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A'den Werda, formerly known as Jarell Xaaris, was a male Mandalorian from the planet Dxun. Since the age of two he grew up in a Mandalorian family. At the age of 24 he was brought into the Mandalorian clan A'den Kar'ta. He made the rank of Ruus'alor in that clan before moving onto the clan Dha'oya'karir where he made the rank of Alor and now leads Dha'oya'karir in the Mandalorian culture following the Resol'nare.


Early life

No one knows truley where Jarell came from except for Jarell himself and he won't be kind to tell anyone. At one year of gae though he was found abandon on Dxun by Akaan Xaaris and Meshila Xaaris, two mandalorians who lived nearby in a Mandalorian camp. His child hood as Jarell told the story was a rough one being abused and training to fight in hand to hand combat as well as fight with a beskad, blaster and knives at the same time as learning how to survive in the harsh jungle of Dxun. No re-collection has been found of what clan Jarell's parents had belonged to. When Jarell reached the age of 18, Several Dark Jedi came to Dxun in hopes to take the planet over and claim the tomb of Freedon Nadd as thier temple. The Mandalorians including Jarell stood in the fight against the Dark Jedi. The Mandalorians did indeed push back the Dark jedi but in the assault, Akaan and Meshila, Jarell's parents were murdered. Jarell promised to bring justice to those who tried to harm the Mandalorian culture. Jarell took his fathers armor (at the time it was blue and black) and painted it red and black in the Mandalorian colors meaning justice and honor. His thoughts, to bring justice to honor thy father to those who were seeking to end the Mandalorians. Jarell from there travelled the galaxy looking for somewhere to belong working as a bounty hunter and paying his way in life from that job.

Ad'en Kar'ta

At the age of 23 Jarell Xaaris joined the ranks of A'den Kar'ta on Dxun. He knew it felt good to be home after he left Dxun when he was 18. Showing strong will to prove himself a strong and loyal Mandalorian he would do what it takes to Honor his father. to earn his Verd Rank he had to travel to a planet and travel into lava caves to seek a lava crystal which he had done in a rather quick amount of time. Jarell walked away from the clan at the rank of Ruus'alor to become a Bounty hunter where he found work on Mos Espa for Grancha the Hutt.

Nal Hutta war & Grancha the Hutt

As Jarell worked for Grancha the Hutt, the mighty Hutt had pushed things hard onto the Mandalorians by forcing them to pay a tax to mine on the world of Nal Hutta. After the Taxes got out of hand the Mandalorians called war on Grancha the Hutt. Jarell was stuck between choosing to aid Grancha or follow the Resol'nare and Stay true to his Culture. In the start of the Nal Hutta War Jarell went against hsi fellow Vode until it took the at the time Mand'alor Niv to assault him after her clan beat him down. Niv threw a Thermal Detonator at Jarell in hopes to kill him yet it only disfugred his face. At this point Jarell turned his back on Grancha and followed the Resol'nare and helped the Mandalorians win the Nal Hutta War.


Jarell was soon picked up Corellia by a Mandalorian Clan by Nico Fett, the Clans Alor and let him in as his previous clan rank from A'den Kar'ta, Ruus'alor. Jarell was quickly made the Alor'ad and served the purpose against the Current threat to the Mandalorian Culture. The Black Sun. The Black Sun was threating Bothawui in which several Mandalorians called home. The Galactic Alliance requested the Mandalorians help in wich very few clans aided Dha'oya'karir being one of them. Nico was in the Black Sun but made the choice to follow his clan against the Black Sun. The Mandalorians removed the Black Sun threat from Bothawui. In time Jarell was on Mos Espa and ran into an old Enemy. Cayce Urriah, the two Mandalorians engaed in a fight Alor'ad Vs Alor. The fight came to an end by Jarell blowing both himself and Cayce up causing severe damage to both. After time Dha'oya travaeled to Hoth where they met Lady Widow and the United Imperial Alliance. Dha'oya'karir set up a Mando camp near by and Jarell got married to Lady Widow. But as time went on they grew apart and then Lord Marell Dark Lord of the Sith rised and came to Hoth and begun to take over. Dha'oya'karir left and headed for Mos Entha just after Jarell and Lady Widow split up. But during thier time on Hoth Jarell stood up against the current Mand'alor Teppes in defense for Lady Widow on several occasions. A Move that made him disliked by the Mandalorian Culture. Jarell then left into Deep Space after the clan left Hoth and in time was persumed dead.

Jarell's return and the Death Watch

Jarell Xaaris returned and hid on Endor to relax and re-gain himself after a mysterious mission kept him in deep space. As he stayed on Endor he noticed Mandalorians in blue and black. He noticed one of them as an old friend. Shiva. Jarell went to investigate and found it to be Death Watch. Jarell Was taken into the Death Watch Shortly after Nico Fett decalred Jarell Alor of Dha'oya'karir. But as time went on Jarell realized what he was doing was wrong. He wasa Mandalorian, as a Death Watch he was being forced to fight his fellow Vode. This is something he had not wanted. Jarell then left The Death Watch in set for Kerest, a planet with several Mandalorian clans. His Goal, re-gain his virtue name in the Mandalorian Clan and lead Dha'oya'Karir like it should be, following the Resol'nare.

