Ralph ... so he was called.

One of the last known C1-S Saber Droids to come from the time of the Legion of Yulan, this particular example was sent abroad to investigate various locations yet to be studied by the droid's creator, Cortaan Yulan. During this tour, however, the LoY fell, and all contact with the command signal was lost. Left to wander aimlessly, the droid would manage to keep itself in tact and activated over time.

A side-effect of these particular droids was that if left without a memory wipe for a long enough period of time, they would develop unique personalities. In the case of Ralph, later named so by a random encounter in the city of Mos Espa, he became a very paranoid and skittish droid. Though still a highly skilled fighter, combat soon became an after thought, something he would rather run from than attempt.