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A'den Tome, often referred to as The Last Tome, was a subject in a Jedi test to create Force-sensitives. He was also their test subject for ways to resist torture, and dark side powers. after abusing him, through beatings and attempted reconditioning, A'den finally slaughtered four Padawans, and was mind wiped due to necessity. All other data on him was erased, and he was dumped into the lower levels of Coruscant


Early Years[]

A'den was born around 19 BBY, A'den is the son of a female Jedi, and a male Mandalorian. His father, Gorgan Tome, and his mother, Elise Dredago. A'den was raised until his was 2 by his parents, who were killed by the Hutts, and then was raised by his brother, Naast. At the age of 4, Naast was also killed by the Hutts as A'den watched from a distance.

Jedi Years[]

Around 10 BBY, A'den was found by a Jedi with a need. A need for soldiers, and A'den's blood was just right. His body continued to make Midi-chlorians, contrary to popular belief that it is impossible, and he did it at an exponential rate. The man who found A'den began extracting his blood, and putting it into those with the same blood type causing it to raise their Midi-chlorians. They also however, toyed with his genetic make-up... giving him great resistance to any Force powers. Often revolting, A'den was known to thrash about and unknowingly, every time the Midi-chlorians were extracted, A'den's body would reproduce them faster. On his 15th birthday, or 4 BBY, A'den revolted his final time, injuring the man and killing four Padawans. After he was subdued, the man who captured him, thinking it would be best to mind-wipe him, did so and dumped him into the lower levels of Coruscant, hoping it would kill him.

Free Lance Years[]

A'den became a small-time thug, killing people to survive. By the time he left Coruscant, around 3 ABY, he was a feared man in the smuggling ring. He had a family, a son and a wife, whom he lost to the Hutts around 5 ABY. He hopped shuttles until he arrived on Ord Mantell, upon which he ran into a confrontation between the Black Sun, and two other mandalorians. Talking the two, Lee and Renward Skirata, he was mislead. Later on, he prevented a conflict between the two groups again, by his dumb words of advice to Char, a clone, who later became his best friend and one of his greatest allies during a conflict against the two earlier. Before the conflict, A'den confronted Darth Marell, at first trying to avoid the death of Lee and Renward (Even though they killed 10 enemies by themselves during the battle, and won). However, his legendary temper got the best of him, and he used the Force unknowingly to save one of his new brothers, Zeth, when the confrontation turned violent. Later, he confronted Darth Marell in a medcenter, asking him to reintroduce him to the Force as a Sith. Agreeing, and praising his boldness, Marell took him to the reclusive cave, and proceeded to bring him into the order.

Sith Years[]

A'den began training under Darth Arden, becoming more successful in his studies as time progressed on. However, on a trip to meditate in the lower levels of the cave, he came back changed. Claiming to hear voices, he is rumored to be guided by the spirit of Revan (To be cont.) He later allied himself with the Disciples of Ragnos, learning what he could in a short time.

Jedi Years (Older)[]

A'den traveled for a long time, known as The Man With No Face. Eventually, his anger began to consume him truly. Physically, even though he became stronger, his muscles eventually began to decay slowly. His control on his temper became less apparent, and he often flew off the handle and destroyed things. Eventually, he doubted the power of the Dark side, and felt an old enemy, and at one time an allies presence, Marell. However, unlike before, the presence was different. It was kind, caring, fatherly... He knew what Marell must have done, and he realized what he had to do.

He went after Marell, and while he was traveling, trying to find him, he saw what Sith had caused, and saw what he did. It made him sick to his stomach just to think about it. He saw Sith helping Hutts kill mando'ade, and saw their children sold into slavery. His heart twisted into knots in his chest, and he became angry at himself. When he stopped to meditate on an island, he truly changed from who he was into something else. Instead of being The Man With No Face, he became a true Tome. He became a Jedi again, and began to be truly a mando'ade again... After finding Marell, he became his Jedi apprentice.

Mercenary Years[]

A'den found Marell, but didn't trust him fully. He fell out of touch with the Jedi order, and went to the aid of an old friend Jalack "The Reaper" Calcutt. The darkness in A'den's heart morphed him into a killing machine, with no truthful sense of wrong or right to his enemies. In the entirety of the word, he became cold and evil. And now, where he roams, nobody is sure... But one thing is for certain. Step in his way, and he'll eliminate you.


"I am merely an apparition of your fear manifested in human form."

"I have tried many times to be infallible, but now I realize that everyone makes mistakes... I may not be perfect all the times, and I may have things I am not proud of that I have done, but all I can do is strive to be the best I can, and where I go I will take all of my heart with me."