Dxun and new insignia

As Jarell led Dha'oya, he came to the conclusion, to be a good Alor he would need to face his demons. He must return home to Dxun, the place where hus parents were murdered. He went and spoke with Fett Alor, Cuyan Naast. The Fett clan agreed to join Dha'oya on the journey to Dxun. Upon arrival they had found an old Mandalorian Compound. the Fetts and Dha'oya agreed they can bring back the Mandalorians to Dxun. The mandalorians worked on the old camp tore down walls and re-built and made the sight into several compounds for Mandalorians to come and use as thier own. Jarell then took a new sign to Dha'oya and dropped the silver and blue Mythosaur Skull logo and replaced it with a red and black Mythosaour Skull logo. the Color's representing his armor of red and black, Honoring his father and to bring Justice to those who sought to destroy the Mandalorians. Jarell still waiting to hear from the Mandalorian Council about Dha'oya signing the charter, Jarell continues on to grow his clan and in hopes to one day restore the Mandalorian culture to what it once was.

Nar Shaddaa and hyperspace lanes

After some time Jarell took his clan away from Dxun in search of new oppertunities. This led the clan and Jarell to Nar Shaddaa lower city where they built a compound and Started working as Mercenary Mandalorians working for the highest bidder still working to sign the charter following the resol'nare. In the mean time whils Jarell worked on getting his clans name known, he organized a plan to get them a Flag ship to travel the Hyperspace lanes and the galaxy as a Clan. They went to Corellia where there was a band of Imperial located. Jarell and Dha'oya'karir managed to sneak aboard a Star Destroyer and killed everyone on board and stole the Star Destroyer for thier own. They took it to Telos IV where they scrapped it and re-built it and re-painted it and made it into a Mandalorian Flag Ship to travel the galaxy together as a Clan in wich they do. The compound on Nar Shaddaa only used when working on Nar Shaddaa they can be mostly found somewhere travelling the galaxy. ((OOCly the Ship is above the Telos IV Sim))


Some time after Dha'oya'karir set foot on Telos they decided to leave and remain on Nar Shaddaa, then the Revenant Armada and the Hutts fought against the Galactic Liberation Alliance and other mandalorians. Jarell took the Dha'oya'karir clan and led them into the battle against GLA. After time the Mand'aor Tyro came to see Jarell and his clan on Nar Shaddaa and Dha'oya'karir finally signed the charter, a life long dream by Jarell, But with this signing he had to agree to drop the Hutts. Soon after that the other clans voted on aiding GLA on the battle of Uvena Prime. Dha'oya'karir refusing to go against Mand'alor made the move to turn thier back on the Revanant Armada and the Hutts. In this move they secluded themselves into the middle of nowhere in a desert on the planet Saleucami to get away from Nar Shaddaa. Dha'oya'karir now aiding GLA in the battle of Uvena Prime and Following Mand'alor, only time will tell what is next for this Mandalorian clan.

Last known status

Jarell had gone into deep space to face a threat to his family and his aliit. but upon his return he saw the Mandalorian clan in shards, no Mand'alor only a council. He removed himself from the council and removed his Beskar'gam and stopped the way of being a Mandalorian due to the pathetic values he saw in the Mandalorian culture now days. He then took over his old Mercenary Military the Galactic Arms Corps as Commander Xaaris and submitted the military to servants of Shaka the Hutt becoming on Shaka's payroll and his personal bodyguard and security guard. Jarell now lives on Nar Shaddaa Working hard to re-gain his honor for his Aliit and himself among the mandalorian council, As well Jarell no longer works for the Hutts

Personality and traits

Jarell is extremley well trained in hand to hand combat and Knife throwing. His Blaster skills are a tad bit off but remove the blasters and let him get within arms reach, your done for. Jarell as well has a very short temper and little patiance. He gets angered rather easily epscially to being called Dar'manda or dealing with the Grand Army of the Republic. Jarell has been known to be force sensative being able to see things that happen before they actually do and as well he has been seen jumping to heights no normal human could do, Jarell has a neutral taste for Jedi, but has a deep hatred for Sith. Rumored Jarell was trained in the Sith arts, but his reason for hating Sith is due to his parents were killed by Sith.

Behind the scenes

A'den Werda is Blade Reluin's oldest character in Second Life, being his first character in SWRP. Blade put a lot of time and roleplay into him. Blade still plays him as of October 2020, but is less frequent with A'den, as A'den is getting very old, and Blade finds himself playing his Jedi character or A'dens Grandson Dasu'r Werda.