious, their morale was only strengthened. The Queen of Onderon had even travelled on her own accord in disguise to Mandalore's command post, and it was there that they had allegedly begun a love affair.

After a drawn out battle, the Jedi finally approached the Mandalorians for terms of peace. The two sides agreed that peace would be found if the Mandalorians were allowed short-term exclusive use of the planet's shipyards.

Peaceful Hiatus and Death Watch Raids

After the battle of Fondor, the Mandalore took to more domestic practices, and it was here that three Clans had plotted against him. Clan Mereel, in an act of blatant defiance to the Mandalore's original terms, launched an operation which blew off a section of the Fondor's shipyards and towed it back to the Mandalore System. To follow up in this, the Mereel Clan Chieftain rallied two others, among them A'denla's own father, and the leader of Clan Goran, to rise and accuse the Mandalore of false charges. They had made up statistics as to their losses in the battle of Fondor and accused the Mandalore of adopting tactics of Neo-Crusaders, though these were not true as A'denla had stressed that the enemy was to be treated with respect, and no civilians could be harmed, their homes safe from pillaging, In the end, their attempt to defy the mandalore was met with no support, and their clans quickly stagnated.

A'denla explains to several gathered Chieftains his strategy against The Death Watch

As A'denla took to training some younger warriors, such as Nicci Sularen Ordo, Arman T'ad, he looked to expand the economic reach of the Mandalorians. To do this, he had MandalMotors begin producing underpowered fleet ships. He was approached by a Sith known as Lady Malice with a proposal for trade with the Sith Empire. A'denla agreed, and much to his disdain, he travelled personally to Byss to meet with the Sith Emperor and arrange a deal. The Mandalore agreed to have regular shipments of underpowered Aggressor-class weaponry delivered to Byss, unable to stand up to standard Mandalorian-owned ships but still worthy enough to field an advantage over other Fleets. In his deep-rooted distrust of the Sith, he also took care to set up relays along certain areas of The Mandalore Sector, which would disable and render useless the very weapons they were selling should they be used against the Mandalorians. In addition, he also allowed a small sect of Jedi to reside on Keldabe in peace if they were to train younger Mandalorians in defeating force users in battle, terms to which they agreed.

Akaan'tal vau(left) waits for Mandalorian infantry after successfully defeating a band of Death Watch

In the midst of Mandalore Prime, a war band of Death Watch formed within the forests, those of which took to raiding villages and homes outside Keldabe's walls. Mandalore himself, recieving news of these raids, sent out multiple scouting parties to attain the whereabouts of the enemy. The Death Watch were one step ahead, and they placed ambushes which took the Supercommando scouts by surprise. Enough survived however that they were able to successfully relay the locations of the Death Watch insurgents to the Mandalore. A'denla realized that the enemy would likely be on the march to throw the Supcercommandos off, and so he mobilized entire Basilisk Squadrons within days, assigning various Clan Leaders to lead the attack in various sectors and sending them forward. The attack was a Colossal success, and the Death Watch were eradicated from Mandalore Prime with few casualties for Mandalore's Supercommandos.

With this, the Mandalorians became motivated toward battle, and A'denla regained ambitions to expand Mandalorian space. A suggestion came from the Chieftain of Clan Fett to use the planet of Mirial for their first target. Mandalore agreed, and they began preparations for a mass invasion, and more to follow.

Invasion of Mirial and The Karatos Plague

"Vode... Brothers, Sisters. Our Conquest continues. It is good to see that the training that has been passed down for Generations is coming to use at last. For too long we Mando'ade have been silent. We have been farming... Mining... Living day to day by the tenants given to us. We train. We speak out language. We wear our Beskar. We train our Children and raise them as Mandalorians. For too long those ways of life have been without use. Now. Finally. Our Mand'alor brings us Honor and Glory with battle just as the Mand'alore of old. Now there is use to our culture. Now there is growing reason for the Galaxy to fear us once more. Keep the fight going, my Vode. Fight not for land nor greed, these things are a foot note to what you are achieving... Fight for Honor! For Glory! For Mand'alor!"

— Aelius Vau referring to the Mirialan Invasion

Personality and traits

"A Mandalorian kneels before no one; not to your Alor, not to your Mandalore, and not to Kad Har'angir himself. We are superior to those submissive fools in Sith and Jedi orders, who throw themselves at the feet of their masters."

-A'denla Kad adressing a surrendering opponent.

Much like his predecessors, A'denla earned the title of Mandalore through his prowess in battle and ability as a leader, though he was known above all as a brilliant military strategist. His people proclaimed him to be "The Reclaimer" due to his actions in conquering the taung homeworld of Coruscant and his ambition to recreate the Mandalorians into Conquerors.Throughout his entire life he possessed an arrogant view towards Aruetiise, and often regarded them as "lower" than Mandalorians. Under him, the Mandalorians grew fiercely independant, rarely accepting offers from outside factions unless he could ensure his people maintained the upper hand. Particular targets of his disdain were force users, and he took pride in his collection of lightsaber trophies, taken from Sith and Jedi alike.

He was known to be fiercely traditional, and has likely defeated more Mandalorians than outsiders as a result of his zeal. Glory was his primary vice, though as Mandalore he took care to put the betterment of his people before his own legacy. He believed honor was a trait that should be reserved to the individual level, but had no place in grand-scale warfare. In these matters, he was known to be a brazen, genius-level tactician who harnessed whatever means he could to ensure the most effective victory for the Mando'ade.